Children of the Earth

Alexine and Brogan are what people call abnormals. They have the power to manipulate fire, water, earth, and air. Alexine is A 16-year-old girl who goes to TYTC. Brogan is a 35-year-old man who lives in Chicago. When the leader of the abnormals asks Brogan to be a double agent the two of them meet up and they discover that not all is as it seems


2. 1 Brogan

Brogan sat in the bus bench trying to keep calm. He had been chosen by the boss himself. Brogan was a thirty five year old man who has spent most of his life protecting and keeping control of the abnormals who needed it.

Now he was on his way to have a meeting with the leader of the abnormals, Adhikara Daman. Normally when a person was called to speak with him, it was for the worst. Brogan really hoped it was for the better. Daman’s office was in a huge building under an old factory that made windows or something like that. Daman supposedly had a deal with the workers there.

Brogan put his hands on his head and his elbows in his lap. He ran his hands through his short cut brown hair and sat back up. Brogan had gray-blue, hard eyes. He was also fit, with a long nose and a square face.

He thought of himself to have pretty good control of the elements, but he could be better. He could control all of the elements, but fire was his specialty. He carried a lighter around in his pocket ever since he got the hang of it.

Brogan sat up. He felt calm now. But his calmness didn’t last long. He recognized the golden hair walking through the crowd toward him right away. He sighed, and put his hand over his face. She was standing right in front of him now. He could feel it. Brogan looked up at her. She was smiling at him.

“Thought you were leaving without me?” she asked him.

“Why? Why are you here?” Brogan asked with stress in his tone.

“I’m coming with you.” she said sounding confident.

“No, no you are not. How did you find out?” he asked curiously, but knowing he would never get an answer.

“I have my ways.” Nerissa said smirking.

“Nerissa.” Brogan said in a strict tonene. Her sly smile turned into a determined glare. She was definitely a girl of many looks.

“If I’m in trouble, you are not going down with me.” Brogan insisted. But, he knew that this was a battle he couldn’t win. Nerissa was one to get what she wanted. She was a daughter sort of figure to him, but he was not in charge of her.

When she was nine years old he had found her in his garage. She had looked homeless. She had told him that the orphanage that she had lived in, threw her out, because they had discovered that she was not normal. Brogan took her to a children's home that was runned by two nice old ladies that he new well. He had been an orphan himself. His parents were killed in a gang shootout at a bar when he was eleven years old.

He had trained her to control her powers himself. She had been a very fast learner. She might be even better than Brogan. She was a little shaky with Air, but who wasn’t? That was one of the hardest ones to learn in his opinion.

Nerissa was a very beautiful, sixteen year old girl. She had long golden hair and blue eyes. She could make her eyes look warm and welcoming or she could make them burn holes right through your head. She also had a light dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks.

“Fine, whatever. But, if you die, it’s not my fault.” He gave in. Nerissa smiled and plopped down next to him on the bench.

She turned, and looked him in the face, “Were not taking the bus? Are we?” she asked.

“No, we’re waiting for someone.” he responded. She nodded and looked off to a distance. For the next ten minutes, they waited. Another thing Brogan notest over the years, was that Nerissa was very intelligent, Not book smart, the scary smart. She was able to pick out the little hints and facial expressions that gave her the answer she was looking for.

Brogan looked up and scanned his surroundings. His eyes stopped on Nerissa. Her eyes were locked on something across the busy road. Two big men were standing on the sidewalk on the other side of the road. They were looking back at them.

“I think that’s for us.” Brogan said quietly.

“Yup.” Nerissa whispered, mostly to herself. The pare sat there not exactly knowing what to do.

“So. Are they coming to us or-” Brogan cut her off by standing up. He started to walk across the busy road. Nerissa hesitated, but followed. Cars honked at them, but Brogan ignored them. The two big men that both had dark sunglasses on, waited patiently. Brogan came to a stop right in front of them.

“What’s with the girl?” one of them asked with a deep voice.

“She’s with me.” Brogan said not quite sure of himself. The one razed his eyebrow.

“Adhikara never said to come alone.” Brogan backed himself up.

The man nodded, “Okay then, come this way.” The two men walked side by side. Brogan followed right behind with Nerissa following. There was silence as they pushed through the crowded streets of Chicago.

Finally they came to a factory. The men led them down an ally to a back door. The one that had not spoken yet, opened the door with a key, and held it open for the rest of them. Inside it was loud, and smelt of sweat. As they were led through the factory, Brogan noticed that the people that were at work avoided eye contact, and almost seemed scared of the four of them.

They came to another locked door that had a sign that read, “Private” on it. One of the men unlocked it. Behind the door was a rather nicer room compared to the rest of the factory. It was mostly empty, with lounge chairs on the sides. It was a sort of waiting room. On the opposite side of the room was an elevator.

