A stranger to myself

Notes to self.


1. Something you should know

There is No Greater Adversary Than Yourself

Damn am I strong! Sweet Jesus!


There is no greater adversary than yourself. That is why it's important for you to get off your tush and learn how to discipline yourself. Get to know yourself so you know what your problems are, ask your friends, look back on your interactions. Here's one way :

What bothers you?

What makes you tick?


What kind of things do you like? What do you like to do? What kind of job do YOU want for yourself?


I advise high school freshman to look for colleges at a young age. That way you'll have plenty of time to meet the requirements- you wouldn't want to look for a college in your last year of school after finally realizing that you're about to be chucked off into the world. 

No more school sounds great but sitting at home doing nothing isn't cut out to be the ideal life. Especially if you're a loner and your parents aren't rich. You need to get off that bdonk-a-dong and do something! Entertaining yourself with funny things on the internet get old, and eventually you want to go outside and do something.

True, you might be going to a local college but you don't usually find peers around your own age, that's because the college you attend is for people who are just earning college credits who probably want to join the military, or already has a wife and kid with a job and or is planning on transferring to another school- I know I'm beginning to consider it. 


Let me warn you now.

You don't need to grow up. Growing up is conforming to the sins of the world and becoming like everyone else. 

So no,you don't need to do that but you can if you want... What YOU need to do is become more aware, that living is abuse in itself. It's up to you how to take that abuse. You can stay down or you can rise up and polish yourself under the pressure, the human soul is a gem dear. But gems weren't born like that, they get like that after being under pressure. Isn't that beautiful? We can look to the Earth for inspiration. 


Goddammit if they can do it we can do it too!


It's not about failing guys. It's about how you make your come back. You may be fighting against yourself right now but I want you to know that you are stronger- you can be so much stronger, it is not impossible to overcome yourself... you just need to change your tactics. 


And when you see the results you'll understand. 

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