Children of the Earth

Alexine and Brogan are what people call abnormals. They have the power to manipulate fire, water, earth, and air. Alexine is A 16-year-old girl who goes to TYTC. Brogan is a 35-year-old man who lives in Chicago. When the leader of the abnormals asks Brogan to be a double agent the two of them meet up and they discover that not all is as it seems


11. 8 Brogan



He woke to the sun shining directly into his eyes. Brogan lay on the couch in Alexander Wells’s house. The big window and slide door lead to a balcony that looked over Chicago. Today was the day. Hooray. Brogan thought sarcastically to himself. He sat up, then wondered if Nerissa was up.

“Good morning.” Alexander greeted. He walked to the kitchen in his robe to start the coffee maker.

“Morning.” Brogan replied sleepily.

“Sorry to rush you, but your ride will be here soon.” Alex told him.

“That will be fun. What time?” he asked.

“About an hour.” Alex said with sorrow, not wanting any harm to come to Brogan or Nerissa. “I insist on you two eating breakfast. It might be the last decent thing you eat.” Alex told Brogan. Brogan walked down the hall to the office. He opened the door and poked his in. All he seen was her wild golden hair. He walked in and shook her shoulder. Her bright blue eyes fluttered open. Brogan’s eyes were also blue but their eyes were different in many ways. Brogan’s were more gray blue. Nerissa’s were a very beautiful blue. Like looking down at the ocean from a plane.

“Time to wake up.” he said softly. She stretched and yawned. Then stood up next to him.

“Feels like Christmas morning.” she joked. Brogan rolled his eyes.

“Come eat.” They walked out of the office.

“Coffee?” Alexander asked.

“Yes please.” Nerissa said walking to him. He handed her a cup and then Brogan. Brogan took a seat at the island. Nerissa sat next to him, using her fingers to comb through her long, smooth hair. Brass pots and pans hung above them. They sat on bar stools at the expensive counter. The walls of the kitchen were covered in a stone backsplash.

“Do you like egg bake?” Alex asked them. “I have leftovers.” They both nodded in response. After they ate Brogan washed his mouth with mouthwash. He stayed in the same close from the day before. Alex clicked on the TV and the news came on. They were talking about the deaths of the three leaders. Alex clicked it back off.

There was a buzz from a speaker by the door. “Mr Wells.” the voice from the lobby spoke. “There is a car her for your guests.” the doorman said. Brogan’s heart dropped and he felt the urge to vomit.

Alex slowly walked to the door and pressed the button to the speaker. “Thank you, Roger.” Alex trembled. He turned to Brogan and Nerissa. “That's for you.” he told them. Brogan and Nerissa walked to the door and Brogan took Alexander’s hand and shook it.

“Till next time.” Brogan said. If there is a next time. Brogan thought.

“Till next time, friends.” Alex said to both of them. They walked out the door and down the hall. Neither of them spoke for the elevator ride. The doors opened and they stepped out. There was a man waiting for them. He wore a plain white shirt under a sweatshirt and blue jeans. His black hair was shoulder length and he was very visibly muscular.

Nerissa lent over and hissed through a clenched jaw, “That’s a big man.”

Brogan didn’t say anything. Just started at the man. Then glanced at Nerissa. She was smirking. He couldn't tell if she was already acting or if that was just her.

“You Brogan?” the man nodded.

Brogan was about to answer but he was cut off by Nerissa. “Yup. That's him.” she smiled.

The man cocked an eyebrow and looked from one of them to the other. “Can he not speak for himself?” he asked.

Brogan was about to say yes, but once again he was interrupted once again. “No.” Nerissa said shaking her head. At first he was mad that she was taking this into her own hands, but then he was glad. Brogan was not cut out for this. He was not a good actor or anything like that. He was just someone who did what they were told. That's how he was raised. To obey the bigger person. That's what TYTC raised him to do. Damon had told him to do this and that's what he had to do. That didn't mean he was capable of it. Nerissa on the other hand, did whatever she pleased/whatever she thinks will work best. Even if it meant doing the complete opposite of what she was told to do. She was cut out for this. So, if she thought he shouldn't talk. He wasn't going to talk.

“Whatever. Come.” the man said like it wasn't any of his business. Then he walked to the door signaling to follow. They did.

