Children of the Earth

Alexine and Brogan are what people call abnormals. They have the power to manipulate fire, water, earth, and air. Alexine is A 16-year-old girl who goes to TYTC. Brogan is a 35-year-old man who lives in Chicago. When the leader of the abnormals asks Brogan to be a double agent the two of them meet up and they discover that not all is as it seems


17. 13 Brogan

Now. I may have had this chapter done for a very long time now, but forgot to post it...oops...hope you enjoy! :)

Brogan and the other trainers waited for Emily to return with Nerissa. A few minutes later, they returned. Nerissa looked shocked when she seen the boy. Her deep blue eyes widened and her jaw dropped. She quickly pulled herself together. All the trainers in the room watched her soak in the seen.

“You were right.” Rock said to Brogan, “She is taking it surprisingly well.”

“Yeah.” Brogan nodded. Not as surprised as the rest. He walked over to Nerissa.

Nerissa watched him walk. She was still mad at him. She didn’t try to hide that. When he got to her she looked away.

“I’m sorry.” he told her.

“You say that every time.” Nerissa growled.

“I told them to bring you here.” Brogan said as if it made up for it.

Nerissa laughed silently. Then turned to him. “You want to make it up to me so you show me a dead kid?” Nerissa asked hysterically.

Brogan realized how that sounded. “Yeah. You don’t seem like the kind of person that would want flowers.”

Nerissa laughed and shook her head. But she was breaking, he could tell.

“Sorry, this isn’t a joke.” Brogan said quietly. “I told them you could help, you can can’t you?” he asked her.

Nerissa looked around the room. “I can try.” she turned to Emily. “What do you want to know?” she asked.

“Well first of all, what happened?” Emily asked.

Nerissa walked closer to the seen. She observed carefully. “Gosh, this is taribble.” Nerissa mumbled to herself. She pursed her lips. “Well, the cause of death wasn’t the fire or the…” her voice trailed off. She pointed to the vine connected to the ceiling. “Um, lynching.” she told everyone. “They were ripped apart.”

“Well we knew that.” a man, Tenzin said to her.

Nerissa turned to him. “I’m not done.” she said to him.

Tenzin turned away.

“There are no fingerprints either.” Rock told her.

This troubled Nerissa. “How?” she said mostly to herself. She looked at the blood on the walls.

Brogan walked to her side. He lowered his voice. “You know who this is, right?” he asked her.

Nerissa sighed. “Yes I do.”

“We have two choices.” Brogan said to her in a voice no one else could hear. “We either do what she says, and I highly doubt you will go along with that. Or we tell them it was her and find a way to get the hell out of here.”

Nerissa looked troubled. “Neither.” she said looking at the ground.

“What?” Brogan said hysterical. “Nerissa! This is a warning that we can’t ignore! Mara Wells is not someone we want to ignore.” Brogan said harshly.

Nerissa looked at Brogan like he was stupid. “You don’t see it? This is not a warning. Brogan, this is a weakness.” Nerissa said it like she was excited. “Mara is not stupid. Why would she put herself at such a risk?”

Brogan started picking up on what she was talking about.

“This solves all our problems. She puts one foot out of line and we could easily prove that this was her.”

Brogan nodded. She was right. This was good. Sort of. “But we still have a dead kid here. We can’t just let her get away with it.”

Nerissa nodded. “That’s true.” she said in a small voice. “But.”

“But what?” he asked her.

“I won’t let her win and I’m definitely not running from this.” Nerissa said in her ‘tuff girl’ voice.

“Sometimes the wise thing to do is run, Nerissa.”

She was looking at him like he was stupid again. “We can’t run. We can’t run from this, it will never go away. We have the upper hand over her finally. Now we just need to take her down. All of them.”

“Okay. That’s where you cross the line.” Brogan told her. “The two of us can’t beat them all.” he hissed. “This isn’t our fight.”

“Of course this is our fight.” she whispered to him. “Than obviously doesn’t want this fight to stay within him and Daman. He doesn’t even want it just to be between the abnormals. He proved that when he killed those three leaders.” she told him. “This is everyone’s fight.”

Brogan said nothing. She was right, but this was dangerous. All of it was way too dangerous.

