The Day After The Duel

(COMPLETED) *Hamilton Musical Spoilers* This is a short play about what could have happened on the first day after Hamilton's duel with Burr if he would have narrowly avoided it. Enjoy!


5. Scene 3

Scene 3


We are in a wooded kitchen, it is very homey, very cozy, and there is a fire going. There is a long table, and Alexander is sitting at the head. Eliza is sitting at the other end, and the children are sitting on either side. The table is sort of designed  like a long picnic table (from present day) so that the most people can fit in at once. There are bowls of meat stew and cups of water on the table. The whole family is holding hands and saying prayers.


ES: Thank you God for family and for food.

AH: Amen.

ROF: Amen.

ES: Alright everybody. You can eat now.


The family begins to eat and there is a general silence as the family eats together, until Eliza begins to speak.


ES: How wonderful it is to have us all together again. Tommorow Angelica will leave for Flushing, Queens. Soon after that, James and Alexander will leave for Columbia College to finish their studies. So, little ones, enjoy the company of your older sibling while it lasts.

EBH: But I don’t want Angie to go!

ES: Hush now darling, it’s for the best. Dr. MacDonald will take fine care of her there. And she can always visit sometime later.

JCH: What happened Father? Alexander said you put him in charge while you went away to your meeting. I asked him why but he wouldn’t tell me.

AH: He doesn’t know. The truth is that this meeting was more than a meeting...

JCH: And?

AH: We all make mistakes. The truth is-

ES: Alexander. Come with me. James, please keep your siblings in control while I go talk to your Father.


Eliza pulls Hamilton out of the kitchen and walks him into the nearby hallway. She takes his hand and begins to look him in the eye, then whispers to him.


    ES: Alexander, I understand why you would want to tell the children. But William, Elizabeth, let alone Philip! And even John-Church too. He’s only 12 and-

    AH: Elizabeth- my mother died when I was 12- and John was copying my letters when he was 6- he can handle it.

    ES: Fine. But you will tell them after William, Eliza and Philip are off to bed. We will tell them eventually, when they are older, when they are ready. I suggest you compose something. It’s nearly the younger children’s bedtime- and I’m sure the older boys will be wanting answers.

    AH: Okay. I’ll get to it.

    ES: I’m not mad at you. Alexander and James deserve to know. They leave for college soon and this is not the sort of thing you can put in a letter. John is still quite young, but I guess it is your information. Now, I must get back to the kitchen, Alexander and James do deserve a break.

AH:I’m really, truly sorry, Betsey. It’s really you that deserves a break.

EH: Don’t mention it. But it is nice all of the children are back under one roof. I’m just so glad you didn’t turn out the way it was... with Philip.

AH: Betsey, don’t think about it like that!

EH: I just...I couldn’t help but see him standing there earlier today. You remind me so much of him.

AH: We’ll talk about it tonight, if you really want to.

EH: Okay.


Eliza wipes slightly at her eyes on the last part, pats down her dress, and starts to walk back to the kitchen. She turns around and sees Alexander still standing there, watching her.


    ES: Better get to your office and get started on the explanation.  Alexander, you have written so much, I honestly don’t understand how you still have words left in your head. I will save your plate for when you are finished. Best be off now.

Eliza walks back into the kitchen. There is a general chaos; Philip is crying, and William and John are arguing. Alexander is trying to calm everyone.


ES: Boys! What on earth is going on in here?

ALJ: Sorry, Mother, James and I did the best we could.

    ES: It’s alright, no worries- everyone settle down, settle down.

    JAH: Philip started crying and it really set everything off.

    ES: Thank you, James.


Eliza takes the 2 year old Philip from James’ arms and into her own. Then, she sits back down at her end of the table, with Philip on her lap, her chair pushed a little bit away from the table. William yawns.


    WSH: I’m tired!

    EBH: Me too!

    ES: Philip probably is also. Let’s get you two to bed. John, you can stay up later tonight. Alexander, did Philip have anything to eat?

    ALJ: Yes, Mother.

    ES: Perfect. Enough to last through the night?

    ALJ: Should be.

    ES: Even better. Come little ones, let’s go. Has everyone had enough?

    WSH: Yes mother.

    EBH: Yes mother.

    ES: Alright, upstairs we march. Hurry along now.


Eliza walks out of view, with the younger children. The last thing you see is the older children alone in the kitchen, continuing to eat, and talking in hushed voices.


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