Right outside the doors was a black car with tinted windows. The man opened the backdoor, “Get in.” he commanded. They slid in. The seats were black leather and the radio was on low playing classic rock. There was a girl riding shotgun. She was young, about Nerissa’s age. At first Brogan thought it might be Mara, but he did not recognize her from anywhere. She turned to look at the two of them. Brogan was uncomfortable.

She smiled at them and put out her hand. “My name is Adriana. Happy to have you.” she said like they were in a completely different situation. Brogan didn't like this girl.

Nerissa took her hand. “Nerissa.” she smiled back. Adriana looked at Nerissa and didn't even seem to see Brogan anymore. She looked at Nerissa as competition. He could see it in her eyes. He could tell Nerissa seen it too. Adriana was clearly the top dog out of all the animals that Than had taken under his wing.

The girl, Adriana had hair a little longer than past her shoulders that was wavy and a light brown. Her eyes were a piercing green that followed your every move. She sort of reminded Brogan of an evil Nerissa. Brogan then thought of Nerissa being evil...that thought sent a shiver down his spin. The man was in the front seat now and started to drive.

Adriana smiled back at them, “I'm so sorry about this, but this is how things work around here.” she reached into a bag and Brogan almost started to panic but he continued to be calm. The next thing he knew. He was out.


Brogan woke to a steady humming of the car. He looked out the window and there was woods everywhere. In every decision. Then he realized they were in a different car. This car was much older.

“Hey. He’s awake.” the man driving said to Adriana.

“It’s fine. We are almost there anyway.” she told him with her eyes shut. The man focused back on the wilderness around them. It was beautiful. Brogan hadn't been outside of Chicago in years. There was something oddly familiar about the place. The trees were tall and green and the sky was a magnificent shade of blue. There were a few scattered clouds that looked like cotton.

He glanced at Nerissa. She was still sleeping. About five minutes later she awoke. She looked out the window and then looked out Brogan's window. A smile snuck onto her face. That's when Brogan released. Nerissa was born in Chicago and grew up there. He knew for a fact that she had never left the city while she was around him or Gretchen and Dorothy, and most likely had never left with her foster parents. Nerissa had never seen anything like this. She was raised in the hood and had never left. He couldn't read her mind, but she was clearly blown away.

After she pulled herself together, she spoke. “Where are we going? Is it like a refugee camp with a bunch of tents? Or is it like a underground bunker?”

Adriana laughed. “The boss will like you, Nerissa.”

“Well that's good. I think I will like him too.” she said looking out the window again. “What state are we in? It's beautiful.”

“Almost as beautiful as you.” Adriana smiled, being fake nice. “I'm afraid I can't tell you that.”

Nerissa nodded. She would figure it out. At least Brogan hoped she would. He wanted to know where they were too. The next thing he knew, they were driving through a small town. People walked down the streets like in a normal town, but there was something very wrong about this small town. It wasn't the town itself but the people in it. Most of them had a very deranged look in their eyes. They were in Than’s territory. He must have taken over the town. The people on the streets stared at the car. There were no other cars driving around. The town looked rundown. Gas Stations were dark inside with broken windows. There was trash on the roads and on lawns. The town was small. It could probably host about three-four thousand people. Not that big compared to Chicago. It was perfect for Than’s territory. He had about three thousand people on his side and counting.

“Cozzy.” Nerissa commented. “Where are we going?” she asked a few seconds later.

“The church. That’s where Than is. Than and all the important people live there.” Adriana told her.

“Important?” Nerissa asked.

“People who are most loyal, or useful.” Adriana explained.

“What’s considered useful?”

“Sweet pea, you ask way too many questions.” Adriana smiled back at her. The car stopped in front the church. It was old fashioned and made out of brick. There was a bell tower at the top. The four of them stepped out.

Adriana turned to the man. “You're excused.” she told him, then he walked away. Then she turned to them. “Follow me.” she said sweetly. She pushed the doors open to the church and Brogan and Nerissa followed. There was an entrance way that had a statue of Jesus on the cross on the opposite wall. On the left side of the cross was an entrance to two hallways. On the right wall was an entrance to a basement and a door to the outside. The floor was covered in dark carpet and the ceiling was covered in wooden planks. Adriana walked to the door next to Jesus on the cross. Brogan and Nerissa glanced at each other as the three of them walked across the room.

