Children of the Earth

Alexine and Brogan are what people call abnormals. They have the power to manipulate fire, water, earth, and air. Alexine is A 16-year-old girl who goes to TYTC. Brogan is a 35-year-old man who lives in Chicago. When the leader of the abnormals asks Brogan to be a double agent the two of them meet up and they discover that not all is as it seems


3. 2 Alexine

“Rise n’ shine, ladies!” Rock yelled, banging on the door. Most of the girls jolted awake, but Alexine was already awake. The sleeping quarters were big rooms lined with bunks with small drawers next to them for clothes with a bathroom, sort of like one at the mall, but not as nice. She slept in bunk room 19G.

There were many of the same rooms. There was 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G up to 20G for the girls, the boys were the same, but with a B instead of a G. Each bunk room had about fifteen bunks in it. The room Alexine was in had fourteen. The bunk room you were in depended on your age. She was one of the older girls, so she was in 19G.

She slept on the top bunk, with her best friend, Rose on the bottom. She sat up and stretched. When she was ready to move she jumped right off the side of the bed to the stone floor. She landed swiftly. Rose was sitting up in bed. Her brunette hair wild.

“You know, there's a ladder right there for a reason.” she said when she seen Alexine.

“I know. But it hurts my feet.”

“And the floor doesn’t?” She got out of bed and walked over to the bathrooms. Alexine changed and brushed her teeth. When Rose came back she had her hair in braids. All Alexine bothered to do was brush her red hair up into a ponytail. Her hair didn’t require much work, it wasn’t thick like Rose’s, so it didn’t ever get that snarly. When they were ready it was about eight thirty, and they started to walk to the mess hall.

“Alex!” someone shouted behind them. She looked around in the crowd of people. It was Caden. He was walking with Sam. “Alex.” he said again. Rose and Alexine stopped to wait.

“Hey,” she greeted them. They walked the rest of the way to the mess hall together. Alex remembered the first time she met all of them. Sam was her first friend here at TYTC. They had both arrived at the same time.Sam wasn’t one to talk a lot unlike his friend, Caden that Sam introduced Alex to when they were young.

For a long time it was just the three of them. Alex never really fit in with all the girls. She liked to hang out with the boys more. But eventually she warmed up to one of them. Her and Rose had been friends ever since they were thirteen.

Caden had blonde hair with brown eyes. He was pretty tall too. He had other friends that he talked to a lot, and sat with for a while, but lately he had been sticking around Sam, Rose, and her. Sam had other friends too, but he had always been loyal, and stayed by Alexine’s side.

The four of them pushed through the crowded hall. Caden went on about how yesterday, in training he perfected air. All though, Alexine was there, and she wouldn’t say, ‘perfected’. It was bright in the hallway, with stone walls. That seemed to be the theme of the whole building, plain.

They called it a training camp, but Alexine had read books and seen movies. The outside had a very different description of ‘camp’. ‘The outside’ was what the kids in TYTC called the rest of the world beyond the walls that surrounded the area. Books and Movies were all the place gave them for any knowledge of the outside. This was more like military school. They taught you how to kill the bad guys, and sent you off to war. Except, they taught you how to kill bad guys with fire, water, earth, and air.

“Don’t you think, Alex?” Caden asked.

“What?” Alexine said, startled.

Caden sighed, “Rose doesn't believe me. You were there, back me up.”

Rose rolled her eyes “I think you're just all talk, Caden.”

Alexine smiled at Caden and Rose, the two of them seemed to argue more by the day. “‘Perfected’ is what you say.”

“Yeah, well I’m better than you at least.” he said, and then he shut his mouth and looked forward.

He wasn’t wrong. Alexine was terrible at controlling the elements. People her age could make waves in the ocean, and all she could do was make ripples in a puddle. “You will get it eventually.” various trainers would say. But Alexine knew she never would. She expected they would throw her out soon.

The mess hall was a big, bright room with white stone walls and tables all over in no particular order. On one side there was a place that they lined up to get the gunk that the grumpy old cooks called food.

When they arrived the line was already down the hallway. The room was filled with kids ages thirteen through eighteen. The four of them joined the line and waited. The line moved rather quickly, so it wouldn’t take long for them to get through.

