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i wrote this for my English class, its a long chapter, but only one. 




Louis walked into the living room, over to Michael who was busy practising riffs on his guitar.

"Check this out," Louis said as he held up a piece of paper. Michael paid no mind to the elder. He grunted and continued playing.

"For God's sake Michael...listens okay? We can get a lot of Money out of can buy a new guitar and maybe some food." Michael perked up and placed his guitar down on the sofa.

"Okay what is it," Michael asked, and he stood up.

"Well, I found this at's a treasure map..." Lou smiled.

"Wow...Louis...when are you gonna grow up...treasure maps aren't real. What, did you get that from the kid's menu?" The younger scoffed.

"What? No! Why would you think that?"

"Because you're practically a child for Christ's sake!" Louis rolled his eyes and adjusted his striped shirt.

"Can you just give it a chance? Maybe it is real."

No," Michael said bluntly and picks up the guitar. “Why don't you if you think it's real? Meanwhile, I am going to go play my guitar to practice for the gig I am playing. Something that is real. Why can't you live in reality? Your 18...not 5...Oh, and why don't you take Daisy with you. She would enjoy would toddlers get along well." Louis let his bony, pale jaw drop.

"Michael you know she isn’t interested in that stuff...and she's only 6...”

"Yeah. You just don’t want to admit that you’re childish" Louis rolled his eyes  and remembered when his girlfriend gave birth to his son, which was a big mistake on his part, cheating on his boyfriend, but dating her was for publicity right...just like his boyfriend with Kendal...right? Louis sighed and left Michael to practice. He walked into the kitchen, muttering to himself.

"Maybe Michael is right...I'm too childish to realise this isn't real." He sighed, again, and threw the map into the trash. Seconds later, he was shocked by seeing it on the counter; he only turned around for a second, just enough time to get a drink from the fridge. He did not know what to think, so the first thing he did, as any child would do, was blame, Michael.

"All right very funny Mike." He said, looking for him.

"What?" His deep voice said, from the living room.

"You takin the map out of the trash, it's not funny, you trying to make be believe in that crap."

"I didn't touch no map, let alone go into the kitchen." Louis frowned. "Are any of the other lads home?" The younger shook his head.

"Nope, they all went out to get stuff for the Christmas party that's in a few weeks."

He paused "well not Zayn obviously..."

"So you didn't go into the kitchen?" Louis asked, ignoring what Michael just said.

"No, I didn't! Were you not listening? God...” Louis huffed and walked over to the counter,  and grabbed the map.

"Harry will believe me right...Yeah, he will...I know this is real, who cares what Michael thinks." He stuffed it into his pocket and ran up to his room, whom he shared with Harry.



Louis laid on the bed, holding the map above his face, that casted a boxy shadow on his face. He did not know how long he lied there, 3 hours perhaps, but when his door creaked, he instantly sprang up, snapping out of his trance. Harry walked in  and scratched his side.

"Hey, Lou." He walked over to the elder and planted a kiss on his forehead.

"I have something to tell ya," Louis said and looked into his boyfriend's emerald green eyes.

"Well, I'm gonna go shower, then we'll talk, yeah?" He said, almost answering the question for Louis.

"Yeah okay. I'll be the basement; I'm fancying a film right now." He smiled and slowly got off the bed, planted a kiss on Harry's cheek before he left his room. Louis walked down the stairs, which was right next to his door.

"Hey...sorry about earlier." Michael's voice saying, scaring Louis and made him trip down the stairs. "Oh jeez sorry Lou...heh...Anyway sorry...I shouldn't have been such an arse to you if you wanna believe in something you can."

"It's okay Mikey."

"Really? You're not mad...even after me like, screaming at you?"

"'Course not. At first, I was...but you're one of my best mates, so, of course, I'm gonna forgive ya." He smiled, and walked past the younger, whilst he pranced into the basement.

"Hmmm," he said to himself, while he looked at the film selection. "Ooh, Greece!" He sang while he grabbed the movie from the shelf. Louis skipped over to the projector and turned it on, with an annoying beep following. He opened the Blu-ray player and gently placed the disk inside, after, he pushed it closed.


"Why aren't you watching a Christmas movie, it's in a week, you gotta get in the spirit," Harry says joining Louis on the couch.