Nerissa leaned in and whispered so quiet he almost couldn’t hear her, “I’ll do the talking.” she told him. He nodded. Brogan remembered how Alexander had warned them not to lie. Was it possible that Than was capable of telling truth from lie? Brogan had never heard of an abnormal that could do that. Adriana pushed open the doors and healed it open for them. Nerissa walked in and Brogan followed. Nerissa and Brogan stopped and looked at Adriana.

Adriana cocked an eyebrow. “Well go!” she hissed. Brogan looked to the head of the room. The room was filled with pews that all faced a wooden podium. A man stud at the podium that was dressed in a black dress shirt and shiny black shoes. His hands were on each side of the podium. His head down so the top of his head was only visible. A chill went down Brogan’s spine. Nerissa started to walk down the aisle and Brogan walked next to her. The only noise in the room was the sound of them walking.

Adriana walked behind them. There was a strange man talking to himself in the far left corner. Other then that, it was just the four of them. They stopped walking about ten feet from Than. Brogan looked at Nerissa who was on his right. Nerissa looked back at him. She smirked at him. He just looked at her. Adriana walked around them and stopped behind Than. Nerissa’s ocean blue eyes followed her carefully.

Than looked up at them. He had a sharp face. Not mean. He had the face of someone with great power. His hair was placed perfectly, like he was a guessed on a popular talk show. He smiled big and put his hands together.

“Thank you, Adriana. For bringing our new friends.” he said. His voice was filled with charm. His eyes were dark, they reminded Brogan of the type of glass that was a mirror on one side and see through on the other. Brogan could feel Than searching his face. Almost like Than was going through his brain like a file cabinet. Just like Nerissa.

Than walked around the podium and to Brogan. Than put his hand out. “What is your name?” Than asked.

“That one doesn’t talk much.” Adriana told Than. Than nodded slowly, looking hard at Brogan. Brogan couldn’t speak if he had to. It felt as if his vocal cords were just gone. Than’s presence made every mucele in his body stifen. Than put his hand out again. Brogan looked at his hand. He slowly put it up, to slow. Than grabbed his hand and shook it. It was a strange handshake. Than took Brogan’s hand in his and turned Brogan’s hand so that Than’s hand was on top.

“What about this one? Does this one speak, or did you bring me a couple of duds? I specifically asked for good ones.” Than asked Adriana.

Adriana opened her mouth to talk, but Nerissa beat her to it. “I can speak.” Nerissa said with a smirk on her face. Than looked at her curiously.

“What is your name?” he asked her, shaking her hand.

“Nerissa.” she answered. “That is Brogan.” Nerissa gestured to Brogan. Than looked back at Brogan.

“What is wrong with him?” Than asked as if Brogan wasn’t in the room.

“Probably a few things. We never got the chance to see into it.” Nerissa shrugged. Brogan’s heart started to race. Nerissa was lying. Brogan trusted her. With all his heart, but what if it was true about Than’s special power? Something sounded weird with Nerissa’s voice. It was very small, and Brogan couldn’t put a finger on it, But she sounded different. He noticed it in the car.

“Where did you two live?” Than questioned.

“The wrong side of town in Milwaukee.” Nerissa lied. “Some friends sent us to Alexander Wells.” she told him. Than nodded. He looked like he believed it.

“What happened?” Than asked her. “Why can he not speak?”

Nerissa smiled and raised her eyebrows. “Oh he can. He just doesn't much.” she exhaled loudly. “He’s sort of like a robot.” Nerissa explained, then laughed. That’s when it hit Brogan. She had changed her accent. People from Chicago didn’t talk that much different from the rest of America, but there was a little bit of a difference. Whatever it was, she was doing something different now. Then it all made sense. From the beginning she was planning on not telling Than where they had really come from. Which wasn’t a bad idea, because Damon was in Chicago, and that would raze even more suspicion than there needed to be. Just in case someone noticed, she probably decided to talk different. Then another thing hit Brogan. She didn’t want him to talk because then she would have to tell him to talk different and he would have never went along with lieing. He still was not okay with her lying. What if it was true and Than already knew they were fakes? But, he trusted her. She was far smarter than him after all.

