Children of the Earth

Alexine and Brogan are what people call abnormals. They have the power to manipulate fire, water, earth, and air. Alexine is A 16-year-old girl who goes to TYTC. Brogan is a 35-year-old man who lives in Chicago. When the leader of the abnormals asks Brogan to be a double agent the two of them meet up and they discover that not all is as it seems


8. 6 Alexine



The next day was Sunday. Alexine could sense the presence of Rose waiting for her to wake up. “I know you’re awake.” Rose whispered in her face.

“Nope, I’m asleep.” she said into her pillow.

“You can’t stay in here forever.” Rose said poking her on the back of her head.

“Says who?”

“Says me.” Rose tried, but failed to pull her out of her bed. “You can’t just run away from your problems.” Rose grabbed her arm and pulled her upward. She almost pulled her straight off the top bunk. Alexine was sitting up now. Rose tried to pull her again but Alexine pushed her away and sat up. “It’s almost breakfast.” Rose told her, then she walked away.

“Good morning, Alex.” it was a younger girl, her name was Jadyn. She was one of the younger girls that slept in her bunk room. She was about fourteen years old. She had light brown hair that hung down her back. She was tall, she would fit right in with all the older girls with her height and her mature face if it wasn’t for her high metabolism. She had a very thin figure. She was practically skin and bone.

“Morning.” she responded. Jadyn came up to her bunk.

“Hey, do you mind if I sit by you guys today? I asked Rose and she said to ask you. Sorry, it’s just-”

Alexine put her hand up to cut her off. “That’s fine, I don’t need to hear the whole story.”

Jadyn looked a little offended for a second, but she shook it off. “Thanks. I’m going to go now, next to Sam and Caden right?”

“Hopefully not the second one.” Alexine said to herself. “Yes. Fair warning, things may be a little tense.” she said to Jadyn. She nodded and walked out the door. Alexine jumped to the ground. She put on skinny jeans and a t-shirt. She decided to keep her hair down today. When Rose was ready they walked together to the mess hall. Most of the kids that were there had there food already, so there wasn’t much for waiting in the line.

To Alexine’s delight, Caden was sitting with Shane today. Sam and Jadyn were sitting on the table they normally sat at. Alexine chose the spot next to Jadyn and Rose sat down next to Sam. Sam stared at Alexine and she shifted uncomfortably.

“Is something wrong with Caden?” Jadyn asked.

“Yes.” Alexine and Sam said at the same time.

“No,” Rose said glaring at them. “He is just sitting by his other friends.” Good, Alexine thought. Sam and Caden must have gotten in a fight. Hopefully he wouldn’t ever come back. She never really hated Caden, but recently all the hate she felt was fueled from him. Now she hated him with a passion.

For the next few minutes Rose and Jadyn talked and Sam stared at Alexine. The next thing she knew William was sitting next to her. “Mind?” he asked. Yes is what she thought, but “No.” was what came out of her mouth.

“What’s up with you?” Sam asked.

“Nothing out of the ordinary.” William answered.

“Then why are you-” Alexine was about to ask, but Rose had stomped on her foot. Rose then sent her a “be nice” look.

“It’s sort of amusing, isn’t it?” he asked a few seconds later. He was looking out at the room of kids talking. The four of them stared at him.

“What’s amusing?” Jadyn asked finally.

“None of us even remember much of the real world and we still act exactly like normal kids and teenagers. It’s like it’s embedded in our genes.” he explained. He was still gazing out at the mess hall. The four of them continued to stare at him. None of them were talking but it was almost like you could hear what they were all thinking. This boy is crazy, or, is this boy crazy?

“Well, some of us didn’t come into TYTC when we were young. Some came in when we were eight or ten.” Jadyn finally spoke, “They probably just rubbed off.”

“Very few, Sam and Alexine didn’t come in till they were eleven and they act the strangest out of all of us.” William said, his voice had no hint of emotion. Rose flinched and Jadyn said, “Really?”

“How come I didn’t know this?” Rose seemed offended.

“The strangest?” Sam asked. William shrugged.

“Eleven? I was nursed here!” Jadyn said surprised. Rose looked accusingly at Alexine.

“I didn’t think it was important.” Alexine defended herself. Jadyn leaned over the table to Sam, “What was the outside like?”

“Don’t ask me, I was razed in an orphanage. All I could tell you is that there a lot nicer than these people. Ask Alexine, she accioly…” his voice faded off when he realized he should stop talking. Rose’s look escalated.

“You accioly what?” Rose asked.

“Did you have a family?” Jadyn asked. Alexine took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“By her body language I would say we are overwhelming her.” William said.

