Magi and Me (JudarXReader)

The empire of Kou had been ruled by the witch, Gyokuen. And now in Judar's service she's searching for the other descendants of magis that followed the king Solomon in other worlds. Now he's in human world and met... You.




I wasn't informed about today's event. There are people in the way who kept on telling me 'happy Valentine's day' and I don't even know what it is. I asked y/n about it but she was irresponsive. She was just shyly looking down. While I stared over the air following the second batch of rukhs today.

"The 100th Valentine's pair spotted!!!" I heard someone exclaimed and again, like that boy who appeared in nowhere, a man suddenly blocked our way. To my surprise, I hid the girl behind me for protection. But instead of fighting me, he just laughed over what I did and clapped his hand. "What a knight and shining armor we have here! Men should be as brave as you are." The boy said with a wide beam.

"What?!" I'm surprised again.

"Come already youngsters! We are going to treat you the best date!" There came some people running towards us and pulled us inside an uncertain gate... Another gate?

*Your POV

Oh my... Why do we have to be suspected as couples again? Maybe because Judar and I are holding hands? Its a bit embarrassing and poor Judar doesn't even know what's going on. I feel sorry for us-- or maybe not.

The man had led us inside the carnival, pushing the both of us towards a big tent. When we entered, we saw some couple of people wearing a carnival attire. The area was lot up by bulbs hanging together. There was also the stage area in the middle and a couple of mono blocks aligned in the corner just behind us. And then a memory flashed in to me, I remember the clothes were somehow part of the freak shows happening at the main tents, my mother smiled at me as we watched the gymnasts who used to hop from one rope to another. It was amazing.

My mother used to take me here until my eighth birthday. But when she was taken, I never had the chance to come here.

"Have a seat, darlings!" A lady came in the tent that we're in. So I decided to sit down and Judar sat beside me. It felt kind of awkward for me to think that we've been mistaken to be couples every time we walk into booths around the street.

"As the first couple treat began, I hope you enjoy the backstage performances of the best freak show!" The boy introduced and led his eyes for us to follow, showing us a couple of people who prepares themselves.

Again I starred down and took glimpse of the hand his holding. Then I leaned the flower and balloon he gave me on my lap before looking back up to find the carnival workers preparing their stunts. Like the man in formal attire who covered his eyes with a handkerchief and his assistant tied up in a giant dart board. The beautiful lady was smiling as the sharp knife missed her body and hit the side of the board. Then a man in his clown suit cycling with one wheel as he juggled his colorful bouncing balls. Another is a lady who plays her flute in front of the jar, wearing an Arabian soot as she waved her waist in such graceful curves like she have no bones at all, until a snake began rising out of the jar. It was also like dancing. It was like a thinner description of the lady herself.

There are a lot more talents that I could praise as I watch them.

"These people are powerful." Judar whispered to my ear. His sudden say made me shiver when his breath had conquered the whole of my left ear and a part of my earlobe and neck. How could he be so comfortable with that?

"Its not power actually." I said. "Its their unique talents."

"Is that so?" He nodded with interest as he watched the rehearsals. "That talent is indeed amusing." He complimented all the sudden and gave a little but very stunning smile. For a guy, what a good charisma to have. I wonder if they considered Casanova or Playboy in their world.

I looked down over our entwined hand again and as moments passed I felt more overwhelmed and blushes a lot than I usually do. Thanks this guy beside me for that. "W-weren't we following... A-a rukh?" I asked.

He looked at me with an amused smile still. "There's still a lot of time for that. So I want to learn something from this world. Perhaps I'd start with this." He said and watched the place again.

Perhaps? I wanted to ask if he just want to enjoy watching today or he really wanted to learn-- about this world's amusements.

I just sighed and watched with him until the guy who seemed to be the one hosting the date thing ended our amusement view and soon had lead us towards another place. It was now that I noticed that there are only couples around the carnival today. And on top of that, we're only few.

"You guys are fortunate to come here in time. After earning a hundred of couples, we closed the carnival and give the one hundred lucky dates to enjoy the day!" He proudly said.

"I don't know what it means, but I think its fun." He said.

The guy laughed. "You're funny. By the way, I am Lee of your service. I'll be your assistant." He said and gave me a walky-talky. "If you need me, just contact me with this. I'll be leaving you guys so you could have a little quality time." He winked at us before dashing back inside the tent.