Than walked closer to Nerissa. “Grace under pressure.” he put a hand to his chin, “Charming. Psychopath?” he asked her.

“Why yes.” Nerissa smirked. Mimicking his voice. Nerissa looked amused by being referred to as a psychopath. Almost excited. Brogan rolled his eyes.

“Nerve too.” Than’s smile vanished. “Nerve is a very good thing, Nerissa. Very useful. But, you need to know when to use it.” he worned her.

“Yes, sir.” Nerissa replied.

“You will pruve to be very useful, my child.” Than told her. “Psychopath you say?” he smiled big. “Same as Adriana.” he nodded to her. Nerissa smiled at Adriana, Adriana did not smile back. Adriana disliked Nerissa. That was very clear.

“You say he can speak?” Than asked.

“Yes. He will.” Nerissa responded.

“Good. I have a job for you two. But. I need to trust him.” he nodded to Brogan. “How am I to trust him if he does not speak?”

Nerissa shrugged. “Trust me?” she suggested.

Than smiled. “Very well then. If you say he will speak…” Than leaned in inches from Nerissa’s face. “I trust you.” he whispered. Nerissa smirked.

Wow. Brogan thought. How long have they been talking to him? Five minutes? Five minutes and Than trusted Nerissa to the point where he would take her word about a person that he had never even spoken to. Maybe he wasn’t as big and strong as Brogan had heard he was. But, he had a feeling that Than was as big and strong as Brogan had heard he was. Brogan was sure that Nerissa was just that good.

Brogan looked at Adriana. She looked as if she might spit fire. Her face was red and she was almost shaking with anger. Than noticed this. “Adri, my child. You reek of jealousy.” he told her. This comment made it worse. She snarled at Nerissa. “You look like Mara.” Than told Adriana. Adriana instantly stopped snarling and let her fist go. Brogan flinched at the name.

“Ha. you have heard of her.” Than said. Noticing Brogan flinch.

“Yes. I have heard of her.” Brogan was sure to cover his accent. Nerissa smirked at him, noticing he had caught on to her.

“It speaks.” Than smiled to Brogan.

“If I was Mara she wouldn’t be breathing right now.” Adriana said looking at Nerissa. Than shot her a warning glance. “Apologies.” Adriana spoke to Than.

Than turned back to Nerissa and Brogan. “I have a job that you two will be included in. Have either of you gone to TYTC?” he asked them.

“I have.” Brogan answered. He wondered if that was the right thing to say. Brogan liked it better when he was a mute.

“I know about it.” Nerissa answered.

“Very good. Less to explain. ” Than said to them. “I know you have not been here long, but we have things to do. You will be a part of the few people that are going into TYTC. We originally had a plan to invade TYTC three months from now but we recently found agents sent by Adhikara Damon in our territory. After we got rid of them we decided to do this sooner. We already have people in TYTC now, but tomorrow is when the majority will be going.” Than explained. Brogan’s heart dropped. The agents that had been here before them were gone? They were the only ones that knew how to communicate with Damon. Brogan didn’t have a clue what to do now. There was no going back. They just had to go with it.

“Brogan, Harry will show you to your house for the night.” Than told Brogan. Brogan looked at the man in the corner how must be Harry. Than looked at the man. “Harry!” Than yelled. The scrawny man jumped and screamed at the sound of his name.

The man ran to Than’s side. “Yes sir!” Harry yelled. Harry looked looked like he had a chinese heritage. He looked dangerously thin and seemed very out of it.

Than smirked at Brogan. “He has schizophrenia, but don’t worry. He’s not dangerous.” Than turned to Harry. “Take him to an open house.” he ordered.

“Hee hee. Yes sir.” Harry said creepily. Brogan had no words. Brogan had seen crazy people. He was pretty sure Nerissa was a crazy person, but this man. This man, Harry, was full out nuts. Nuts! Harry laughed again and looked at Brogan. “F-follow meee. Hee.” Harry then started to talk to someone that wasn’t there as he walked out of the room. Brogan followed him. He looked back at Nerissa. She was trying not to laugh at him. He could tell. Brogan followed the crazy man out the doors and into the street. Harry walked about twenty feet in front of Brogan. Crazy. Brogan thought to himself. The nutty man then started to run. Brogan didn’t know what else to do so he ran after the crazy man named Harry.


