Children of the Earth

Alexine and Brogan are what people call abnormals. They have the power to manipulate fire, water, earth, and air. Alexine is A 16-year-old girl who goes to TYTC. Brogan is a 35-year-old man who lives in Chicago. When the leader of the abnormals asks Brogan to be a double agent the two of them meet up and they discover that not all is as it seems


15. 11 Alexine

Alexine walked out of the room. The conversation left her feeling light headed. She had not spoken about Liam for the past year besides with Sam a few days before. She missed her older brother more than she did her little sister Aria. More than she did her mother and father, and they were dead. Alexine loved her family. Each and everyone of them, but Liam was different. There was something about him that made her feel good. Whenever she was around him she felt calm and carefree. He was gone now just like the rest of her family. For years she thought her whole family had been killed. Mom, Dad, Liam, and Aria. Now she knew her siblings were alive. Not with her like they should be, but alive. Alexine could live with that.

Alexine told herself she would find them when she left this prison. She had no idea how. They could be anywhere. Liam an adult, in his twenties. Aria was in her teens. Maybe they were together, maybe they were across the country from each other. Alexine wondered for a second how she would even find them. Sam would help her. Rose might. Caden might even help. Nerissa would. As much as Alexine would hate for her help, Nerissa would. Alexine felt herself smile as she walked down the hall. Nerissa seemed smart, and she was friends with Brogan. Reality then hit Alexine. She was stuck here. In this prison. Only for a few more years, she told herself. But her hopes were unrealistic.

More has changed in the past few hours then they have in the past few years. Alexine had hope. Something she couldn’t ever remember having. Not only was her family somewhere, but she wasn’t a failure. She couldn’t tell anyone, but she was special. She had the ability to stop other people from using the elements. Brogan had called it a ‘shield’.

Alexine’s feet lead her. She didn’t really know where she was going but her legs seemed to know. She soon realized she was walking to Sam’s bunk room. Technically, girls were not supposed to go into the boy’s bunk rooms and the other way around. But, nobody ever really listened to that rule. The trick was not to get caught by a trainer. Nobody had to worry about snitches. TYTC had their share of mean girls and other hooligans, but nobody was a snitch. For the most part all the kids had each other's backs. Nobody threw anyone under the bus. The trainers themselves taught all the kids that. They were abnormal’s military of a sort, and one day they might have to fight beside each other.

It was hard for Alexine to imagine. All of them going to war. There normally wasn’t any wars to worry about. Infact, There has only ever been one war in abnormal history. Things were changing for the worse in the outside. Nobody had to tell the kids that. You could feel it in the air. In your skin. Things were changing.

After you were done with your time at TYTC you went into the real world, but you were never free. TYTC always would have a hold on them. And if TYTC or the abnormal’s government ever needed them, they had to do exactly as told. Most of the people who got out of TYTC were cops of a sort. They kept an eye on the abnormals that live in the normal world. Trainers told them that they were lucky that TYTC found them, because if you didn’t go to TYTC there wasn’t really a chance that you could do anything in the abnormal world.

Alexine disagreed. The abnormals that didn’t go to TYTC were free. Alexine and all the rest of the students had no chance of even feeling what freedom felt like. There lives belonged to the government and they had no control over their lives. Right now they were students. Before they knew it they would be solders. And they have no control over anything. They were trapped. Alexine was trapped.

Alexine pushed open the door to Sam’s bunk room. There were about five boys in the room at the moment. One was Sam. Alexine expected to see Caden, but he was not in the room. Alexine new all the boys by name. The other four that were not Sam were Shane, Jayden, Owen, and Jace.

“Jesus, Alexine.” it was Shane who spoke. “At least knock.”

Alexine ignored him. She found Shane rather unpleasant.

She walked to Sam. He watched her walk to him without speaking. The room had an oder that stung her nose.

“We lost you. What happened?” he asked.

“I was snached.” Alexine explained.

“Oh no. By which one?” he asked, knowing she had been taken by one of the new freaks.

“Nerissa.” Alexine grumbled.

“Oh. She’s not that bad.” Alexine could tell that he was picturing her in his mind. Alexine smacked him on the arm. “Ow?” he laughed. “What’s wrong? You jealous?” he asked.

Alexine new he was just messing with her but she still glared at him. “She just like the rest of them.” Alexine lied. She knew Nerissa wasn’t just different from the other new freaks, but different than anyone else on the planet. She was strange.

“Which one are you talking about?” Shane asked, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Alexine was about to tell him to bud out, but Sam spoke first. “Nerissa is the blonde one.” he told him.

