Children of the Earth

Alexine and Brogan are what people call abnormals. They have the power to manipulate fire, water, earth, and air. Alexine is A 16-year-old girl who goes to TYTC. Brogan is a 35-year-old man who lives in Chicago. When the leader of the abnormals asks Brogan to be a double agent the two of them meet up and they discover that not all is as it seems


5. 4 Alexine

She stared at the page hard. Almost squinting. She didn’t understand half of the words on the page. She opened her mouth to say something, but no words can out. “I think we should stick to reading being your thing.” Alexine said finally.

“Come on, it’s a classic. You promised me you would read at least five chapters.” Rose pleaded.

Alexine sighed. She held the book, ‘How to Kill a Mockingbird’. She had told Rose that she would try to read it after one week strate of Rose nagging. “Really? Five chapters? I don’t think that’s what I said.”

“You did. I was there. Five chapters.” Sam spoke suddenly. He was sitting to Alexine’s back playing some video game with Caden and a boy named Shane.

Alexine craned her neck to look at him, and sent him her best glare. He smirked at her and went back to his game. She turned back to Rose, she sat with her arms crossed staring at her. “Oh, fine. But, only five.” she gave in.

Rose smiled at her, “Unless you like it.”

“How am I supposed to like it if I can barely read it?” she grumbled, and stuck her head back into the book. It was a saturday, so they didn’t have to go to lessons. They could if they wanted to, but lessons was the last thing Alexine wanted to do. They were free to do whatever they desired friday through sunday. All they really had to do was go eat when it was that time.

It was a nice day, the sun was out and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It was the end of spring, or summer, Alexine never kept track. She wasn’t one hundred percent sure what state they were in, but there were mountains and large trees that you could see over the large wall that surrounded TYTC. Maybe Oregon? Where ever they were, there were no cities or anyone from the outside.

Sam and Caden were done and Shane had left. Alexine never liked Shane, he had never done anything to her or even talked to her. But, there was something that told Alexine that he wasn’t a good person. She was still reading, it took her about ten minutes to read each page just to understand what was happening. Sam was there now, he had his head over her shoulder. His head was close. To a normal person it was an average distance, but Alexine’s personal bubble was a little bigger then most. She didn’t mind Sam, so she let it be.

“Enjoying yourself?” he asked her, looking at the pages himself. She could feel his breath on her neck.

“No.” she answered bluntly. He gave a small laugh. They stayed in this position for about a minute. He hesitated, but then rested his chin on her shoulder. Alexine flinched, then quickly shrugged him off. He sat back on the couch awkwardly, he looked disappointed. And a little defeated. She felt a little bad at first, but not for long.

“What did you expect, Sammy?” it was Caden. Alexine could feel the blood in her body start to boil. “She is a ginger after all.” Alexine’s grip on the book started to strengthen segnifegently. Her hands started to shake. Rose looked alarmed, she gave a look of warning at Caden. Alexine’s face started to show her anger when she seen the look on Sam’s face. She took a deep breath, she knew Caden was just messing around. He meant no harm. Her hands stopped shaking and her face turned back to it’s pail, normal color.

But of course, Caden didn’t know when to stop. “I wonder if she knows, or if she just doesn't want to know. What do-”

“What? Tell me Caden, what do I not know?” Alexine exploded.

“Of course! How could I have forgotten, you already know everything. Don’t you?” He baited her.

She tried her best not to take the bait. Alexine looked up at Rose, she looked shocked. Then she was back, “Knock-it off, Caden.” Rose spoke sternly. Caden looked as if he would start again, but he looked at Rose and closed his mouth.

Alexine gave a short chuckle and smiled to herself, “Ironic.” She said to Caden, “Isn’t it?” Caden snarled at her.

“That’s enough reading for today.” Rose said quickly, pulling the book out of Alexine’s hand. Alexine’s grip was strong, so Rose had to put in some effort. “It’s a nice day, don’t you think? We should go outside.” she took Alexine’s hand. Caden stud up. “Not you.” Rose said to him. He nodded as if to say, “Okay then.” and walked in the opposite direction. Alexine glanced at Sam. He was looking up at her, trying to find some emotion in Alexine’s face.

Sam came to his feet. “Sorry about him.” and walked after Caden.

“Come on.” Rose tugged on her arm. They both walked down all the flights of stairs. They got to the first floor that was also the training area. There were only about a dozen kids in the big room, probably because they were all outside. Alexine pushed open the metal door. A boy was going into the building at the same time she was going out. He slammed into her and the books that he was holding fell out of his hands and onto the ground.

“Sorry! So sorry.” he bent down to get his books, Alexine helped.