"I don't know...I just wanna watch Grease, that's all."

"When are we gonna put the tree up?" The younger questioned.

"Michael already did it's in the backroom, he thought I'd be a good place because you can see the mountains and there's a lot of room for the gifts."

"Oh, he decorated it to?" Harry asked, slightly upset.

"No, he didn't he left that for us to do."

"Good, I wanted to spend more time with you." He said pulling Louis into his arms and allowing him to lean back on his chest. No, they have not said I love you yet, no matter how bad they want to, they just can't...for reasons.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" asked Harry, while he intertwined his fingers with the smaller, but older, boo bear of his. "Is it going public because I'm not ready for that yet Hun...?”

"No it's not about that, no not at all."

“Then what is it?” the younger questions.

“I found a treasure map, and I was wondering if we could go look at the end of it...” Louis faded off.

“Sure! I’d be fun, but after the Christmas holiday, yeah?”

“Okay, you’re not gonna question it?” Louis asked in disbelief.

“Nope, besides I’ll go anything for ya.”


                                                                        One Month Later…

The bedroom that they shared was a cream coloured theme. The ceiling was slanted with two crystal chandeliers hanging down, on each side of the head of the bed. The headboard was padded with diamond shapes, with small mirrored drawers at the bottom. The walls were painted grey, with brown brick accents. The room had a cosy feeling, of warmth perhaps, with sunlight casting ghostly shadows on the furniture. The room was silent, except for the soft steady breathing of Harry, who was wrapped up in blankets, just barely covering his head.

“Come on Harry! Today is the day! Wake up we’re going on that adventure!” Louis screamed in Harry’s ear while he jumped up and down on the bed. Harry groaned and sat up, and rubbed his eyes, while he tried to figure out what time it was since the sun was just rising.

“Give me a few minutes to wake up,” Harry mumbled. “I’ll meet you downstairs in a few.” Louis pranced down the stairs into the empty kitchen, which was dead silent; he was the only one in there, alone.

The culinary area is wide open and boasts a large centre piece table, it had pictured windows, so seeing out was a blur, and the theme was a manila and brown colour.  The cabinets were a dark oak, with a vanilla counter top. The kitchen was very clean, in which Harry kept clean because Louis was the worst when it came to cleaning. Louis looked at the items on the table, and he placed every item in a hiking backpack. He heard Harry stomp down the stairs lazily, and he knew that Harry was in a bad mood from him being woke up too early.

“You can sleep on the road Haz,” Louis said and grabbed the bag off the table.

“Are you sure you have everything?” Harry asked after he sat down at the table.

“Yeah I’m sure,” Louis said, barely positive. He smiled to himself. “I got the bare necessities.” He sang, adlibbing the song “Bare Necessities” from the movie “The Jungle Book.”  Harry gave Louis a look, which warned him to shut up. Louis faded the song and struggled to pick the bag up off the ground. He looked at the younger, waiting for help, but Harry sat there, staring off into space.

“Uhm Harold, a little help here?” Louis sassed after he put a hand on his hip.

“It’s Harry.” He said, and rolled his eyes, and let out a huff.  Louis managed to pick the bag up, he threw it onto his back and grabbed Harry’s hand. spotify

“We’ll get breakfast on the road.”



They thought they were lost, they were the only ones on the road, every 4 miles, they say a house. Louis looked at the map again and smiled. “There should be a forest coming up” as Louis said, a forest showed up, right smack dab in the middle of the road.

“Looks like we're here.” Harry stretched and opened the door once Louis turned the car off.  “Yep,” Louis said and he walked over to the trunk,  and joined Harry. “Best be goin’ yeah?”  Harry nodded in agreement and he threw the bag onto his back, Louis eyed Harry’s muscles while so.  They walked into the first, side by side, holding hands.

“Apparently we have to find a cave of some sort that has a wooden door on it,” said Louis.  Harry nodded and looked at the map.

“Take a right at the large boulder then take a left at the pond.” The younger said to the elder. They came to the boulder and they took a right, then they came to the pond and took a left.

“How much longer,” Louis whined and dragged his feet.

“According to the should be right, here!” Harry said, and looked up to see the cave with the door. The door looked like a skull head, with red jewel eyes that shimmered in the moonlight.