Shane got a smug smile on his face and Alexine felt like punching him in the gut. “Oh. I know which one you are talking about.” some of the other boys laughed.

“She’s not all that great looking.” Alexine lied.

“Pff,” Shane waved that comment away. “Yeah right.”

Alexine rolled her eyes. Boys. “Could you be any less matute?” she asked.

“Nope.” Shane responded. The other boys in the room laughed, except Sam. Sam knew better than to laugh.

“Get out of here.” Sam told the other four.

“Ooooo,” they all said laughing. Sam’s face turned red.

“I don’t think we should leave you two alone.” Shane smirked.

“Get out, Shane.” Alexine said annoyed.

“Anything for you, Alex.” Shane said walking out. He hit Sam on the shoulder friendly on the way out. The other three followed.

“Their stupid.” Sam told her.

“I’ve noticed.”

“What did Nerissa want?” Sam asked.

“That’s what I came here to tell you.” Alexine said looking at the floor.

“What did she do?” Sam asked.

“Nothing. She just wanted to talk about something.” Alexine looked for words. Sam waited. “She knew my brother Liam.” she told him.

Sam just looked at her. “What?”

“After they killed my parents they took him to a foster home-”

“Stop saying that. We don’t know if they killed your parents or not.” Sam cut her off. Alexine got mad. She was about to start to rant but he cut her off again. “Just don’t jump to any conclusions. Please. For my sake.”

For him? What about her? Alexine thought to herself. But, she did understand what he meant. Sam never knew his parents but Alexine never thought about how it might be hard for him to think about how they might have been murdered.

“Whatever.” Alexine waved it off. “Well he was in the same foster home as her. He is alive. I know that for sure now.” Alexine searched his face. She then added something that she was given strict instructions not to tell anyone. “And I can stop people from using the elements.”

Forgetting everything she said about her brother, Sam’s jaw dropped. “What?” he asked.

“It’s really rare. It’s the reason why I’m not that good at manipulating the elements. I was never meant to do that.” Alexine tried to explain.

“What?” he asked again. He was clearly not following on any of this. “You're messing with me.”

“Why would I lie? Sam, you can’t tell anyone. Anyone.” Alexine said strictly.

“What do you mean-”

“You can’t tell anyone.” Alexine said again.

“Yeah yeah, I won’t.” Sam told her. “But what do you mean you can stop the elements?”

“It’s called a shield. They are really rare, and I am one of them.” she explained.

Sam stared at her. “Why can nobody know?” he asked.

“Because I could get hurt.” Alexine could almost hear Sam’s heart hit the ground. “Someone might come for me.”

“Who else knows?” Sam asked.

“Brogan and Nerissa.” Alexine told him.

Sam took a step towards the door like he was ready to go full out assassin on them. Alexine stepped in front of him to stop him.

“Sam. What would you even do?” she asked hysterically.

Sam stopped to think. “I don’t know.”

“Exactly.” Alexine nodded. “Chill out. I don’t have to worry about them.”

“We.” Sam corrected. “Not ‘I’, we. We don’t have to worry about them. And aren't you the one that said Nerissa was just like the rest of those people?”

Alexine rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “This has nothing to do with you, and she is.” Alexine paused, turning to the door. “But she also is not.” Alexine said quietly, but Sam hurd her.

Sam laughed. “Why did you tell me this?” he asked.

He wasn’t asking to know, he was asking to make Alexine say it. She wasn’t planning on giving him that win. “It was you or Rose. I figured Rose wouldn’t take it as well.” Alexine said walking to the bunk room door. Sam followed her out.

The hall was empty. “Do you want me to leave you alone now?” Sam asked.

“Yes.” Alexine said bluntly.

Sam smirked at her. “I love how you know me so well, Sam.” he said, mimicking her voice. Alexine laughed and walked left down the hallway. “Rose wouldn’t have left you alone.” Sam called after her.

“Yeah, yeah.” Alexine said walking. He was right. If she would have told Rose, Rose would be walking after her nagging her and Alexine would have to find a way to get rid of her. Alexine loved her friend, but Rose could be a piece of work sometimes. All the time.

Alexine wasn’t going anywhere in particular. She was just walking. To clear her head. She thought about her brother, she thought about her new power, Nerissa and Brogan. And Sam. She walked around the hallways, only crossing paths with a few people. Most people were either outside, or in the lounge.

Alexine turned the next corner and ran straight into a person. The person just seemed to be standing there. It surprised Alexine so much she almost fell over. She would have fell over, but the the person grabbed her sleeve and kept her up straight. Alexine steadied herself and opened her mouth to tell the person to watch where they were going. When she seen the person she said nothing.