“You think?” Alexine said cruelly.

“Sorry.” Jadyn said.


Rose, Sam, and Alexine walked down the hallway to the lounge. Rose clearly felt betrayed. “You accioly what?” she asked again.

“You know, I really don’t want to talk about it, Rose.” Alexine said sternly. She walked in the middle, Sam on her left and Rose on her right.

“Sorry.” Rose said quietly.

“You know Alex, they kind of look like you're flying monkeys when you walk like that.” it was Caden. Alexine stopped in her tracks. You could almost feel the hall get colder and the lights seemed like they had dimmed. She turned to face him. “You know what that makes you?” he asked her, “The wicked witch of the west.” he said. Shane and another boy that were with him laughed. Alexine laughed too. Not at the joke, but at his weak attempts to offend her.

“No.” boy that she didn’t know said. “She’s more of an ice queen.”

“Good.” Alexine said. “That’s what I was going for.” It was no joke, calling her an ice queen was more of a complement.

“What do you want, Caden?” Sam said annoyed.

“And here her loyal boy toy.” Caden said. That made Alexine angry, she was practically snarling at him now. Sam face went red with anger.

“Caden,” Rose started to come in. “Do you really-” she was cut off because Sam punched him right in the nose. Alexine could hear Sam’s fist connect with Caden’s face. It sounded like it was out of a movie. Caden was now on his butt.

“Sam!” Rose yelled. Sam looked at Alexine like he expected her to hold him back. Instead, he had found her smiling ear to ear. “That was unnecessary, you are lucky there are no trainers in the halls!” Rose said. She was helping Caden up now. There was blood coming from his nose. Shane and the other boy had left now. The hall was empty.

“Nope, I think it was very necessary.” Alexine laughed.

“Alex!” Rose looked surprised. Caden was still on the ground in shock.

“Hit him again.” Alexine said to Sam.

“No!” Rose shouted. “Caden, come on we can talk.” Rose said to him.

“I don’t want to talk to him.” Alexine said.

“Fine.” Rose helped him up. Caden stud to face Sam, Caden had only about a half of an inch on him. “Come on Caden, we should talk.” Rose said to him.

“Oh, so you're just going to ditch us for him?” Sam said to Rose.

“Violence is not the answer to this, I can talk to him and we can all just be friends again.” Rose said to just to two of them.

“I don’t want to be friends with him.” Alexine said. Sam nodded in agreement.

“Come on, Rose.” Caden said pulling her arm.

“Okay then.” Alexine said accusingly.

“Sorry, Alex.” she apologized.

“Everyone seems to say that but they never mean it do they?” Alexine said remorselessly.

Rose took a long look at her, then walked in the other direction.

Caden faced Alexine, “You know, I really hate you.”

She smiled, “The feeling is mutual.” Then he walked away.

Sam and Alexine stud shoulder to shoulder. They watched the two of them fade away down the hallway. Sam then started to walk. “The lounge is in the opposite direction.” Alexine told him.

“That is very true, but I’m going outside.” he told her. She smiled and stood for a second making up her mind. Then she jogged to catch up to him. They walked side by side down the stairs and out the door. It was colder outside than the day before. They sat down under a tree. Sam leaned against the tree with his legs extended. Alexine thought about lying her head on his legs but rejected it. She sat with her legs crossed facing him.

“Sorry about blowing your cover before.” he said, “I just thought you told her.”

“It’s fine, I don’t blame you.” Alexine picked at the grass.

“Are you cold?” Sam asked her.

“I’m fine.” that was a lie, and he knew it. She had goosebumps all across her arms. He took off the hoodie he was wearing.

“Really? The ‘take my jacket’ thing?” she said looking at him pathetically.

“Well. I would rather be a little cliche then watch the ice queen freeze to death.” he smirked at her. She smiled back.

“If that’s what it takes.” she took the hoodie and put it on. It was about two sizes too big and now she smelt like him. That wasn’t a bad thing. The day before it had been sunny and there was no wind. Today the clouds were covering the sky and there was a steady breeze.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly happened when you were taken to TYTC?” he asked.

“I thought I told you once before?” she asked, not wanting to explain.

“Yes, but not very well and that was five years ago. Not to mention I was a little disoriented myself from being put in the back of a truck in the middle of the night.” he told her.

She hesitated at first, but she decided to tell him. “Okay well,” she didn’t remember it well herself. “I had a family, a mom and dad. A younger sister. And an older brother.”

“Your siblings weren't taken with you?” Sam asked. She shook her head. “What were their names?” he asked her.