Alexine grabbed a plate and held it out for the lady that was scooping food. The food that the lady gave her resembled something you would feed animals on a farm. It didn’t taste bad at least. In fact it didn’t taste like anything at all.

There were about six hundred kids in all at TYTC. Most of the kids were orphans. Alexine’s parents died in a car crash when she was ten. After they died she had expected to live with a relative. But the next thing she knew, there was a person telling her she was special, and she was going to go to a place where she would fit in.

Alexine despised TYTC for that. She had always known that she was different. She never felt like she fit in until she arrived at this place, but that didn’t change the fact that they practically stole her from the rest of her family.

After breakfast it was time for training. For training, they met up with all the kids their age in a big room on the first floor. When they were all together, the trainers split them into groups. The group they were in depended on the level of control they had with the elements.

The building had four floors. The first was for training. The second was for eating, and on one side of the floor was off limits. None of the kids were sure what was on that side.

Alexine pondered over that from the day a person had told her not to go on that side. Nukes? Dragons? A collection of all the previous ‘Backstreet Boys’ albums? No one could be sure.

The third and fourth were the living quarters. That was where the bunk rooms were, and there was also a library, lounge and a hospital room on the fourth floor. With a building full of kids that had the ability to manipulate things like fire and stuff like that, people tended to get injured often. Alexine’s bunk room was on the fourth floor. Bunk rooms 19G, 20G and 19B, 20B were on the fourth floor, the rest were on the third.

After they were done eating they make their way down to the first floor. The floor had one big room with an empty space, and four other smaller rooms for each element. The room for fire was fire proofed, for obvious safety reasons. It also had targets, because fire was hard to control.

The room for earth had various drawers of different seeds for different plants on the walls. A majority of the floor was also covered with soil. The water room had a big pool on one side and a smaller and more shallow one on the other.

The air room was more complicated than the rest. One side of the room was separated from the other with a thick transparent material. Only one person was allowed in at a time for the other’s safety. It was designed for practicing taking the air away.

A trainer would stay on the other side of the transparent material and give tips. The material couldn’t be glass, because it would shatter in the conditions. The person would stand on one side, and try to take the air away on the other. On the other side of the room there was a scale that showed you the air pressure.

This skill was very difficult. Only about two or three of the older kids could come close to succeeding. Not many of the trainers could do it either. The skill was not only very difficult, but also very dangerous. Not for the operator, but for the target. If a person that could do it wanted to, they could just walk into a room and suffocate everyone in it.

Rose, Caden, Sam, and Alexine walked side by side to the stairs and down them to the training rooms. When they got there, the room was full of the kids in their age group. The four of them stood and talked, waiting for the trainers to arrive. The kids in Alexine’s age group were about sixteen-eighteen. She was on the younger side of the age group, she knew she was around sixteen years old. TYTC didn’t celebrate birthdays. So over the time, she just forgot when it was. All she knew was that it was some time in the spring.

After a few minutes, Three people walked in. Two of the three Alexine was familiar with. One was Rock, (Alexine’s personal favorite) he was a big man around the age of fifty. He had short, dark gray hair with mean looking eyes. Although, he wasn’t all that mean. They all called him Rock, but she wasn’t sure what his real name was.

The other man Alexine was familiar with was Tenzin. Tenzin was a nasty man with dark hair and dark eyes. And an ego bigger than Caden’s mouth. He hated Alexine and her friends. He was evil. Just plane evil.

The third was a short girl that looked much younger than the two men. She had long, loud, blonde hair, a round face, and big, bright, blue eyes. She looked about nineteen or twenty years old. They stopped at the front of the room.

“Silence!” Rock said in a loud booming voice. All the voices stopped at once, and all the kids turned their attention to trainers.

“This is Anna. She is a new miner trainer that will be assisting us for the future.” He continued, motioning to the kind looking girl standing next to him. Anna smiled. “Please be quiet and wait for your name to be called.”

Every day for training, this was what happened. All the kids got put into groups, and went to the different rooms in stations. Then one of the trainers would help Alexine one on one, while the other would drift around and help the others. Usually she would ether have Rock, and he would keep telling her, “You’ll get it eventually, Try again.” Or she would have Tenzin and he would say, “You are hopeless! Do it again!”