“Don’t worry about it.” she grumbled as she grabbed one of the massive, heavy books. She recognized him right away.

“Hey, William.” she greeted, “That is your name right?”

“Yeah.” he fumbled with the books and pushed up his nerdy glasses. Alexine recognized him because he was one of the only nerds that didn’t wet themselves when she looked them in the eyes. She wouldn’t call herself horrifying, but she wasn’t exactly a Sally Sunshine ether.

“Yeah, I’ve read those.” Rose said pointing to the books in William’s hands.

“Yeah.” he said looking past Alexine to Rose, “This is my second time.”

“Your people’s way of bragging is so weird.” Alexine said looking at both of them.

“Quit acting like we are another species.” Rose smiled.

William laughed a little, “You into Shakespeare?” he asked Rose.

“Not really.” Rose shrugged. “Never found it to interesting.”

He looked at Rose like she had two heads. “It’s exceedingly interesting. Shakespeare’s work has branched off into so many different things that we know today.” Alexine watched the argument hysterically. “‘The Lion King’? The movie was based off Shakespeare's play ‘Hamlet’. The phrases; ‘heart of gold’, ‘fight fire with fire’, even the saying ‘so-so’.”

Alexine chuckled. “Okay, Rose. Come wake me up when this snooze fest is over.” she went around William and out the door. “Bye, Willy.”

Rose was next to her before she knew it. “So?” she asked, her face was right next to Alexine’s.

She rolled her eyes, “So, what?” even though she knew exactly what she was talking about. She plopped down under one of the few trees in the yard. The yard was a vast, empty space between the building and the wall that kept the kids from escaping. Or from people getting in, most likely both. About six hundred kids that can manipulate fire, earth, water, and air. It was surprising that the people on the outside hadn't come for them all ready. The wall was about sixty feet tall and made out of cement. Behind the building, there was a fenced off area for supplies to come in. That was the only place where the wall was open. “I think of Sam as a friend, and that’s it.” Alexine finished, “And that’s it, now can we change the subject?”

Rose didn’t talk for a minute, just stared at Alexine. You could see the wheels in her brain turning. “You're a hard person to read, you know that?”

“Good.” Alexine snapped, she started to pick at the grass.

“Sorry, Al.” she playfully pushed her in the arm. Alexine gave her a side glare and Rose gave her the puppy face.

Alexine couldn’t help but smile and shake her head. “I guess I can forgive you.”

They sit in silence for maybe five minutes while Rose closed her eyes and let the sun touch her pale skin and Alexine looked up at the sky and let her thoughts consume her.


Sam pushed people a side to get to Caden. Caden headed to a corner in the big room that was empty. He plopped down on one of the lounge chairs. Sam took a seat across from him. “Dude, what the hell was that all about?” Sam asked him.

“I hate her.” Caden said with almost a snarl.

Sam looked at him for a long time. “Who?” he asked, even though he knew very well who.

“Alex.” Caden said, almost spitting the name. Sam was surprised. He wasn’t sure why. He knew who Caden was talking about and he knew why. Caden wasn’t one to share his feelings. Him and Sam never really talked about that kind of stuff at all.

“She takes everything away from me.” Caden said raising his voice a little. “She keeps Rose from me and now you too.”

Now Sam was shocked. “What do you-”

“You know what I mean.” he snapped.

Sam didn’t know what to say, so he just walked away. Down the stair to his bunk room. It was nothing close to clean. All the beds were mest up, one mattress was off the bed. And apparently it smelled bad too, according to Alex. He sat on his bed and looked at the floor. There was no doubt he had feelings for her. He always had, even when they were young. She had never noticed, or at least never showed it. The girl had walls and Sam had been trying to break them down for his whole life. He knew it was pointless, the people on the outside would call it ‘friend-zoned’.

He wasn’t sure why he was even friends with Caden. Caden would go out of his way to make Sam feel like crap. He guessed he only kept him around for another boy. Caden was the only one who would stay by him when he was around Rose and Alex. Probably because Rose was a goody-two-shoes and Alex’s level of scariness made people uncomfortable. Alex wasn’t scary once you met her, but her natural resting face just looked like killing everybody was her number one priority.

He wasn’t sure what it was about her that attracted him. She was pretty. She certainly didn’t believe it, but she was. Anyone could see it if they looked hard enough. She wasn’t tall, but she came up to Sam’s eyes. She was thin, with red hair that just passed her shoulders. Her eyes were a pale blue that resembles ice. Her mouth held a stern shape but Sam had seen the good side of her. She could be funny, and she was easy to talk to once you got to know her. It wasn’t Alex’s appearance that attracted him, it was something else.