“My sister’s name was Aria and my brother’s name was Liam.” she told him, she smiled at the memory. “We were the poster family of La Conner.”

“Where is that?” Sam asked.

“A small town in Washington, right between Seattle and Vancouver. It was a very beautiful place. Peaceful too, only about nine hundred people live there. Most people vacationed there. My mother owned a water side gift shop and my father worked for the local law enforcement. He normally looked over the boats by the water. And that's where the met.”

“Sounds like some sort of movie that I wouldn’t want to see.” Sam interrupted. Alexine laughed and continued.

“They both had red hair and blue eyes. So, when they had kids they were completely stoked when they found out we all had red hair and blue eyes. Well, except my little sister, she had brown eyes. But besides that we were all gingers.”

“The real life Weasley’s, but muggles.” Sam said. That made Alexine smile.

“Well, not me.” she giggled.

“You got lucky.” he nodded.

“But like I said, poster family. We were the kind of family you would see on billboards or health care commercials. And we acted like it too. Me and my brother were inseparable. I went to the school there. Did you go to school?” she asked him.

“Me? I was homeschooled by the nuns that took care of me in the orphanage. It was one of those things where if you got the question wrong you got smacked on the wrist with a ruler.”

“Were you one of the Three Stooges?” she asked him. He laughed.

“Not exactly. By the way, the Stooges were only razed in an orphanage in the 2012 movie, not originally.” Sam corrected.

“My apologies, may I continue?”

“Of course.” Sam nodded.

“Well I did. I went to the elementary school and I was in the middle of fifth grade. We had a nice house, all the kids got their own room. One night I was sleeping and my parents were on the couch watching TV. I woke up to my mom screaming. I sat up in my bed and I was scared to get up. When I did go to my door I opened it slowly. Liam was there he told me they were there for me and that mom and dad were gone. Then he told me to hide, he shut the door in my face.” Alexine paused for a second, and looked at Sam.

He smiled, “You don’t have to keep going if you don’t want to.”

“There isn’t much more to say.” Alexine could feel the tears swell up in her eyes. “And you know what they told me when they found me in my room?” tears were rolling down her face now, “They told me that my parents went out for something and were hit head on by a truck and they were pronounced dead on the sight.”

Sam looked stunned, “Maybe they did die in a car crash. Why would TYTC murder your parents?”

Alexine shrugged, “I heard it happen. I seen my father’s body next to the couch when I opened the door of my room!” she was sobbing now. Sam crawled over and picked her up. He hugged her close under the tree. She had her face in his shoulder. “They took everything from me.”

“They took everything from all of us.” he said with his chin resting on her head. She pulled herself together and stopped the tears from coming. Alexine’s face was still in his chest. It felt right. She didn’t want to move but she sat back up. He looked at her with a disappointed gaze. He was desperate for her attention, that was obvious, but he did care about her. That was very clear.

“What happened to your brother and sister?” he asked her.

“I don’t know.” she shook her head. “I wish I did, but I don’t.”

“They don’t keep us here forever, you’ll get to find them.” Sam reassured her.

“Yeah.” she said with doubt.

“I’ll help you.” he told her.

She smiled at him.“Thank you.”

“Well, I don’t have any other plans.” Sam said, he was looking at the ground.

“Thank you for making me talk.” Alexine added.

“Oh.” he said, then he looked up at the sky and grinned. Almost like a little kid when the teacher gave them candy in class for helping pick up. Alexine looked up at the sky herself, the clouds were getting darker. There was a loud crack. At first she thought it was thunder, but then she realized the gate to the wall had opened. “That’s the second time this month.” Sam said looking at the opened gate. He was right. On a normal basis the gate only opened every few months for food and other supplies, or every year or so new kids. Two weeks ago new kids had came and new trainers. That was when Anna arrived.

Alexine stud up and walked over to the fence that separated the big yard from the unloading area. Sam followed her. She stud at the fence and looked into the back. The ground was mostly gravel and there were big black trucks with covered backs. Two trainers that Alexine knew opened the back of one of the two trucks that came in. One of the people was Tenzin and the other was Emily. Emily was one of the head trainers with Rock, she was tall and slender. She had short red hair and freckles covering most of her face and shoulders. Her mouth was shaped into a permanent frown. Tenzin was one of the worst people Alexine knew. He was a very arrogant, muscular Asian man. Out of all the people that he could spit down on, he seemed to hate Alexine the most.

Tenzin opened the door of the truck and Emily helped two young kids out. One was a girl that was about four years old and the other was a little boy that could barely walk. Emily took their hands and guided them to the doors of TYTC. Sam and Alexine exchanged looks. When TYTC brought in kids it was normally numbers of ten and up.

