Jess and Andrew is a lovely pair in high school, they had a love problem and things didn't go well. They were desperate but things got worse, Jess got cancer and was dragged away from her beloved one.


1. Morning sunshine

In one normal day, Andrew woke up to the sound of the loud alarm from his i-phone. He  sat down on the edge of the bed and texted Jess, his girlfriend. "Babe, you up?" He texted her. "Yea, I am awake, pick me up?" She texted him back with a smiley. "Sure, wait for you ." He quickly replies.

Andrew took his car key and drove the car to Jess home. When he arrived, Jess came out of the door and smiled, her smile was beautiful, it can almost be brighter than the sun, when you look at her, it looks like your life was so bright. She has wavy brown hair, pretty sapphire eyes, rosy cheeks and small red lips. She wore a beautiful spring dress and sandals, she is the goddess of beauty.   "You look beautiful darling." Andrew gave her a compliment and showed off his charming smile. "Thanks babe, you too, you look handsome today." She winked and gave Andrew a comment. 



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