Saving a Kingdom

[Sequel to Saving a Prince] After the death of her father, Luke Hemmings, Gabrielle May Hemmings became the first queen of Troet. Now she has to pick someone to marry and has to do her best to keep her kingdom safe. Can she do it? [© 2017 All Rights Reserved to Gabby W.]


1. Prologue / Cast



After 60 years of ruling Troet, Luke Hemmings past away. The next to the throne is Gabrielle May Hemmings, her mom, Andromeda died after she was born and as tradition, the youngest takes the throne. For as long as Troet been a kingdom there hasn't been a queen. 

After Andromeda died, Luke became distant from his six children. Especially Gabrielle who always reminds him of her mom. This made her a heartless person. No one thinks she is fit to be queen but it is tradition so no one questions it.

At twenty years ago, Gabrielle took the throne. And this is the story of a heartless queen and how one man saves a kingdom.



Niall Horan

Gabrielle "Elle" May Hemmings

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