“Only two?” Sam said confused. Alexine looked back at him and then forward. Two more kids came out. These two kids were a boy and a girl as well. Although, these two kids were much different than the other two. These kids both had jet black hair and dark skin to match it it. They had the same look on there faces and they held each other's hands. They seemed to be the same age and they looked very much alike. Them looking like siblings was only one of the things that made them look strange. What made them strange was the fact that they were not much older or younger than Sam and Alexine. “What the?” Sam said quietly. Both their mouths had dropped. The girl seen them and seemed to snarl at them like a street dog.

Bang, Sam and Alexine jumped. It was Rock. He had hit the fence with his elbow from the other side of the fence. “Go inside, It’s going to rain any minute now.” he commanded.

“What’s happening?” Alexine asked him.

“What does it look like? This isn’t a new thing.” Rock said like it was obvious.

“Are they new trainers?” Sam asked him.

“Who?” Rock asked. “Those two?” he nodded to the boy and the girl. “Nope, students. Don’t ask questions, I’m not aloud to answer them.” he finished. Alexine razed her eyebrows at him. He smirked at her, “But between us,” he said to the two of them. “Steer clear of the girl. She’ll bite your head off.” he then walked away. He then turned, “Go inside for the rest of the day.”

“Well.” Sam said. “I’m calling it a night.” then he started to walk away.

“It’s not even lunch yet.” she said walking beside him.

“I’ve had enough craziness in one day. I mean, first I punched a guy, then I learned that my parents were most likely murdered by the people that take care of me. And now..” he said jokingly. Alexine laughed. “And now we have been warned.” just then it started to downpour. They were still a ways away from the door. They both laughed and bolted for the door. The other few kids that were outside ran to the door as well. Alexine put Sam’s hoodie over her head.

When they got in the building they walked across the training room for the stairs. “I’m soaked.” Sam stated. She looked at him. It was a fact, his hair and shirt were drenched.

“Well,” Alexine started. She pulled the hud of the sweatshirt down to reveal her dry hair. “I think I’m fine.”

Sam grinned, “I should have let you freeze.” Then he shook his head and the water from his hair got all over her face.

“Ah!” she yelled. And wiped off her face with her hand.

“I think I’ll be fine now.” he said. She pushed him and he went a few feet, but he came back and bumped her in the shoulder.

“What time is it?” she asked a younger boy as they got to the stairs.

“About eleven o’clock.” he answered, then he went on his way.

“Okay, to my bunk room and then head to lunch?” Sam asked her.

“What could you possibly need in your bunk room?” Alexine asked sarcastically.

“Oh, I don’t know. I just thought we were going to go to lunch, not a wet tshirt contest.” he said.

“Very well.” she agreed. Boys and girls could go into each others bunk rooms in the daytime, but if you were caught in the opposite gender’s bunk room after sundown you got a demerit. If you got a demerit you had to sit in one of the trainer’s rooms for the whole day and you only got one meal. Tenzin tried his best to give Alexine one whenever possible.

They walked down the boy’s bunk hall without seeing much for other people. Sam’s bunk room was 19B. The same number as Alexine’s. Before they opened the door, there was a tap on Alexine’s shoulder. It was more of a stabbe then a tap. She turned.

“Hey.” it was the freaky girl from outside. The boy was next to her.

“Hey.” Alexine responded facing her. “Can I help you?”

“Yes, you could.” the girl was snarling at her. There was no other word for it. Alexine was not intimidated. That seemed to bother the girl. They both looked like they came fresh from the hood. Sam looked at the girl then at Alexine.

The boy spoke up. “This is my bunk but we were wondering if you could help us find my sister’s.” he said. He stud with his arms crossed.

Alexine stared at them both. Sam spoke up, “Yeah sure.”

The girl nodded and took a step closer. She extended her hand to Alexine. “I’m Harley and this here is Lucifer.” she said. Alexine just looked at Harley’s hand. Harley smirked at her then took her hand back.

“It’s that way, I’ll be right there.” Alexine nodded down the hall. Harley nodded then started to walk.

“You can call me Louie.” the boy said then he opened the door and went into the bunk room.

“Have fun with the devil.” Alexine smirked.

“I’m sure there is a very reasonable explanation for the name.” Sam said.

“And I’m sure it was just a coincidence that the sister is named after the Joker’s girlfriend.” Alexine teased.

“Hey. Harley is a normal name to name your scary daughter.” he whispered to her. “Now. I’ll grab a shirt and lets go show crazy pants to her room.”

