Global Dismay

A group of supernatural adults save the world from an environmental complication, nevertheless, the government takes all of their hard work as their own, maybe the environmental compilation was their doing, find out


3. Slaughter..

The other's were speechless, continuing to stare at him, examining his cuts, they looked like they had just been made. As the other's were looking at him the Government people's shadows lunged over him once again, but this time with a bloody dagger, the man stared at the floor with wide eyes as the dagger penetrated his neck. The man swayed slightly before falling onto his knees, blood spurting out of his neck. He tried gasping for air, his vision blurred, trying to look at the blurry figures in the cells, his eyes clouded.He remained motionless until he collapsed face first onto the floor, his blood trailed along the floor like a stream of fresh water but one thing was certain..that was last time they saw him alive...

The other's watched on. The woman clenched her fists, shaking violently. She then punched the wall, leaving red marks across her knuckles and a small dent in the wall. She stared back at the government people, her pupils dilated in fear, instantly regretting that decision, crawling backwards to the wall. The other's looked at her and back at the government people, their devilish smirks grew, she tried begging for freedom, her confidence had died.. like their companion. One part of everyone died in that moment, their hope..

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