over the eclipse (short story) -first place in the Beauty and the Beast competition

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  • Published: 11 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 11 Apr 2017
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Kohl has been alone since two. He raised himself even though his father was still present. Kohl's life flipped upside down in high school after following the footsteps of his drunken father. Luna was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia at the age of eighteen and has been institutionalized ever since, but only recently was released. When Kohl is asked to speak about his painful childhood to a mental facility he winds up at the same place that Luna stayed at. Ever since their first coffee date, their relationship has been growing stronger than ever, but how long can their love distract them from their harsh past? This story provokes the message of loving somebody despite their flaws.


4. three

On my thirtieth birthday, Luna waltzed into my room with a brown paper bag covered in stickers. She sat in front of me on our bed only inches apart from me. She had the biggest smile plastered on her face while yelling at me to open the bag faster. I open the bag only to find an envelope with a card. I asked her if it is just the card, but she did not answer me. Instead she tears it open for me. One thing I can tell you about Luna is that she is very impatient when it comes to people opening gifts she has given, but I love that about her. I rip the card out of the envelope and open it to find two plane tickets. My body shivers at the sight of the destination: Paris.


“You did not,” I asked her as I watched her smile grow too big for her face. She responded telling me she did before I jumped into her arms and tackled her. Laughter warmed the room as we rolled on the bed lying next to each other. I remember staring into her eyes so hard I could feel our connection.


“What did I do to deserve you, my love?” I stroked her cheek with my thumb gently as the tears welled up in my eyes. She responded with an astonishing kiss sending my heart into the sky. I have always dreamed of going to Paris as a kid with somebody I love, but I never got the chance to fall in love until now. She breathed an “I love you” inches away from my lips before she kissed me once again.


“I love you my darling. Thank you for making this day outstandingly special.”


The week after we flew to Paris together. We visited all the places I have always dreamed of seeing. It was beautiful. The perfect life would be Luna and I living in Paris alone together forever. Now you see, that night is where we ended up at the bridge as we locked away our love for eternity on that bridge. It was a magical night with a mysterious woman. Luna treated me the way I longed for years. She taught me to treat her the way I should have been raised to do. She showed me what it is like to be happy again and not have to suffer every day.


I sit on our bed in our hotel room present time watch Luna as she stands before me wearing my long shirt partially covering her underwear. She spins towards me asking if I can help her locate the Eiffel tower on the map she holds in her small hands. I reach for the map pulling it from her hands and throwing it onto the floor before grabbing her by the waist and pulling her onto the bed with me. Shrieks fly from her soft lips as she tries to squirm from my grip. I place her down next to me straddling her torso, pinning her arms gently to the bed.


“Tell me I’m the best person in the world and I will let you go” I smirk at her as she lays beneath my grip laughing at me.


“No!” she giggles trying her hardest to push me off.


“Say it, or I'll never let you go!” I laugh back at her waiting for her reaction. Luna stops laughing and looks at me confused. Her head shifts as she looks past my shoulder. Her face expression turns to confusion as she concentrates on the air behind me.


“Luna?” I ask releasing my grip from her wrists. Her eyes widen as her heartbeat quickens beneath my touch. “Luna! What’s wrong? Talk to me!” I move my body right in front of her eyes blocking her from what she was so concentrated on. Her eyes don’t move, but her body starts shaking. She whispers no multiple times before yelling it in my face. I reach for her face gripping her chin and forcing her to focus on me. I scream her name once more before she finally breaks out of her trance and sees me. Tears flow from her eyes and down onto the pillow beneath her head.


“Luna, what just happened? Are you seeing things again?” I ask her softly while stroking her hair to calm her down.


“Oh God, Kohl it was so scary I was so sure that was real!” She sobs hard as I pull her up to sit in my arms rocking her back and forth.


“It’s okay my love you are okay nobody is going to hurt you I promise. You are safe here with me.” I hold Luna tightly in my grip feeling her body shaking. I do not ask her what she saw because I do not want her thinking about it any more than she is now. My eyes tear up as I sit here holding my beautifully flawed woman in my arms as she cried into my chest.


I lay her down next to me in our hotel bed draping the covers over her fragile body while holding her carefully as we drift away to sleep peacefully and undisturbed.


We spent the rest of the week visiting great architecture and exploring the beautiful city of love. It was all so beautiful and amazing until we had to leave.


Luna lies down on top of me throughout the duration of the plane ride as we watch several movies together.


“I wish we didn’t have to leave.” She says interlocking her soft fingers with mine. Her hand plays with mine in a soothing type of way.


“It’s okay my love, better to leave wanting more.” I place a gentle kiss on the top of her head.


“I guess you’re right.” She leans her head softly further into my chest.


“I’m always right babe.”


“So about the other day in the hotel,” Luna sits up facing me. “I’m sorry you had to see that. It was embarrassing, and I wish it didn’t happen-” I place my thumb in the center of her lips silencing her from explaining the situation any further.


“Do not be embarrassed. I’m just happy I was there to help you through it. I love you, but you do not need to be embarrassed about these things I understand. I am always here to help you through this stuff.” I replace my thumb with my lips kissing her delicately.


“Thank you for helping me. I have no idea what would have happened if you were not there to hold me and snap me back to reality. Things could have gotten worse, but I am so thankful you were there to help me. I love you so much Kohl you have no idea how much I love you.” My heart tightens at her kind words. It makes me feel so safe and secure knowing she feels the same way about me as I do her.


“I thank God everyday for you, my love. I thank you for loving my flaws more than anyone else ever could, and I am so thrilled I get to marry you and keep you forever. Thank you for loving me better than anyone ever could.” Tears fall from my eyes after watching them fall from hers. My best friend is the girl I love. I would have never thought this would happen to me -  that I would find my soul mate that would help me through my depression, and I am so thankful for her love.


“Your flaws are what I love about you Kohl. They make you who you are, and I love- who you are.” Luna says to me whispering her last words. Luna loves me despite my flaws, and I can't thank her enough for seeing past my horrific childhood. She lays her head back onto my chest as we play the rest of the movie drifting off to sleep until we land home.


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