“Why do you need to come?” she asked.

“Like hell I’m leaving you with her.” he said nodding to Harley, who was half way down the hall.

“Okay then. Hurry up.” Alexine smiled up at him with her arms crossed.


Sam left Alex in the hall and walked over to the small drawer next to his bunk he shared with Caden. The new boy, Louie. Was putting the clothes that TYTC gave him in a drawer that was identical to his own. Sam grabbed a shirt out of the drawer and took off his wet one. After he put on the dry shirt he walked to the door. Louie followed Sam with his eyes as he went to the door. His expression was unreadable.

“Later.” Sam said simply. Louie said nothing. Sam pushed the door back open. Alex stud in the same position he had left her in with the same expression on her face. There was no way to tell what expresion on her face meant, but it consisted of a snarl, glare, and a face you might see on a stuck-up rich person. Or, a face you might see on a person that has been in prison for twenty years for killing a dozen people. That look was what was always on her face. She started to walk when he seen her and he fell into place right beside her.

“What bunk room?” Alex asked the girl when they caught up to her.

Harley turned, “19G.” she answered.

Sam smirked at Alex. She pretended not to notice. She nodded, “Good, makes things easier. That’s mine.”

Harley narrowed her eyes and chuckled. “Good.”

They walked to Alex’s bunk room. There was a sign that read ‘19G’ on it. “There is an empty bunk right over there.” Alex said pointing to the far right side of the room. The strange girl walked over to the bunk. “We're done here.” Alex said to Sam and tried to walk out the door. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“Do you need any help finding the mess hall?” Sam asked her. He didn’t necessarily want to walk the girl anywhere else, but first impressions are important.

Harley slowly walked toward the two of them. “You two ever heard the name Than?” she asked them. This question made them both jump and look at her in shock. Every abnormal on the planet new the name well, but it wasn’t a typical topic you chatted about with friends. She gave them a toothy grin and started to unpack.

“Yup, definitely done here.” Alex said and walked out the door. Sam was close behind. The two of them walked to the mess hall in silence. Both not sure what to say. When they walked into the room they went straight to the line. Once they had there food they walked to the table.


When Alexine seen Caden sitting next to Rose at the table she stopped in her tracks almost tripping over her feet. Sam noticed her stop and followed her glare.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Rose.” Sam said to himself. “Come on, Alex. Let’s just sit.” Alexine shook her head hard. Sam Grabbed her arm and led her to the table. Alexine sat across from Rose and Sam sat next to Alexine. Caden had dried blood under his nose from Sam’s punch earlier.

“Where have you two lovebirds been?” Caden sneered. Alexine felt a strong urge to dive over the table and strangle him.

“Don’t let him get to you.” Sam said in her ear. She pushed the urge back, but it was still a possibility. Just then Harley and Louie walked into the mess hall. Alexine’s eyes followed them as they walked to the line. Slowly everything became silent as people seen them.

“What’s happening?” Caden asked when he seen Harley and Louie.

“New trainers that are really young?” Rose thought up.

“No.” Alexine said still looking at the brother and sister.

“How do you know?” Caden asked harshly.

“Their students. Brother and sister. Their names are Harley and Lucifer.” Alexine spoke. “We ran into them on the way here.”

“There a little old, aren't they?” Caden asked.

“Well, Apparently more people came in at older ages than we thought.” Rose said, looking at Alexine hard.

“Not today. I told you, I don’t want to talk about it.” Alexine said harshly, returning the hard look. Just then, Harley spotted Alexine. Harley smirked and Alexine’s heart dropped. Harley grabbed Louie’s arm and pulled him to their table.

“Oh no.” Alexine said.

“What?” Rose asked.

“The devil’s children are coming.” Alexine answered.

“Oh come on. They're probably not that bad.” Rose told Alexine.

Harley stud next to the table. “Sorry, what was your name again?” she asked Alexine. Alexine just stared at her.

“That’s Alex. This is Sam and Caden, and my name is Rose.” Rose said kindly. “Nice to meet you.”

Harley smiled at Alexine. “That’s nice.” she said still looking at Alexine. Everyone at the table shifted. Rose no longer looked like she thought they weren't that bad. “Mind if we sit?” Harley asked Alexine.

“Yes.” Alexine said. Harley smiled and laughed.

“Very unyielding, isn’t she?” Harley asked Rose as she squeezed between Sam and Alexine. Louie took his seat next to Sam.

“So, what’s new on the outside?” Caden asked the two of them.

“Great things my friend.” Harley said with the smirk she always wore on her face pointed upward. “Very great things. You will soon see.”

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