Judar and I watched him for a while before the man beside me decided to walk and pull me with him. "You know this area?" He asked.

"Yeah. My mom used to take me here every birthdays I spent the passed years." I replied.

"What is this place then?"

"Its a carnival. Place for enjoyment."

I heard him sighed before we stopped to a stall. There was a couple there first and we stood watching the boy who tried to hit a target with three balls. Judar watched him as he threw one hit, but unfortunately, that was a miss. Then the second one finally hit the target although it only hit the rear, the girl already jumped in joy. Then the boy hit the target again and finally he caught the red dot. The stall owner happily gave him a big bear and the boy gave it to the girl. She looked happy and gave him a kiss on the lips that almost caught me off guard, reminding me the event earlier when we almost kissed.

"Boy! Wanna try your luck?!" The stall owner who was looking at us said as he gave Judar a challenging gaze.

"I don't trust my luck." He said with a smirk.

"Oh that's really bad for your girl then. She had one misfortunate boy around." He said disappointed.

"I trust my talent so shut up geezer." He suddenly retorted and let my hand go to approach the stall owner. "Give me a set." He confidently demanded.

The old man laughed crouching down to take three balls below his store where he had set the balls. "Here you go, boy. Make sure to make your girl proud there!" He said giving me a wink and set his eyes back to Judar.

"Oh sure I will, old man!" Judar said back taking the ball to his hand turning back to looked at me. "Stay there." He ordered as if I'd run away. So I nodded to response. He nodded back and smirked turning back to the target.

He postured himself like he's gonna throw a shot put, sliding his left foot back and the ball raised between his earlobe and neck. Then he made a strong shot that soon hit the red spot. My eyes subbed from anticipation of a miss shot into an expression of amazement over what he did. Wow, he's cool. After doing the first shot, he looked back at me grinning. While I clapped my hands to show I'm impressed. For the two remaining balls, he didn't even miss the read dot that took some couple's attention that also made them as audience and the stall owner was also partly amazed that he picked up the largest bear and gave it to Judar. While Judar went back to where I am as he handed that big thing that almost covered half of my body. "Its too big!" I complained.

"Nope. You're just small." He said back that made me pout.

"I'm not small! I drink milk every night!" I protested.

But before we could make an argument, the audience-- who are the real couples around the place suddenly started to demand something from me and Judar. I could hardly hear what they are requesting and it made my stomach crowded with butterflies.

"KISS!" The young couples have said. Almost giving me hotshots to my face that caused me to blush even harder. I already imagined myself covered with pink because of my white skin. "KISS!" Again the demand was raised that made me looked at Judar who was wondering why he have to do that too.

But in order to stop them from demanding a kiss, I sighed and decided to give it as I approached Judar that made him looked at me and so I tiptoed to reach his height and kissed his cheek. I noticed that he was surprised, but after that, he gave an amused look to me and laughed when the audience had left contented over the little show. "Such a brat you are." He said again that made me wonder if that sentence already became his expression towards me or what.

"I'm not a brat!" I protested back like I always do.

"I was never imagine you giving a kiss. Wait, was that even a kiss?" He said in a toe of teasing.

"Then what did you expect? I'll kiss you straight ahead to your lips?" I asked with a blush.

"I kinda thought of." He honestly admitted. "But its better that way than what I have in mind."

"If I kiss you on your lips, its like giving up one of the precious things I have in physical." I said. "But its not really important now." I said again when I saw some shine of disappointment in his eyes. It made me feel guilty that I even gave a sudden conclusion. And its true anyway. However, from the time we were at the magic carpet, I didn't care anymore.

"So y/n." Judar called. "What is Valentine's day?" He asked.

"Love? Something like a day of love..." I answered unsure. "That's what I understand about Valentine's."

"What is date? Aside from the day in the calendar, what is date?"

"Date is something like a boy and girl getting to know each other that's why they're out together." I replied.

"Then we're on a date then." He suddenly stated.

I coughed out in surprise as if something choked me for seconds. I gave a blush again and nodded. "I guess we are." I agreed.

"Date sure is fun." He complimented and again, entwined his hand with mine. "Let's check another game. And then we'll try some rides too." He said and pulled me to run with him somewhere that he thinks, that is fun. I just smiled to that and joined the enjoyment.

Valentine's day only happened once a year. And for the first time I finally have a date, so why not have fun?

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