In love with my best friend

Calum and Ashlee have been best friends since they were in their mummy's womb. Will three words ruin their friendship? or will they date?


8. 8.

Ashlee’s p.o.v

The next day, I was happy that it was the weekend. I checked my phone and I got a message from Damian.


Damian: Hey beautiful, what should we do this beautiful morning.

Me: I feel like going to the beach.

Damian: Well let's go to the beach, I'll pick you up at 10:00 so that gives to 1 hour to get ready and take what you want. I'm also gonna take a few of our friends.

Me: Okay see you then. :*

Damian: Love you ;)

Me: Ditto


I rushed to the restroom to take a shower. I changed into a two piece bikini. It was white with black stripes. I put my brothers shirt that he let me borrow a long time ago and never gave it back to him. I went downstairs to the kitchen to get the food ready.

“Where are you going Ashlee?” I heard a voice say. I turned around and I saw my dad rubbing his sleepy eyes.

“I'm just going to the beach with a few friends.” I replied.

“When will you be back?”

“Like in 3-4 hours.”

“Okay is Damian gonna be there?”

“Yeah, he'll be there with me.”

“Great, just stay safe. I love you.” My dad said. He gave me a kiss in the cheek.

“I love you too.” I said.

I finished getting the snacks in the basket, until I heard a knock on my door. I went over to open it and saw my friends there. Which do not include girls. I am the only girl in my group.

“Hey guys,” I greeted.

“Hey Ashlee, are you ready to go to the beach?” My friend Morgan asked.

“Yep, let me just get the food basket.” I told them. When I got to the car or should I say van, I immediately saw Damian. Then Calum came into my mind. He would always come to the beach with me and my friends. But I guess not today.

“Hey gorgeous.” Damian said giving me a peck on the lips.

“Hey baby.” I said back.

Damian's friends are also my friends so I really didn't mind if they came along even though I wanted to go to the beach just with Damian and no one else but I guess this is also fine.

We arrived at the beach and I rushed out of the car to find a perfect spot to sit on. I stayed at the place I found whilst the guys come and get the stuff.

“Wow you sure wanted a good spot.” Damian said surprised.

“Yeah well I didn't want a spot where the sun was hitting or where there was too much breeze.” I said.


We were having so much fun at the beach. Damian and I were messing with the other guys. Right now Damian and I were in the water and we were making out. I was also imagining Damian was Calum. I don't know why, but is that wrong? I stopped kissing Damian and looked deeply into his eyes.

“You have beautiful eyes,” I told him.

“I do have someone beautiful to make them as beautiful as her.” He said.

I didn't respond I just blushed to the ground.

“I never want to lose you Ashlee.” Damian said lifting my head to meet his eyes. The he kissed my forehead.

“You might say that now but later when you find a new girlfriend you will say that to her too.” I said.

“Ash I mean what I say to you, I mean when I say I never want to lose I can't live without you. I've had other girlfriends and I have never said this my other girlfriends except you.”  

“Your very special to me Ashlee.” Damian whispered in my ear signaling chills all over my body.


After a long day at the beach I arrived at my front door. I got my keys to open the door. But before I can open it the door swung open.


“I'm sorry I lost track of time. I was with Damian the whole time.” I said.

“I want you in your room right now!”

I passed dad and went straight to my room. A few moments later, my bedroom door opened.

“Dad seems pissed.” Abraham said.

“Oh shit really? I didn't fucking know that.” I said back sarcastically.

“You know you've been acting like a total bitch lately. Ever since you've been with Damian you've changed.” He sighed before continuing. “You never used to say bad words, you never yelled, you never got mad, you were always calm and tried to talk things out! I want my real sister back!

Abraham left the room, slamming the door.

Is it true. Have I actually changed? It true though, before I never got mad or yelled or said bad words, but now I do. What the fuck is wrong with me!?


Message to Calum Hood:

Me: Hey Cal.

Calum: Hey are you okay?

Me: No not really, Abraham just told me I changed a lot.

Calum: Well it kind of true. You did change, Damian changed you.

Me: I don't wanna be like this anymore….do you think I should break up with him?

Calum: If you think that's best for you.

Me: Thanks for being so supportive Cal.

Calum: Glad I can help.


I love Damian, I I love him so fucking much but I don't think I deserve a wonderful guy like him. Plus I can't be with a guy that changes me.


Message to Damian Lidues:

Me: Damian we need to talk. Meet me at the park.

Damian: Sure


Damian's p.o.v

When Ashlee texted me that she wants to talk. That got me very worried. Cause someone will only say we need to talk if they want to break up with their pair. So I'm afraid Ashlee will do the same.

I quickly got to the park and I saw Ashlee there. Her lips were hydrated. The tight black shirt she was wearing fitted her body so gracefully. I just wanted her right there right now.

“So um you said you wanted to talk.” I said fidgeting.

“Yeah so many close people of mine are saying that I changed, and those people are saying that you changed me.”

“And you believe those people?” I asked.


“You know what?! Fine, by me….believe those people….you are just like all the other girls….I thought you were actually different….I guess I was wrong. You told me to come here so you can break up with me right?”

“Um yeah.” She said looking down.

“I know I told your dad to kill me if I hurt you in anyway but promise me you won't tell him this.” I told her. I was about to do something I wanted to do to her when I thought Calum and her were kissing.

“I promise I won't tell my dad.” She said.

“Good.” I said.

I lifted up my hand and slapped her across the face. She fell to the ground and I saw her cheek really red.

“Now you better keep your mouth shut bitch.” I said and walked away.

I really love Ashlee but I get really angry when girls break up with me. Especially this girlfriend. I actually love her and didn't try to use her.


Ashlee’s p.o.v

I just laid in the floor in pain. I can't believe Damian would do something like that. I thought he was a sweet and gentle guy like Calum.

I walked home and prayed that none of my family payed attention to my face and ask me questions.

I took out my house keys and opened the front door. As I walked in I checked if any of my family members were any where. I saw the coast clear and ran up to my room.

I closed the door behind me, crashed on my bed and started to cry. I wanted to call Calum but I don't want to seem like a needy person. Plus he is probably with his girlfriend.


Me: Hey Calum. You busy?

Calum: No I was just about to text you if I can hang at your house for a while.

Me: Yeah please come over I need my best friend.

Calum: I'll be there in 10 minutes.


I just sat in my bed waiting patiently for Calum, until I heard a knock on my door.

“Come in.” I yelled from my bed. A head poked through the door and it was Calum.

“Hey.” He greeted. I just ran to him and hugged his torso.

“Hey are you okay?” He asked. I bursted out in tears.

“No I'm not, I….” I got cut off by Calum lifting my chin up and kissed my lips. His lips were so soft. He grabbed my cheek but I winced in pain when he touched it. Calum broke the kiss.

“Sorry I shouldn't have done that.” He said.

“No it's fine….”

“No Ashlee it's not fine, I have a girlfriend and it's wrong to be kissing someone else behind her back.” He said.

“She doesn't have to know.” I said.

“” He stuttered.

“I said she doesn't have to know.”

“Ashlee what the fuck is wrong with you?! Abraham was right, you have changed. If you were still yourself and not that changed person you would care if I kissed you and had a girlfriend.” He said and left.

I sat in my bed and started to cry my eyes out until I fell asleep.

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