It was the girl. One of the new ones. She was a little shorter than Alexine but she seemed to tower over her. It was the girl that sat at their table that Nerissa had warned her about. The girl gave Alexine a terrible feeling. The girl smiled. It was a terrible smile. Alexine wanted to close her eyes.

“So sorry.” the girl spoke. It was a terrible noise. Alexine wanted to swat it away. Her words seemed to consume Alexine. “I don’t think we have properly met. My name is Mara.” the girl told her. The name ringed in Alexine’s ears. It echoed in her head.

Alexine opened her mouth to talk, but she found she had no words.

Mara seemed to laugh at her. “Are you okay?” she asked with a soft smile. Her smile almost comforted Alexine, but her big brown eyes were what kept her at unease. They were murderous eyes. The kind that belonged to a serial killer. Alexine’s mind screamed danger over and over, like a fire alarm in her mind.

The girl leaned in to speak again, “Are you okay?” she ask again. The words were human. The way she said them was far from it. Her words hissed out of her perfect lips like a snake.

“What do you want?” Alexine heard her voice say.

“I want to know your name.” she smiled.

“You already know my name.” Alexine said taking a step back.

Mara took a step forward. “I can be forgetful.”

Alexine shook her head. She wished someone would come around the corner to save her. She wanted to call for Sam. She wanted to run. Evilness radiated off of Mara like it was what she was made of. Alexine bet it was what she was made of. Mara could smell her fear. Mara looked as if she was feeding off of it. A smile creeped onto Mara’s face. It was a big smile. Like the Joker.

“I’ve got to go somewhere.” Alexine trembled. Ripping her eyes from Mara’s.

“Hum.” Mara looked at the ceiling. “Hold on.”

Alexine tried to walk away, but Mara grabbed her wrist. “Please let go.” Alexine pleaded.

“As soon as you tell me what makes you so special.” Mara bargained. “I won’t tell a sole.”

“Nothing. There is nothing.” Alexine said shaking her head.

“I swear on my life.”

“No.” Alexine tried to pull away.

“What do you want to know most, Alexine?” Mara asked. Keeping a firm grip on Alexine’s wrist.

Alexine stopped. “What?”

Mara let go of Alexine. And got up in her face. “What would you like to know? Or even, tell me what you want most.” Mara spoke. “And I will see to it.”

“There is nothing-”

“Nothing?” Mara asked.

Alexine’s face told Mara that it was not true. Alexine looked down.

“Just tell me your secret and name your price.” Mara said as if it was that simple.

Alexine thought of her consequences. “No.” Alexine said looking up.

Mara sucked in air. “So it’s that important?” she said like she just found the last piece of the puzzle.

Alexine then realized her mistake. Her heart dropped. Mara wasn’t planning on giving her anything. She was just trying to find out how important it was.

“I will find out.” Mara assured her. “Trust me, you would much rather tell me yourself than have me find out on my own.”

“No.” Alexine said again.

Mara put on a thinking face. “Will you not tell me because it would put someone else in danger?” she asked.

Alexine didn’t say anything.

“Or is this about you?” Mara asked.

Alexine tried not to make any sudden moves so Mara could not see the truth.

“You?” Mara asked in a higher voice.

Alexine blinked and then flinched, she should not have blinked. Or flinched.

“So it is about you.” Mara laughed a little.

“No.” Alexine said in a little girl voice.

“Yes.” Mara laughed while she said it. “It’s something that no one else can know, because it is not safe for you.”

“No.” Alexine’s voice was small.

“Yes.” Mara hissed. Alexine felt like she would cry.

“What’s happening?” said a voice. It was the baffling and uncanny voice that Alexine was very happy to here. Her annoyingly perfect eyebrows were razed and she stood in a casual position.

“You.” Mara said in a voice that sounded like it was ready to kill.

“Me.” Nerissa said in a comical voice. She wasn’t even affected a little by Mara.

“Walk away.” Mara growled. Alexine could tell that Mara had a strong hate for Nerissa in particular.

“Ha ha.” Nerissa laughed. “No.”

Alexine wanted to scream out. What was she doing?! She was on a whole new level of ‘poking the bear’.

Mara took a deep breath. “I’m trying to have a conversation with Alexine here.”

“Harassing.” Nerissa corrected. “You are trying to harass Alexine.” Nerissa stepped between Mara and Alexine. Alexine gladly let her take her place in front of Mara.

“Let’s not forget what I know.” Mara said in a deep and dark voice. Alexine blinked. What secrets did Nerissa have?

“Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten.” Nerissa said with her head up.

“I will.” Mara threatened.

Nerissa nodded. “I know.”

Mara waited. Nobody moved for a good few seconds. Then Mara glared at Nerissa to Alexine. “I will know before sundown.” Mara said to Alexine. Then she turned on her heel and walked back around the corner.

Alexine turned to Nerissa. “You’re crazy.” Alexine told her. “Thank you. But you're crazy.”

Nerissa grabbed her arm and pulled her as she started walking fast down the hall in the opposite way of Mara. “Come with me.” Nerissa said.

Alexine had to walk fast to keep up with Nerissa’s long, smooth strides. “Where are we going? What does Mara have on you?” Alexine asked her.

“Just follow me.” Nerissa told her.

“Tell me.” Alexine said. Stopping in her place.

Nerissa gave Alexine a look and then nodded. “Okay, but walk and talk please.”

They started walking again. “Where are we going?” Alexine asked again.

“We are going to talk to Brogan.” Nerissa answered.

Alexine had more questions like, “Why?” but she did not ask them. There were more important questions. “What does Mara have on you?” Alexine asked.

Nerissa said nothing at first. “It’s a long story.” Nerissa told her.

“Tell me.” Alexine demanded.

“She knows something that no one is supposed to know.” Nerissa answered.

Alexine processed that. “Like what?”

“Like I said, no one is supposed to know. It’s bad enough she knows.” Nerissa said glancing at Alexine.

“Who else knows about it?” Alexine asked.

“Me and Brogan were the only people that were supposed to know.”

“And how bad would it be if Mara told other people?” Alexine asked slowly.

“Very bad.” Nerissa said it and Alexine believed her. “Very, very bad.”

“What’s happening? Who are you people? Why are you here?” Alexine’s voice razed as she spoke.

“Stop asking questions.” Nerissa said stopping. She stood in front of Alexine. “Don’t ask those questions to anyone and don’t talk about those questions with anyone. It’s suicide.” Nerissa told her. Nerissa started to walk again.

Alexine stood in shock. Then she started to walk again. “Why?”

Nerissa sent a glare back at Alexine. “Tell me.” Alexine said harshly.


Alexine made a disgusted/annoyed noise.

“What do you got against the world and everyone in it?” Nerissa asked Alexine.

“I’ve got my reasons.” Alexine grumbled. Looking around at the prison around her.

Nerissa became silent for a good twenty seconds. Then she almost tripped over her own feet. Nerissa stopped walking.

Alexine stopped too. “What?”

“Oh my god.” She said with her hand on her head. “I knew that! How did I see that!” Nerissa yelled frustrated with herself. “What’s wrong with me!”

“What?” Alexine asked.

“Come on, Nerissa. Get your head in the game!” Nerissa said to herself. “Ever since I left Chicago I’ve been out of it.” Nerissa said to Alexine like it answered all her questions.

“Nerissa.” Alexine said blankly. “What do you mean?”

“I’m normally smart.” Nerissa explained.

Alexine just blinked.

“Wait.” Nerissa said looking at the floor.

“I am waiting.” Alexine said with her eyebrows razed.

Nerissa then looked up at Alexine, “I am not talking to you.” then she looked back down at the ground.

Alexine stood staring at Nerissa stare at the floor. She blinked at the perplexing girl. She was frustrated and interested at the same time. She wanted to know what Nerissa was talking about and she wanted to get moving again.

There were five new students at TYTC that Alexine was familiar with. All of them were strange, but Nerissa was a different kind of strange. Luie, Harley, Adriana, and Mara were the scary kind of strange. Nerissa wasn’t like anyone Alexine had ever heard of. Not even in movies or books (even though Alexine never was the type to read). Nerissa was downright baffling.

A new look came onto Nerissa’s face. It wasn’t a good look. It made Alexine uneasy. Nerissa looked worried. Like something bad just happened. Alexine could tell that whatever Alexine was trying to figure out had just came to her.

“What?” Alexine said quietly.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” she asked.

Alexine wasn’t sure at first, but she wanted to know what all this was about. “I guess.”

“Would you be able to tell me what really happened to your parents?” Nerissa asked carefully.

“I could.” Alexine answered. Then she told Nerissa what she seen that night when Liam had open the door. All through the story Nerissa’s eyes got wider.

Then Nerissa started to walk again.

“Wait. Where are we going?” Alexine asked.

“The same place we were going before.” Nerissa answered.

“Can you please tell me what the hell is going on?” Alexine asked eagerly.

“I will. I promise. But first things first.” Nerissa answered.

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