over the eclipse (short story) -first place in the Beauty and the Beast competition

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  • Published: 11 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 11 Apr 2017
  • Status: Complete
Kohl has been alone since two. He raised himself even though his father was still present. Kohl's life flipped upside down in high school after following the footsteps of his drunken father. Luna was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia at the age of eighteen and has been institutionalized ever since, but only recently was released. When Kohl is asked to speak about his painful childhood to a mental facility he winds up at the same place that Luna stayed at. Ever since their first coffee date, their relationship has been growing stronger than ever, but how long can their love distract them from their harsh past? This story provokes the message of loving somebody despite their flaws.


1. Prologue

The light projecting above us drops a delicate shadow on the one true beauty in this city. Her eyes glimmer, focusing on the river beneath us as we stand on the bridge built above. Her sight follows every last ripple in the water pulling her concentration further away from me. My arm snakes around her waist gently as my head moves towards her ear, whispering at an almost inaudible level.


“Throw the key into the river Luna.” Her body responds to my voice with millions of tiny bumps scattering across her arms and back. Her arm reaches high into the air with her hand balled into a fist firmly holding the key to our lock. The locket that now hangs on the wire of the fence that is barricading us from falling into the river. Finally with force her arm flies past me releasing the grasp on the tiny little key as it dives with gravity into the river.


Laughter projects from her soft lips, contagiously causing mine to form into a smile as well. She spins her body towards me as both our faces rest only inches apart, smiling at each other.


“Our love is locked forever,” Luna coos, her words flowing like velvet from her plush lips. I reach my hand up to touch her silky chestnut hair flowing down her shoulder and softly resting on her chest. My heart warms at the sight of this extraordinary woman standing before me promising to love me forever. Her eyes sparkle in the soft Paris moonlight adding to her already beautiful portrait. My love for her is astonishing, and I yearn for her to see how strongly my heart beats for her. Instead of speaking my thoughts I lean forward uniting my lips with hers. Softly and gently resting my hands on either side of her head as my thumb grazes over her rosy cheek.


“I love you Kohl.” She breathes as our lips sit only an inch apart, causing tears to well up in my eyes. My love for her is so strong I cannot even put it into words. My heart beats strongly for her.


“I love you, Luna.” I smile, while my eyes remain closed in taking this perfect moment. My hand reaches down for hers interlocking her soft fingers into mine. I move next to her as we start heading back up the bridge is known as Pont Des Arts.


Unnoticeably I glance over to Luna watching her as she observes the people around us speak a foreign language. She is so remarkably perfect and yet she chose me. Before her, my life was just one big black hole in the ground. I was not the person I am today, and I have her to thank for that. Let me start from the beginning.




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