For what seemed like an hour Sam decided to go outside by Alex and Rose. He didn’t want to talk to Caden or go by Alex. If he went to Alex he knew he was going to end up telling her how he felt about her, but most of all he didn’t want to be alone. So, Alex it was.


Alexine went back to reading while Rose read her own book. Alexine just wanted to get the five chapters over with as soon as possible. She wasn’t sure what was happening, but she was reading it. Suddenly the sun was blocked and she was in the shade. She glanced up and seen Sam standing in front of her. “Hey.” she said looking up at him, with a little surprise in her voice. He was wearing a plain navy blue t-shirt and genes. He stud with his hands in his pockets.

“Hey.” he said back. “Want to talk?” he asked her after a second.

“Sure.” Alexine stud up and looked down at Rose. “Are you coming?” she asked her.

“Nah, I think I’ll stay here.” she said mischievously. Alexine narrowed her eyes at Rose and Rose gave her a smile in return. The two of them started to walk and Alexine noticed he had a small grin on his face. There was a small gust of wind and his dark hair shifted. His hair sort of resembled a raven’s feathers.

“What did you have in mind to talk about? I’m not in the mood for another lecture about how football works.” Alexine said trying, but failing to ease the tension.

“Not what I’m here for.” Sam grinned.

“Oh no.” she muttered.

“This doesn't have to be weird, let’s just get this over with.” he stammered.

“That’s what the female teachers said when they trapped all of the girls in a room and told us how our bodies were changing when we were eleven.” Alexine joked.

Sam laughed hard, but not for long. He was serious again. “It doesn't have to be as bad as that.”

“Good.” she muttered.

“You know I’m in love with you, right?” he said. They both stopped walking and he was trying to look her in the eye but Alexine was looking at the ground. It was almost dark now. All the kids had to be inside by sundown. The two of them were standing by one of the big corners of the wall. It was a terrible spot to be standing in Alexine’s opinion, because there was another tree on one side of them and a wall on the other. It was a little dark and there wasn’t many kids outside. They were not hidden from everyone's site, but they were pretty well hidden. She wasn’t worried about Sam, she knew he wouldn’t do anything to her but she desperately needed saving from the next thing he might say. The sun seemed to be taking it’s golly time going down.

They were standing close facing each other. Alexine finally met his eyes. He was a very handsome boy. She always noticed the other girls looking at him, every time they did she felt a rush of emotion go through her. She had always known that he had feelings for her. It was sort of a fact that everyone knew. She wasn’t sure what to say, “I kind of figured.” she finally said quietly. She expected him to make her say something else, but he didn’t. He razed his hand and lightly stroked the side of her cheek. She would have normally flinched and pushed him away but she stood still. He lowered his hand and looked at her for what seemed like for a long time. Then he walked away.

Alexine stood there alone. Still. Not knowing what to do or what to feel. She felt emotion fill her body. For a second she thought she was going to cry, but she didn’t. “Stop.” she said to herself after her thoughts went to fare. She shock her head and walked back to the door. She passed through the training area and up the stairs. People who were standing in the large part of the training room and the people in the halls all stared at her. She didn’t know why until she noticed she was crying. She started to walk faster and put her head down. She pushed the door open hard and sat down on Rose’s bed. She sat there looking at the ground for a long time. The fourteen or so other girls were all off doing something in another part of the big building. Alexine hoped they all stayed there for a long time.

Moments later Rose came in the room. “Alex, I’ve been looking for you forever! I tried to find Sam to ask him where you were, but I couldn’t find him ether. I thought you two must have gotten abducted by aliens.” she rambled on, but then stopped when she seen Alexine. “What happened? If her hurt you, I swear I will unleash hell on him.” she muttered as she sat next to her.

Alexine forced a smile. “No, he doesn't deserve that.”

Rose looked at her for a long time. “Do you want to tell me about it?”

“No.” Alexine grumbled.

“Well, Do you want me to stay here?” she asked.

“No.” Alexine said again.

“Okay.” Rose got up and left the room. Soon after she left, Alexine got up and went into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mure for a long time. Her pale eyes were puffy from crying and her cheeks were rosy. She was wearing skinny jeans, and a plain t-shirt. She took her hair out of the pony-tail and combed it out with her fingers. She quickly exchanged her jeans for confey shorts and crawled up the latter to her bed. She felt the tears coming back, but before they came she did the same thing she did whenever she felt emotion. “Your weak.” she said harshly to herself, “Why do you even care?” And the next thing she knew, she was back to feeling nothing.

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