Than turned to Nerissa once Brogan had left. “Now where to put you?” Than thought out loud.

Adriana stepped up. “Harleen is at TYTC. She can sleep in her bed.” She suggested.

“Great. Thank you, Adriana. Now go.” Than said.

Adriana walked toward the door and Nerissa followed not far behind. Nerissa was not sure what to think about sleeping in the same room as this girl. Luckily, Nerissa was a light sleeper. Adriana laughed quietly to herself after the two of them walked out of the room.

“What?” Nerissa asked her.

Adriana slowed her walking speed to walk next to Nerissa. “He said Harry wasn’t dangerous.”

Nerissa waited for her to continue, but she did not. “And judging by your amusement that was an untrue statement.” Nerissa said smartly. Looking at Adriana.

Adriana laughed. “Very untrue.”

Nerissa was confused. Not five minutes ago Adriana wanted to rip her head off. Now she was acting rather kind. Nerissa stopped walking in the middle of the entranceway to the church. Adriana was about to turn into the entrance to the basement, but stopped when she realized Nerissa had stopped. Adriana had a questioning look on her face.

“You got a problem with me?” Nerissa asked her.

Adriana sighed. “You know? I did. I had a big problem with you, but I have had a change of heart. And I would never pass up a chance to make a friend.” Adriana said sweetly.

“Untrue.” Nerissa said bluntly.

“Which part?” Adriana asked.

“I’m guessing both.” Nerissa answered.

“Untrue, I never would pass up a chance to make a friend.” Adriana corrected. Adriana started to walk down the stairs to the basement. Nerissa hesitated. Not wanting to follow this girl into any basement, but followed.

“You know there is a difference between a friend and a follower? Right?” Nerissa asked.

“Ha ha. You are a smart ass. You know that right?” Adriana laughed. Nerissa didn’t respond to that. This made Adriana laugh more. “Guilty.” she told Nerissa.

“You and me both.” Nerissa smirked.

“Me? Guilty of what?” she asked.

“Changing the subject.” Nerissa answered.

Adriana had nothing else to say so she just laughed. “Follow me. There are rooms down here. The important people stay in the church with Than.”

“What makes a person qualified for being important?” Nerissa asked curiously.

“Whoever Than finds useful.” she answered.

Nerissa nodded. The stairs ended and they walked into and open room with wooden doors on the sides. Nerissa wondered again what state they were in. Adriana would never tell her. Nerissa knew that. Nerissa though on it.

“Hey, how far are we from TYTC?” Nerissa asked.

“Not far at all.” Adriana told her.

Oregon. Nerissa thought to herself. TYTC was in Oregon. That must be what state they were in right now. All of the wooden doors had pieces of cardboard nailed to them with names written on them. Adriana walked to the door that read, Adriana, Harleen, and Mara on it. She stopped at the door and turned to Nerissa.

“I have some things I need to do. This is our room. The bed that is made is yours for the night. Feel free to use any of Harleen’s clothes or whatever.” Adriana told her. She started to walk away but then turned back around. “And! Mara is probably in there. So, all I have to say for you is try not to talk to her unless she talks to you. Don’t make too much eye contact, it will make her feel like you are challenging her. Loose the vexing attitude, that will offend her. Don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth because it is most likly bull shit. And if she doesn't seem to like you, stay as far from her as possible. If she seems to like you it’s most likely she really doesn't like you and she is just playing with you.” she explained quickly.

Nerissa blinked. She thought that over. Nerissa talked to everyone whether they liked it or not. She was also known for making an uncomfortable amount of eye contact. And being vexing was her constant attitude. That was her personality, she wasn’t sure how not to irritate others. She was very good at being able to tell if a person was annoyed or angry with her, but not very well at caring. “Okay?”

Adriana laughed. “Just messing with you.” she said. Nerissa laughed a little. Adriana started to walk away again. Then turned to Nerissa before she went back up the stairs. “Even though I was just messing with you. Remember all of that. Mara’s all bite and no brains.” Then Adriana left and Nerissa stud in front of the door. Adriana hated her. Nerissa wasn’t sure what she was playing at, but Adriana wanted to bight Nerissa’s head off. Nerissa could see it in her eyes. Some weird way of trying to manipulate her?