“Are you sure about this Lou?” Harry said, his voice shaking.

“Yeah...I’m sure...absolutely sure.”  Harry and Louis walked into the cave, the door creaked loudly, sending off an echo. They walked down a path that had absolutely no light. Harry pulled out the flashlight and clicked it on, sending shadows everywhere. An hour in, a young voice called out in cries.

“Hello? Someone please.” The voice was young, very young. “ I can't find my mommy.” Harry saw the little girl and broke down in sorrow. She had blonde hair, chubby cheeks, ice blue eyes and a pick ratted dress that fell to her ankles.

“Are you lost, love?” Asked Harry, he went over to her and bent down so he’d be eye level with her.

“Yeah I can't find my mommy.”  Harry frowned then smiled.

“You can come with us, Louis and I.” he grabbed her hand and the light immediately went out, and Harry screamed as he fell into complete darkness.

“Harry where are you!” Louis yelled turning the corner with his flashlight, that flashed on the little girl, who had a devilish grin on her face. “Have you seen Harry?” he questioned her.

“Oh I've seen him, he just left.” Her voice now in a demonic tone. Louis stepped back in fear. She groaned in pain and every muscle and bone moved in her body in a disgusting way. Her skin colour changed to a bloody red colour with bulging black veins. She grew taller and as she did, arms with razor-sharp claws formed out of her back. Her sweet innocent face, grew out into a snout, growing sharp fangs and a forked tongue. Foam dripped from the creature's mouth and the creature's eyes burned a fire red. It then changed colour, turning to a black and greyish colour. Spikes grew out of its back and its talons sank into the hard clay floor.  Louis’ eyes bulged out of his head and he screamed and dropped the flashlight. The creature shrieked and it faded into the darkness when Louis’ flashlight went out. He felt saliva drip onto his shoulder and he them gagged disgusted.  Unknowingly the creature surrounded him, ready for an attack. It took its hand and smacked Louis across the room, in which he smashed into the wall.

“Bloody hell” Louis cried when pain flew down his back and numbed his whole body.  Louis struggled to get on his feet.  The monster screeched, and picked up with its bony, sharp claws.  Louis struggled to get out of the grasp. The sharp claws dug into his back, where as he screamed in pain. The creature threw him into the pool of water that was nearby.  Louis came up, and he gasped for some air, his heart pounded out of his chest. The later it got the darker it got, Louis stayed in the water, to avoid the creature.  He felt around for the flashlight, just so he could find the hole that Harry fell into. He found it, then smacked it against his palm, with a click it turned on.  The monster was right in front of him, Louis shrieked and flashed the light on it, in which it screamed in agony.

“Pain to light ey?” Louis said when he stood up and he winced in pain.  He smirked to himself and shined the light on the creature watching some of its flesh being burned off.  It moved away into the darkness, and growled.  Louis shined the light on the creature again and it screamed so loud and so high pitched that the rock fell from the roof of the cave.  He shone the light on the monster even if it moved.  Its flesh burned off the monster scream in pain, it falled, screamed and it whimpered in agony.  Louis still kept the light on it, until the monster was just bone, and laid there lifeless. He kicked it and every bone fell apart into pieces. “Harry where are you?” Louis’ voice squeaked.

“Down here.” Louis looked down and saw Harry in a deep hole. With the paracord bracelet that he got for his birthday, from Harry, he cutted it,  and let the rope go. He secured one end to a rock and he climbed down the hole to rescue Harry.  Louis’ feet hit the floor and immediately he embraced Harry in his arms.  He stroked Harry's sweat drenched hair and kissed his forehead.

“Thanks for coming back for me.”

“No problem Haz.” Louis smiled at the younger. “ Are we still gonna find the treasure?”
“I think we already have.” Harry smiled and kissed the boy on the lips.

“I love ya Harry.”

“As do I Louis.”


People will do anything for someone they love, whether fight monsters, or just plainly say “I love you” for the first time. True love is about taking risks, and doing things to get what you really want.  As for Louis and Harry, they stayed together and when times were rough they were the partners in crime, holding onto each other and helping each other. The sun and moon represents love, they both need each other, without one the earth would practically corrupt, that's what they are: without one another their hearts would corrupt.  Mortal of the story: Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you, love and life belongs to a great risk.  


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