For the next few minutes Rock separated all the kids into different groups. Then, Alexine was the only one not called off. She stud with her hands in her jean pockets, and looked at her feet.

Rock looked up from a clipboard, and made eye contact with her, “Alexine, You are with Anna.” Then he walked away, leaving her with the new trainer.

Anna smiled at her with teeth, her teeth were rather crooked. “I’m Anna. Your Alexine, right?”

“Yes.” she responded with no spark of emotion.

“Alexine. That’s a unique name. I like it.” she said, bubbly. “Let’s get started, what do you think you need work on?”

“Everything.” Alexine said in the same toun.

“Okay, what do you want to work on?” she asked. “Water is the easiest. Do you want to start with that?”

“Sure.” she said making eye contact for the first time. Anna nodded, and they made their way to the water room. Alexine was aware that she was being rude. It wasn’t because she didn’t like Anna, someone with her personality wasn’t someone she would usually be friends with, but she seemed nice.

She was being rude because she hated being treated like she needed special help. She wasn’t good, that was true, and she probably did need the help. But it made her nauseous at the thought of needing peoples help.

The two of them made their way over to the water room. Anna lead the way and held the door open for Alexine. A smaller group of kids were over on the left side of the room, by the big pool. One boy that Alexine recognized was practicing while a group of friends watched. He was an age group younger than herself.

He swooped his hand down past his waist and up to a right angle. The water mimicked his movements and made a wave like figure. Then he put his hand down by his side and the water splashed down. This made Alexine give a small smile. She wasn’t good at this stuff, but she loved it. It was like magic, but ‘magic’ wasn’t the proper way to describe it.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” Anna said when she seen Alexine watching. They were standing side by side.

“Yeah.” Alexine agreed. She looked at Anna and gave her a small smile and glanced back at the boy. Anna looked happier, now that Alexine seemed to accept her.

“Let’s get started.” Anna said interrupting the silence. She made her way to the smaller pool, and Alexine followed. Anna bent down next to the edge of the shallow pool. Alexine did so as well.

“Let’s see what you got.” she indicated to the clear water.

“I don’t got much.” Alexine replied, and razed her eyebrows at Anna. Anna gave a small laugh. Alexine focused on the water. She focused so hard that she started to shake. Than she stopped and looked Anna in the eyes.

“You're trying way too hard.” Anna said smiling. “Try this.” Anna took her hand and put it just on the top of the water, so she was just barely touching it. “Now, relax. Try to picture the water moving.”

Alexine did so. She took a deep breath, and pictured to water rippling. A few seconds later, she felt the water moving beneath her long, slender fingers. She looked down at the water. Minichure waves spread from her hand. She wasn’t to surprised. It wasn’t uncommon for her to make ripples, the problem was, that was all she could do.

“Good!” Anna chimed. “Now. Try to make the ripples bigger.”

“That’s the problem.” Alexine groaned.

“Have more confidence in yourself.”

“Okay.” she said with doubt in her tone.

Anna gave her a look. “There it is, stop doubting yourself! You can do this. Try again.”

Alexine syed, and put her hand over the water.

“Nope, that’s not it. Put a smile on your face.” she ordered. Alexine gave Anna a smile that was a cross between cheeky, and sarcastic. Anna laughed. “Your attitude is hopeless, girl.”

It went on like this for a while. Alexine did make more progress than normal. That was good. She was starting to like Anna. She was a person that she would usually call ‘annoying’, but there was something in her big, bright, blue eyes that gave Alexine hope.

After water, they went on to other things, like earth and fire. While they worked, they held conversations. Alexine told her about Rose and Sam, and a little about Caden. And Anna told her about the time when she was in TYTC.

“Where do you go when you're done with training.” Alexine asked, as the two of them put another seed in the ground. She new that you worked a little for the abnormal government or fought against abnormal rebels, criminals, and even the really nasty man named Than, that Alexine had heard about. But she really never knew what exactly happened. Were you free to go live on your own? Or where you're trapped like this forever?

