Ed & I

the story of my first summer love and how it changed my life


1. graduation night

'We did it, we actually graduated' My friend Lilly smiles at me with her not drunk but possibly tipsy happy face, as we hug and dance like idiots to the last song of our year 12 formal.
It's been a fun night, my parents are here talking to the other parents about their childrens’ plans for the future. I'm dressed in a beautiful and expensive black and royal blue dress, I have a date tonight who is very cute and has been a gentleman making friends with other people's dates, while I dance and chatter with my school friends all night.

In a few hours one of my best friends from this year turns 18, so some of us are making a plan for a big after party at one of the local nightclubs. The lights at the formal venue turn on, people stop dancing and begin to leave. I find James, my date and my family so that I can inform them of the after party plans.

My mum drives me, James, Lilly and her date to Lilly's house so we can change outfits. Then drops us off at the club to meet everyone else, I’m happy because we have VIP entry due to the pre-planned party. We all grab drinks and hang out in the quiet areas with some other friends. Then Lilly drags me off to dance and I wave to James knowing I won't see him again for a while, as Lilly likes to dance and he does not. The girls are already dancing and from what I can see attracting a lot of male attention.

My friend Rosie, who happens to be the birthday girl is dancing crazy and her twin brother is there being silly with his friends so Lilly and I join in and dance with the boys. We to and fro from the closest bar to the dance floor for what feels like hours. I feel the drinks start to affect me, especially when I find myself dancing with a guy that has wrapped his arms around my hips. Lilly is to distracted with dancing and boys to help me escape, so I decide to just go with the flow.

 The Boy spins me around to face him but it’s dark and hard to see with the flashing coloured lights. He starts to rub his hands all over me and grabs my hair while he kisses my neck. I can't really keep my thoughts or emotions in check at this stage but overall it feels nice and tonight is all about fun.
We start to make out and dance together. He runs his fingers through my hair and whispers sweetly in my ear. When the music gets fast and everyone starts jumping around I feel myself being pulled to the back of the crowed, I'm spun around quickly and being pushed up against a wall, being kissed so deeply I almost can't breathe.
We stop to take a breath and I quickly check to see Lilly is still dancing in the crowed. But she is also staring at me with the most puzzled face. I no know she's wondering what in the world I'm doing and who the guy is holding me. I just giggle because I'm not sure what else to do. She mouths to me asking if I'm okay and I just nod as I feel kisses on my neck. Lilly goes back dancing and I go back to kissing mystery boy with the perfectly soft lips.

 I debate again and again whether to fake a toilet break and run back to James so he can take my apparently very intoxicated ass home, or if to stay and see what happens with mystery boy. After all the girls are always around if I need really need saving and I no Lilly won't leave the club without me.
As the night wears on mystery boy starts to make suggestions of relocating to somewhere quieter, but even in my confused state, I know I need to stay near Lilly. As the light turn on and people leave the club, I sneak away quickly from mystery boy to find Lilly and leave quickly. I feel bad for leaving mystery boy alone, but I can’t stay with him and I’ve never been good at goodbyes. James gives me water and his suit jacket and eventually I make it home to my bed.

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