Ranger's Apprentice Adventures! Ep1

Note: I do not own some of the characters but hope you like it!

Will, Evanlyn, Horace, Halt, Alyss, and Gilan are venturing off into places. Some of the places aren't explored. So they find animals and things that they could study. They find new dangers and then Will faces something difficult to say to his friends and his Teacher.

P.S. This wasn't my favorite description. lol still hope you like the story!


1. The Nightmare

      It was a quiet night. Will edged close to Alyss but her voice stopped him. "Beautiful night, isn't it?" she said. He nodded and said, "Yes, it is beautiful. But do you know who i love better than this beautiful night?"

     He smiled and looked through her blue eyes. "I love you, Alyss." She smiled back and kissed him. Then Gilan walked up to them. "Okay lovebirds! Time to go." He said. 

     Alyss stopped the kiss and walked joyfully off. Will was embarrassed. He walked up to Gilan and grunted in annoyance and walked off. "Wow, someone's a little grumpy tonight." Gilan said with a smirk. Will walked inside Halt's cabin.



     Will was laying in his bed. He tossed and turned. He was having a nightmare. There were pictures of him. But then he saw Halt.

     Halt was standing in front of him. It seemed that Halt had black eyes with no pupils. Just darkness. His face had a blank expression. But everything around Halt and him was black. Everything.

     Gilan, Evanlyn, and Horace were there too. But they had eyes like Halt. Their eyes looked empty. They were dark and disturbing. He turned around and saw Alyss laying in the darkness behind him.

     She was dead. Will's horse was dead too. When he looked back, Halt and everyone else were closer. This time they were smiling evily. He started to run. Then they caught him. 

     He woke up screaming. He saw Halt. Halt was normal. Will's eyes were filled with tears. He hugged Halt.

    Halt felt Will shivering with fear. As they sat there, Gilan came rushing in. "What happened?!" Gilan said with a worried expression. "It was a nightmare. I don't think he's ever had one like this. This could mean something." Halt replied.   



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