Wrong Number(h.s. Fanfiction)

It all started with the wrong number.


1. Chapter 1- Wrong Number

AN:This is a 1D fan fic. Most will be in the text form. (Btw this is linked to "Summer Love" But not a sequel so you can read this before reading that) If you don't like fan fictions, check out my other books:
-Black Magic
-College story
-One shot stories
-Phantom Girl
Read on :D

Raven:Kayleeeeeee it's raven

Unknown: Raaaaaaaaaaaven it's not kayleeeeeeeee

Raven:Kaylee your jokes are lame.

Unknown:Well wait till I find this Kaylee girl and tell her.

Raven: quit the act Kaylee

Unknown:I'm not Kaylee....

Raven:and I'm not raven **rolls eyes**

Unknown: Oh...you were lying?

Raven:Tf? Prove you aren't Kaylee.

Unknown: {Picture attached}

Raven: Stop pranking me Kaylee sending me a picture of my idol will not tip me off.

Unknown:How can I prove it to you that I'm actually your idol?

Raven: Follow me on Insta. My username is upallnight.njh (it's my actual 1d acc)

Raven: Oh. It is you. Well hello.

Harry:No enthusiasm at all. I thought I was your idol?

Raven: Okay. Enthusiasm. Yay it's you.

Harry: **pout**

Raven: **melts**

Harry: I knew you would come around.

Raven: I knew you would fall for that.


Raven went offline

Harry:COME ON.

Harry: RAVEN.


Harry:Ugh fine.

Harry: byeeeeeee

Harry went offline

Well this was a filter chapter but the next chapter will get more interesting I promise. :)

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