“You know I’m right.” Nerissa said to him. Then went back to observing the boy. “Coward.” she said to him. Not angry, but disappointed.

She was right. She was one hundred percent right. All this became Brogan’s fight a long time ago. And he was a coward.

Nerissa turned to Emily and Rock. “Well, there is not much to say. It is very organized, so this is not a first time this for the killer. And it’s very violent, so they most likely have some sort of…” Nerissa pointed to her head.

“Disorder?” Emily asked.

Nerissa nodded. “Yes.”

“What do you mean? We have ourselves a serial killer on the loose?” Rock asked.

Nerissa looked troubled. “I don’t know.” she lied. “I would keep this as quiet as possible. People that do these things get real nervous if they think that someone is onto them. Trust me they would be even more dangerous if they got uncomfortable.”

This was all true, but Brogan knew what she was doing.

“So what are we supposed to do?” Emily asked, worried.

Nerissa pretended to think, even though she already had an answer ready. “I’m sorry. I really don’t know. Keep watch I guess.” she told them.

“Thank you.” Emily told Nerissa. “You may go back to you bunk room. Be careful.”

Nerissa smiled softly. “Always.”

Brogan stepped up. “I’ll walk her back.” he offered.

Emily nodded. “Well.” she said to the rest of the trainers. “Let’s clean this up.” she said, not exactly knowing what to do.

Brogan and Nerissa walked out of the room. “Good job.” Brogan told her.

“Thanks.” she smiled at him. “Wasn’t that hard. There just a bunch of dumb military junkies.”

“Ya.” Brogan said looking around making sure none of the trainers standing outside of the room heard her. “I’m one of those dumb military junkies.”

“Not really.”

“Thanks for agreeing I’m not stupid.” he joked.

Nerissa looked at him. “I meant your not really a military junkie. I didn’t say you weren't stupid.”

“Well then.” Brogan said laughing a little. Brogan stopped laughing. “What’s are you planning on doing about Mara?” he asked, serius now.

Nerissa seemed to look off into space. “Not much to do.”

“If it’s true she knows we are with Daman and she knows about Alexine, we have do something about it. You want to stay here and fight this, you need to fix that. Right now.” he told her, in his ‘I’m the adult here’ voice. “I will stay with you. I will help you, but not if you are putting yourself, and others in danger.”

“Mara can’t do anything about us. How would she even get to Than from here? We don’t have to worry about that right now. Especially now because of the boy.” Nerissa told him. Brogan thought it over and nodded.

“We won’t be here forever.” he pointed out.

“I know.”

“And Alexine?”

“I’m pretty sure Mara doesn't even know what a shield is.” Nerissa said. “She is smart but she doesn't know that much about abnormals.”

Brogan nodded. The two of them walked up the stairs and started down a hallway tooword Nerissa’s bunk room. “She could find out.”

“Alexine will never really be safe because of what she is.” Nerissa looked at Brogan. “I know you know that.”

“Yes I do.” Brogan sighed.

They walked in silence for the time it took to get to Nerissa’s bunk room.

“She can’t hide it forever.” Nerissa said to him as they stopped in front of the bunk room.

Brogan said nothing, just opened the door to the bunk room for her. She did not walk through. Her eyes tried to connect with him, but he didn’t look at her. He looked into the bunk room. Mara Wells sat cross legged on a bunk and stared off into space.

“Like you said, we can’t hide here forever either.” Nerissa said to him. “Soon we need to start thinking about how we will get everyone out of here.”

That caught his attention. “What?” he asked, looking into her eyes.

“Daman said Than was planning on taking these kids for his army.” she explained.

“It’s not even worth the shot, Nerissa, that’s too much.” Brogan told her, shaking his head.

“I know.” Nerissa said looking at her feet, knowing her limits. “But if it’s not worth the shot it must at least be worth thinking about, right?”

Brogan stared at her. Than smiled a little. “Okay, I’ll think about it.”

Nerissa smiled and walked into the bunk room.

Brogan started down the hallway to his room. He laughed silently. ‘I’ll think about it.’ was a fraze normally used to tell their kids if they asked to do something with their friends that weekend. But no. Not with Nerissa. Nothing was normal with that girl. She wanted to save a bunch of child soldiers form an evil man and his deranged army.

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