They were led to the elevator. Inside, It looked like a normal elevator, but the button panel was what made it different. The numbers were in the negatives. Brogan had known that the headquarters were underground. The floors went zero through negative twenty. One of the men leaned forward and tapped the button that read negative twenty.

The elevator started to move. They stood in awkward silence. But of course, Nerissa had to break the silence. “So, what’s your name?” she looked at one of them and smiled. He smiled back, but it was a fake smile.

“Max.” he reveled. Nerissa looked at the other one.

“Ben.” the other one said without looking at her.

“Just Ben and Max? That’s really plain, don’t you think? That’s your guyses real names? It’s not Maxwell, or Benjamin? Just Max and Ben?” she asked.

“Yes.” Max responded bluntly.

She nodded awkwardly and stared at the wall. Brogan stared at her hard. She looked at him and razed her eyebrows. The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. They stepped into a very nice room, with polished tile floors, a fountain in the center of the room, a chandelier, and a large desk on the other side.

Sitting in the desk was an obviously rich man. He also obviously had ancestors from India. He had caramel skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. The man was Adhikara Daman. “Brogan, please, sit.” he said kindly, gesturing to one of the two chairs that sat in front of his neatly organized desk.

He pulled Nerissa’s ear to his lips, and said in a voice that no one could hear, “You don’t talk. If Daman doesn’t kill us, that mouth of yours will get us killed.” She nodded, and he new she understood. Brogan walked past the fountain and to the desk. Nerissa was right behind him. He took a seat.

“You have brought someone.” Daman said with a questionable ring to it. Nerissa sat in the second chair. She held a poker face and glanced at Brogan. He thought of what to say. “She’s my partner.”

“Partner? She looks young?” Daman questioned, looking at Nerissa.

“Partner in training.” he completed.

“This task is not for one who is in training.” Daman said calmly. Good, task. Brogan thought to himself. He wasn’t in trouble.

Nerissa was ready for that response. “How am I ever going to get out of training if I can’t do anything.” she asked him. Brogan pursed his lips. This was going to end badly. Daman thought on that for a moment. Then he smiled and nodded.

“Okay then. Max, Ben, If you would excuse us.” he said to the men that were still at the elevator. Brogan sighed in relief. Max and Ben left in the elevator. The three of them were left in the big room. Daman studied Brogan and Nerissa. It seemed like minutes until someone had spoken.

“Now that I think of it, I am glad you brought your-” Daman paused, glancing at Nerissa, “side-kick.” Daman smiled at the two of them. “I have a job for you.” he completed. Brogan hoped that it was a simple job, he couldn’t live with himself if anything happened to Nerissa.

“What kind of job?” Brogan asked eagerly.

“A difficult one.” he responded. Damn. Brogan thought to himself.

“Well, I wouldn’t call it difficult, I would say more dangerous.” Daman changed. Damn. Brogan thought again.

“What is it?” Brogan asked.

“I want the two of you to switch sides temporarily.” he responded. “Like a double-agent.”

“And why is Nerissa useful?” Brogan asked.

“I will explain.” Daman said, hearing the stress in Brogan’s toun. “I have special agents undercover in Than’s territory-”

“Are you crazy?” Brogan interrupted.

“Please.” he said calmly, putting a hand up. “Let me finish, Brogan.” Brogan sat back in his seat. He glanced a Nerissa. He could tell that she was very interested in this. That scared him. Daman was crazy, messing around with Than. But, Brogan let him finish.

“I have special agents in Than’s territory.” he continued. “I know it is a risk. But, it is very necessary.”

“What about the peace treaty? You're breaking it!” Brogan steadied his voice remembering who he was talking to. “You’re breaking it.” he tried again. “If he finds out there could be another war.” he finished.

“I realize that, but it is completely necessary.” Daman looked Brogan right in the eye. “He’s planning something. Something that would break the peace treaty on his behalf as well.”

Brogan leaned forward. “What does he want?” he asked.

“He wants what every evil person wants. He wants control, power. He wants the world in his hands.” Daman said, frustrated. Not with Brogan, but with the situation. “He has enough power, he definitely has enough people.” he added.

“I thought all his followers left him after the war?” Brogan asked.

“Not all of them. He also has new recruits.” Daman responded. Brogan nodded.

“What’s he trying to do?” Brogan asked getting back to the point.

“Take out the normals leaders. That is his first move in a bigger plan. If he does that, there will be chaos. He wants to expose our kind, if he does that there will be fear, and fear will not go well with our normal friends as you can imagine.” Daman said looking grim.

“What are the agents doing in his territory?” asked Brogan.

“They are getting information for me. I only have three agents out, they have been working there way up to the top for about five years now. They all have Than's trust. They have informed me that Than is also planning to send some of his own people into TYTC.” Daman explained.

