Deadly War

Cammie, born one of the first natural hybrids. Her parents were killed as punishment because of the werewolves and vampires hating each other. A friend of the parents took Cammie in and ran. But twenty years later Cammie was caught. She was put to a deep sleep, and the only thing that can wake her is the blood of an alpha from the Black Cresent Pack and and the blood of the vampire King of the northern region.


2. 2

Cammie's Pov




I feel this, everyday. Every year. Every hour of the hour. Every impossible, horrible second. Visioning happy things, things that only I can remember, as my everyday routine. It's torture, but it's also an isolation, being by myself. Yes, the witches visit me everyday, to give me updates of the new generation. But I like it here, it keeps me safe, from myself and others. Seeing the only thing I can think of is the only happiness I truly experienced.

I play that day over and over again, like rerun on a movie. I would always sit under a tree watching that day play out, morning till night. Playing with my only friend, laughing, and giggling. My parents, sitting on the porch with their close friend, having their morning tea. It was perfect. The sun was bright, but the weather was perfect, not to hot, not to cold. The bugs, weren't that annoying as usual, just butterflies, ladybugs, and grasshoppers. Frogs jumping in the pond. And the breeze, it was perfect

I lied, I'm making this up. I wish that day I'm playing over and over again was as perfect just like I described it. I have the ability to make dreams of my own, alter them in a way I see fit. The day I do remember, isn't a day I would want to relive for a thousand years. 

My parents does have close friends, but they aren't talking over tea, smiling and enjoying watching me play. They're discussing ways to keep me safe, keeping their heads in grimoires, searching for stronger spells. The beginning of my childhood wasn't all ponies and rainbows, it was all 'find a stronger way to keep Camille safe'. Long story short, our people found us. It was as if my parents coming together, mating and having a child brought the two enemies together, but instead, they only came to kill the ones who betrayed them, along with killing the mistake.

Lily, my mother and father's best friend put a cloaking spell on me and took me away, but not before I saw what they did to my parents. Right in front of my home, stood two wooded poles. They tied my parents onto each one. My parents begged, and begged for their families to let them go. The Alpha and King stood side by side, and lit my parents into flames, while reciting their so called crimes of why they're burning them.  I was inside the house whole the time, watching through the curtains that hid me. My big doe eyes that once held life, watched as the two people who gave me life burn away into flames. 

Lily and her coven put me to sleep. My family found me again, hoping to kill such an abomination that's living among the supernatural creatures. They haven't told me how or when I'll be awake again, but they said I'll never be alone. 


I hear footsteps, crunching on the leaves. I didn't have to look up to see Aunt Lily and her daughter, Elet. 

"Cammie, how are you?" Lily slowly let herself onto the ground, groaning and moaning about how old she's getting. 

"The food you bring me, is only imagination. I'm still hungry" I muttered, staring at the little girl yards away running up to her parents, stealing a cookie. I smiled slightly, I know damn well I wouldn't do that, my mother would've taken the cookie from me and eat it right there in front of me. 

"The war is coming, Cammie. Don't you think its time to wake?" Elet asked with worry.

"They don't need me Elet" 

"Yes, they do. The elders of your father's region has apologized. And your mother's pack, the elders has apologized on behalf of their ancestors." Lily was in front of me, her eyes tired and old. 

"Also, if you wake.. You might find your mate"Elet grinned, trying to lighten the mood. I laughed. 

"Why would the moon goddess pair an innocent creature with me?" I asked.

"Enough. If no one wakes you in the next couple of weeks, I'll do it myself" Lily snapped, and disappear. 

I scoffed and looked at Elet, "I'll kill anyone who dares to wake me."

"Lilly or not"  

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