Ed & I

the story of my first summer love and how it changed my life


3. New Years Eve

'Happy new year sweetie, see you Monday' my mother yells out the car window, as she drops me off at Rosie's house. She’s on her way to another surprise holiday with her new "future husband."

Rosie and Alex and I are going to a pool party at a friend of Rosie's house down the coast. It's supposed to have a great view if all the NYE fireworks. I’ve been to the liquor store to buy our drinking supplies, Alex is bringing snacks and Rosie is lending me one of her nice dresses. Getting ready always takes us ages with all the talking, make-up and outfit choices. Plus Rosie's brothers keep teasing us about getting dressed up for boys.

We all have drinks together and then get in the car to go to the party. We arrived and Alex and I met all the people. There were already a few guys and girls probably like 15 people altogether. The weather was beautiful, so we just sat outside in lounges and chairs till someone stayed up a BBQ for dinner. It starts getting dark and kind of cold. We eat dinner and chatter, then the boys started playing video games and some people played cards or drinking games.

At around 11.30 we all took a short walk to the beach, to find a place to watch the fireworks. I had been having a pretty good night but I didn't feel 100% happy, I found my self kind of missing Ed and his cute smile.

 Anyway the fireworks happened, we all yelled happy New Year, hugged and then headed home to watch movies and sleep in the spare rooms at Rosie's friend’s house. Rosie's mum picked us up the next morning. We girls went back to Rosie's to rest more as we were still all exhausted from last night. Rosie had said last night, she was going to a New Year's Day lunch with her brother and friends that they sometimes did after a night out.

So after a quick nap and shower we walked down to the cafe with Rosie's mum, who was also coming to lunch. The boys were already there with plates of breakfast food that look delicious. The only seat free was next to Ed and that made me a bit nervous. I was too hungry to mind too much though. He gave me an awkward kiss on the cheek and hug while we wished each other happy new year.

Overall lunch was fun, I got to talk to everyone including Ed, who was really sweet and didn't make the situation feel weird. I was glad considering I knew I'd see him around when I spent time with Rosie this summer.


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