“What? What does Than want with a bunch of kids?” Brogan asked. TYTC. Talented Youth Training Camp. Though, it wasn’t much of a camp. It was a place where the government took some abnormal orphans to train to be solders. Brogan had gone there when he was a kid. It was how he got involved in the government’s business. Now he was a sort of cop. He got calls about abnormals drunk and setting things on fire and stuff like that, he would go stop them, and then he got paid.

“If Than gets control of the kids, he could have an army.” Daman said. “Or at least a bigger one then he already has.”

Brogan nodded. “So, what’s our job?” he asked.

“Your job is to get to his side.” he paused, “When you get there, my agents will get Than to make you guys some of his people going into TYTC. Then. You wait for further instruction from me.” He finished.

“Okay, and remind me again why Nerissa could be useful?”

“It would be useful for her to become one of the students. Than also has kids of his own going into TYTC to get the students on board when Than takes over.” Daman explained.

Brogan really didn’t want Nerissa involved in all this, but it didn’t look like he had a choice anymore because it looked as if Daman was already making plans for her. He looked over at her, he could see that she was thinking heard on something. Daman noticed this too. “Any questions?” he asked.

“Yes accioly,” she said meeting his gaze. “You're the leader of the abnormals, aren't you?” Daman looked startled, but let her continue. This was the part were Brogan would tell her to shut up, but he was interested. “You are in charge of TYTC, why can’t you just tell them not to let Than in?” she finished.

Brogan looked at Daman, she had a good point. Daman looked startled, had he not thought that through? “Smart girl, you will prove very useful.” he said smiling. “If I do that, Than will be on to us. He will suspect a leak in his followers, that would put my people in danger and he will attack. He will start the next war a lot sooner than it needs to be. Than is very ready for a war, we are not.” he stopped, “Abnormals are a very rare species. It is hard to find fighters, I myself have no clue how Than gets his numbers. For now he is holding off, so all I am willing to do at the moment is send in agents to keep us updated. I know it’s risky but it’s better than being attacked with no way to defend ourselves and not seeing it coming.” Daman finished. Brogan nodded, it made sense.

“How long do you think it will be till Than takes over?” Brogan asked.

“I would say about two maybe three years. Less, even.”

“Alright. We will do it.” Brogan gave in.

Daman smiled. “Good. I will give you a start.” he said leaning in. “Terrence Ellis.”


Back at Brogan’s house he plopped down on his old couch and grabbed the remote. It was a small house on the outskirts of town. It was not the nicest, but he considered himself lucky. It was better than an apartment. This being Chicago there wasn't much for perfected houses. It wasn’t the best neighborhood, but Brogan could turn any mugger into a marshmallow that fell into the campfire with just the lighter in his pocket.

The house had two bedrooms, a small kitchen, one bathroom, and a livingroom. One bedroom was Brogan’s own and the other was pretty much Nerissa’s. She didn’t always stay with him, but she stayed enough to have a room.


Nerissa lay sprawled out on her bed in Brogan’s house. She was still thinking about the meeting, she was suspicious. It all didn’t tie together in her head. “It’s probably just because you are crazy.” She whispered to herself. “You know, talking to yourself is a sign of madness.” she told herself, she laughed. In the room she had a small dresser that had some clothes in it for when she spent the night. There was a closet in the room but it was filled with Brogan’s stuff. Nerissa didn’t have much belongings. Not even in her room at Gretchen and Dorothy's house she didn’t have much other than clothes.

Gretchen and Dorothy were the two old ladies that razed Nerissa. They also homeschooled her. She had never really got the chance to interact with kids her age. She had seen movies and read books, so she had an idea of how it was like to be in school and have friends.

She had had many conversations with kids her age on the street and in shops. She had even had a boyfriend for a little while, but her only real friend was Brogan. And he was more of a father to her or a much older brother, he wasn’t as controlling and protective as a father. He was more of a brother.


Brogan sat on his old couch watching football. He wasn’t as into the sport as other people he had met were, but he liked to watch it.

Nerissa walked into the room, ”I can’t belive you like the Bears.”

“I grew up in Illinois, my father liked them, everyone at my school liked them.”

“So that makes you have to like them?” she asked.

“Yes.” He said, with a matter-a-fact ring to it. She laughed at him.

“Well, they suck.” she stated.

Brogan glared at her. “That’s a matter of opinion. Who do you like then? You don’t even watch football.”

“You are correct, I do not. But I watch it enough to know that they suck.” she said jokingly, “And if I had to choose, I would say I like the Packers.”

“Get out of my house,” he said, and pushed her playfully on the arm. “Wisconsin is weird.” he added. She giggled, and Brogan laughed, which wasn’t common.

Nether of them brought up anything about what happened that day, which was probably best. Instead, they ate nachos and went to sleep. Brogan lay in the darkness in his bed. He new the name Terrance Ellis. He was an abnormal that Brogan had heard of. He was part of a gang. The same gang that had been in a fight at a bar with another popular gang many years ago that lead to his mother and father’s death.

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