It was an awesome offer. To go on holiday with my best friend. What I didn't know then was that I was about to step into a nightmare...


3. Instinct

​"What is evil?" Said the man on the TV. "how do we define what is good and what is not? One could say that evil is something that conflicts with the morals of a collective group of people. But what about evil in nature? Is there such a thing as natural evil? The answer is yes and no; what if an animal is born with the natural response of violence? Would that make it evil? Over the years of my studies I have found that this can also happen in humans as well as animals. Certain individuals who are born with a 'killer instinct'. "

​The man on the TV paused to take a sip of water. The other man in the interview finally spoke: "so doctor, should the public be worried about these individuals that you've mentioned?"

​"oh god no. We're talking about an incredibly small amount of the population, and even then we'd be able to suppress the instinct with simple medication.

​"Well thank you for your time doctor. Join us next time as we discuss weather or not animals can feel emotion" said the presenter. The credits began to roll and I switched the TV off.

​Ethan ran in "hey dad said we're going to go check out that nearby abandoned mine. You coming?"

​"yeah sure" I said smiling. But at the back of my mind I was thinking about what that doctor had said on the show.

​Half an hour later and I was hiding inside an extremely old building. It had been Ethans dad's idea to play hide and seek in the mine. I heard footsteps. "shit!" I thought "he's found me." Ethan stepped round the corner " gotcha !" He said grinning. "hey viggo!" He shouted "you win come on out!"

Now that I'd been in the mine it didn't feel as creepy as I had been expecting. Later that evening we were in the caravan playing cards. "YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!" someone shouted from outside. Me and Ethan got up and looked outside. Some new people had showed up next door. The person who was shouting looked like the father. He was yelling at his kids and his wife. "prick" Ethan's dad said" I'm trying to relax here while I'm on holiday."

​Ethan nodded "ok" he said. I looked at him, he seemed spaced out. "you ok man?" I said tapping his arm. "yeah I'm fine" he said blinking quickly and looking at me smiling. Later that night I was in bed looking up at the ceiling...'SCRITCH'....'SCRATCH'

​I looked over at Ethan he was scratching the headboard of his bed..slowly moving his nails over it. He slowly sat up...he was wearing his hoodie with the hood up. Slowly Ethan walked into the kitchen and picked something up...then he walked to the door. He stepped outside walking into the night... After he had left I got up and grabbed my trainers. Following him outside.

​I watched from the shadows as he knocked on the caravan door of our new neighbours. He then stepped out of sight around the side of the caravan. A moment later and the father stepped out..drunk. "Who's there?" He said looking around. I watched confused as Ethan whispered calling out to the man. "Over here" he said from behind the caravan. "Wha?" Said the man stepping down following Ethans voice. Soon they were both put of my sight.... I crept after them until they were just around the corner... And that's when I heard it... A muffled scream followed by a horrible splashing sound...Even though I hadn't seen what had just happened I ran back inside and looked out the window breathing heavily. A second or so later and Ethan appeared dragging the body of the man behind him. I covered my mouth feeling sick rising in my gut...Ethan dragged the body over to the bins opening one and dumping the body.

​A moment later he stepped inside and went to the sink washing his hands and the knife he had taken from the kitchen. I lied still facing away from him. I tried to stop myself from shaking as I heard his footsteps coming back to his bed which was next to mine. He lent forward and whispered into my ear. "Are you asleep?" He said without a hint of emotion in his voice. I couldn't move...this was a dream it had to be... Ethan got back into bed. "Goodnight" he said.

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