“Not allowed to tell you that.” Anna replied.

“Come on, why not? I won’t tell anyone you told me.” she begged.

“Sorry, girlfriend. Not going to break the law.” she insisted.

Alexine would come back to that, but she would let it go for now. “Why do we have to put the seed in the ground if we can make it grow without soil?” she asked.

“If it’s not in the soil, it’s harder to make it grow where you want.” Anna responded.

Alexine nodded. She cupped her hands over the place where the seed was buried. She could feel the small plant growing between her fingers. It grow about one foot into a small bushy plant that you might see in a garden.

“That really good, great progress! Now try to make it grow without using your hands.” Anna challenged as she got up to get another seed from the wall. While Anna was looking through various doors of seeds. She glanced at the small plant at her feet. She felt fuzziness all through her body, she had never done that before. Before all she could do was make a small seedling.

After training was done, she still couldn’t grow the plant without using her hands, but she felt successful. When she walked out of the earth room she looked around for one of her friends to go to lunch. Most of the room was empty now. There was only a couple dozen more people in the room. None of them were her friends. She felt a little hurt, but nothing she couldn’t handle. She started to make her way out of the room.

“Alex!” called a voice behind her that made her jump.

She turned to see Sam behind her. “Thanks for waiting up.” she said looking at him. “Where are Rose and Caden?” she asked.

“They headed up to the mess hall. I was going to go with them but…” he trailed off as they started to walk.

“I know what you mean.” she finished for him. She didn’t blame him, for the passed few months it was almost nauseating to be around the two of them without another person to exchange looks with.

“What do you think Rose sees in him? Caden?” Sam asked. Looking her in the eye.

She laughed, “No idea. Absolutely no idea.”

“He’s got nice hair.” Sam said awkwardly. Alexine looked at him and smiled. She tried to hold it back but she couldn’t. She let out a laugh, and when it was out she couldn’t stop. Sam started to laugh too.

When they sat down at the table, Rose and Caden were already there. Alexine sat next to Rose and Sam sat next to her. Alexine stared off into space while Caden told Rose stories. Minutes later a girl Alexine knew sat down across from them and looked at them.

“Mind if I sit here?” She asked.

“Sure.” Alexine replied. They all looked at her.

“Your Jadyn? Right?” Rose asked.

“Yes.” she said, squirming in her seat.

“Don’t you have friends?” Caden asked her. Alexine flinched, and looked at him hard. “What?” he asked, meeting Alexine's glare.

“I do, not very good ones though.” she answered, ignoring Caden.

“I completely understand.” Alexine muttered, still looking at Caden. Caden reflected Alexine's glare with one of his own. Every else tensed up, as if taking a step back when two people were about to fist fight.

“Well if you got something to-” he started coldly, but Sam cut him off.

“So, Alex. How's the new trainer? Anne? Right?” he blurted out. She looked at him. He gave her a small smile.

“Anna.” she corrected, smiling back.

“Right.” Sam smirked.

The rest of lunch, was tense. Rose and Jadyn talked, and Alexine listened. Caden sat quietly, almost sneering. After eating, Jadyn went on her way, and Caden went off with some of his other friends. The other three went up to the lounge.

When they entered, Rose went off to the book section. Alexine wandered over to the big, flat screen TV on one side of the room. Around the TV were lounge chairs and a couch with kids of all ages sitting in them. They were watching an episode of ‘Full House’.

She took a seat in an open chair, and laid her head back. Rose came back with a book in her hand. She sat down on the floor by her feet. Alexine glanced around, looking for Sam. She spotted him. He was playing foosball with another boy their age. She looked at him, he had dark brown hair (practically black) that stopped at mid forehead. He had a square jaw, and pale blue eyes, much like Alexine’s herself. He was her best friend. So was Rose and Caden. Her and Caden didn’t always see eye to eye, but they were still good friends. She new she could always talk to Rose. But Sam was different. He was always there, no matter what.

Rose and Alexine walked back to their bunk room at about eight thirty. She lay awake for what seemed like hours. Her mind wondered. She wondered what would have happened if her parents were still alive. If she had never gone to TYTC. How her life would have gone. But none of that mattered. This was her life.

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