Deadly War

Cammie, born one of the first natural hybrids. Her parents were killed as punishment because of the werewolves and vampires hating each other. A friend of the parents took Cammie in and ran. But twenty years later Cammie was caught. She was put to a deep sleep, and the only thing that can wake her is the blood of an alpha from the Black Cresent Pack and and the blood of the vampire King of the northern region.


1. 1

  I sat in my father's office, which is my office now. Going through the documents and letters of plans from the other packs of what to do of the upcoming war. We have allies but the war, the war is bad. Rogues and loner vampires, attacking the small regions and packs going up the food chain one by one. 

 A knock on my door sounded. "Come in" I answered. My beta, Jackson entered, with a folder. "I found this in your dad's things in his other office." I motioned him to give me the folder. I opened it and there were pictures of a girl, and a few papers. 

Name:Cammie Jen Wilks

DOB: December 5, 1803

Parents: Mary- Anne Wilks, Werewolf (Dead) ; Joseph Wilks, Vampire (Dead)

Supernaturalism: Hybrid

Cammie Jen Wilks, put to sleep by the witches to keep her safe. No spells can wake her, she only needs the blood of the Vampire King of the Northern Region and the Alpha of the Black Crescent Pack. A hybrid's bite is fatal, since there is werewolf gene and venom, the bite can kill a vampire. To cure you need the hybrid's blood. 

Whatever you must do, DO NOT WAKE HER!

                                      -Elizabeth Woaen, 1963


"What's it say?" Jacob asked. I shook my head in disbelief. The story is true. "Remember the legend of the hybrid?" I asked. Staring at him, he nodded his head. "Apparently, Cammie Jen Wilkes, is our plan to win this war." I handed him the paper. 

"Born 1803? Wow, how is she suppose to help us. All old and fragile.?" he laughed. I shook my head and chuckled,

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