Evidence of moonlight

For the idea of the person I used to love.


5. less than that

We were 15 years old


they were 15

I was 14

we talked for hours, floating endlessly towards the end of the night,

and I was gone in a flash


it took less than that

they called me cute and swam away blushing as I turned red


it took less than that

they took my twitching hand and told me to run away with them, I did


it took even less than that.

people talk about how they fall in love over months or years

or an infinite length of time that they don't really remember,

their passion twisting into a warm, beating muscle, controlling everything.

But no, not for me.

it took less than that

less than years

less than months

less than a couple of dates, less than one

less than a day

less than an hour

less than half that, and half again.

In the time it took me to look up and to the left

those silver eyes,

and I'm gone every time.



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