A Clown For A Princess

Who would of known 2000 balloons, 2 angry cows, and a jello filled pool could make Sophia Clark and class clown Colton meet.

He is the Jokester of the class, a popular of the school. The one who isn't supposed to like anyone outside of his friend group.

She is the girl who has been invisible all her life until, junior year. Can a newbie to the A List life possibly fit into the popular ways and become on the class princess's

Can this clown fall for a princess of the school.


2. Chapter 1

"Since when was a building dedicated to books?" Asked the one and only Chace Reeves walking up to my desk. He very well was considered a legend at our school, some people may even dare to say he has everything. Well everything besides a functioning brain. I guess you can't have everything, looks, sports, and popularity was the cut off for him.

 "Since when did the Chace Reeves show up to something other than a party on time?" I replied with a smile, and pure sarcasm dripping from my mouth.

"Touché" he matched with the same tone.

"I'm assuming your my tutor, Sofia Clark" He asked looking down at the crumpled paper in his hands.

I squinted at him, he didn't even know what my name was, that was truly sad. We've had over 8 classes with each other over the years. Not to mention I lived across the street from his best friends house, which I'm sure he spent most of his time at.

"The one and only" I reached out my hand to shake his.

" Now you need help in Literature right?" I asked walking toward the tables in the middle of the library.

He only nodded his head in response, and sat down across from me purposely choosing a wheelie chair.

"Okay so what do you consider the thing you are struggling in Literature the most?" I asked rolling my eyes. It has only been one minute into the session and he was already spinning in his chair.

He stopped spinning and looked me directly into the eyes "Reading" he said completely serious "I hope you will be able to cover it all"

My jaw dropped, when Mrs. Benns said this was going to be a challenge I thought see meant he didn't know how to spell or maybe grammar. All of which would of been easy, but reading how was I supposed to teach a practically grown man that.

"Well okay..." I pushed aside the materials I had gathered earlier for the session and tapped my foot on the marble floor in thought.

"Well lets move to that section over there" I pointed toward the beginner level book typically aimed toward children.

............... .........

After two hours I had finally gotten to get Chace to complete a small paperback book, only containing around a hundred pages. It turned out he did have some level of literacy but we still had a lot of work ahead of us.

"Well thanks Sophie" He said scratching the back of his neck "You wont tell anyo...."

"Don't worry what happens in tutoring stay in tutoring" I cut him off giving him a small smile.

"You know what Sophie you're pretty cool" he said with a wink and then walked off with a wave.

I let out a huff exhaustion once the door shut, these volunteer hours are starting to get to be a lot of work. Only one more year till I'm out of this hell whole.

........ .... ..

"Sophia How was your day" My Mother asked when I walked through the door into the kitchen. She was on her laptop probably buying clothing line from Channel. She insisted that if you can not wear you money, you must show it off in every other way possible. Hence my Mercedes Benz, designer clothes, and top notch phone.

"Pretty good, Is Alex upstairs?" I asked picking up an apple from the kitchen island.

"Hey wait, that's just for show" She pulled the apple out of my hands putting it back into its spot. Which I only rolled my eyes to, our house is basically a page out of the home design magazines.

"And he's out with his slu... April, god knows where" she scowled at the thought. April was Alex's newest Girlfriend, who seemed to last longer than any of his previous ones. Which is driving my mom completely crazy, she claims that April is stealing her presence every time she comes over. I'm surprised she hasn't been paid off yet.

I nodded my head in response and headed towards my room.

"Sophia be back down in twenty Rosa almost has dinner ready" She yelled up the steps before going back to Channel

I flopped down on my bed, how did I end up with such a boring life, when I practically had everything set up for me to be anything but ordinary. Why couldn't I be more like Alex, he had the family business, friends, popularity,  charm, and not to mention everyone wanted to be him.

Somehow I managed to become more invisible than Invisible Barb, that's basically impossible.

Some loud blaring music came from out the window, I got up and stared out through my sheer curtains. Colton Price's parents must of been out of town again. He tended to through a giant party at the end of every month. A blue mustang rolled up and  Alex, April and Chace rolled out. People seemed to go crazy as they saw them, one day I would be like them, somehow.




















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