Nerissa looked at the door, then considered knocking, then opened it. Nerissa looked around the room. It wasn’t large. An average sized room with two windows that were small and towards the top of the walls, they were in the basement after all. The floors were covered in a hodgepodge of rugs that covered stone floors. On the left side was two beds that were against the wall in each corner. On the other side of the room was another bed that was made neatly. Nerissa suspected that was her’s. There were two dressers in the room and a box TV. There was also a stereo sitting on a small table. The stereo was playing some sort of punk rock. Those parts of the room were what made the room seem like a normal teenager’s room.

There was a strange vibe in the room. It made Nerissa feel bad. Chills went down her spine and back up. Nerissa was sure the vibe was coming from the strange girl sitting cross legged on the far left bed. The girl’s eyes were closed and she was mumbling to herself. Nerissa recognized the girl from the pictures hidden in Alexander’s desk from the night before. The girl was Mara. Nerissa tried to understand what she was mumbling, but it didn’t even sound english.

Nerissa shut the door behind her. Mara’s eyes shot open. It reminded Nerissa of those scenes in fantasy movies where the main character accidentally awakens the sleeping dragon. Her eyes were a deep brown that almost seemed soothing. Mara looked at Nerissa and frowned.

Mara slowly leaned to her side like she was about to whisper to someone. “Who is she?” Mara asked the imaginary person next to her. Nerissa was about to say something, but stopped. Mara glared at the imaginary person as if it have angered her.

Mara stud up. She walked closer to Nerissa. Mara looked her up and down, like she was sizing her up. “My names Nerissa. I just got here.” Nerissa told her.

“I can tell. You don’t have that look in your eye just yet.” Mara spoke to her. Nerissa remembered Adriana telling her that Mara was all bite and no brains. Nerissa could tell that wasn’t true. Nerissa could see it in the way that Mara’s eyes moved that she was very wize. A smirk crept onto Mara’s face. Then she mumbled to herself or to her imaginary friend. Then Mara walked over to the stereo and turned it down.

“If you don’t mind me asking. Who are you talking to?” Nerissa asked her. Mara seemed startled. She looked like she was about to threaten Nerissa, but didn’t. “I talk to myself too.” Nerissa told Mara, Mara’s face didn’t change. “We're all mad here.” Nerissa added, remembering the line spoken by the strange cat from the old children’s movie.

Mara laughed out loud. “What did you say your name was?” she asked.

“Nerissa.” she answered.

“Last name?”

Nerissa hesitated, “Smith.”

“Nerissa Smith.” Mara whispered.

Nerissa and Mara stud standing face to face for a while. Nerissa was a good two inches taller than the other girl. Nerissa was squirmy around the other girl at first, but she was now perfectly comfortable. Nerissa looked back at it and was shocked. She couldn’t recall ever being that uncomfortable before. It was a strange feeling. Mara could tell that Nerissa was no longer frightened. Nerissa could see it. Mara seemed neither shocked nor mad that Nerissa was no longer frightened by her. She seemed more interested.

Nerissa was starting to get tired of standing there so she decided to speak, “Am I aloud to go on a walk?” she asked.

Mara shrugged. “Go right ahead.” she told her. Nerissa started to turn around. “But if I was you.” Mara spoke. “I wouldn’t go out there.”

Nerissa stopped. “Why?”

“Because you are you and those people are those people.” Mara started to twirl her hair.

Nerissa narrowed her eyes. Mara laughed at this. “I can take care of myself.”

Mara smirked and took a step closer. “I bet you could if you tried.” she paused tilting her head. “Chicago, right?”

Nerissa’s heart jumped but she concealed her emotions. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“What part of Chicago do you come from?” Mara asked.

Nerissa stared at Mara. “South side.” she answered.

Mara razed her eyebrows. “South side. I’m from Nebraska. Not much different, are they?”

“I guess not.” Nerissa shrugged.

“You didn’t want me to know that though, did you?” Mara asked. Mara had pride in her eyes. She had something on Nerissa. She would use it on Nerissa, no doubt about it.

“Well. If you're so concerned for my well being. Would you come on a walk with me?” Nerissa suggested.

Mara smiled. “I would be delighted.” she said it as if that was what she wanted Nerissa to ask from the beginning. Mara walked passed Nerissa and out the door. Nerissa fell into step beside the strange girl.

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