Treat You Better [Student/Teacher Love Series 1]

Cover photo creds Juliette_Aurora

"I'm so sorry Scar. I'm glad you told me." He said kissing the top of my head.

I pushed away from him, "Why do you care so much about me?" He's a teacher, of course, they need to care but for some reason deep down in my heart, I want it to be a different reason.

"Because I know I can treat you better." He blurted out.

Looks like I'm not the only one feeling brave.

"Mr-Adam what are you saying?" I asked my heart beating faster.

"Exactly what I said. I know this is the worst timing and that you're my student but I honestly don't care. I really like you, Scarlett." He said gently placing his hand on my cheek like he did in the classroom. I couldn't speak, his words stun me.

"Adam?" I whispered breathlessly.

"Be with me, Scarlett Rose."

Scarlett Rose sees nothing wrong with her wonderful (abusive) boyfriend Ray Monroe but Mr Watson the new Math teacher can't stand the


14. Done With Those Two

"That boy better turn the fuck away before I bash his face in." Dawn angrily muttered under her breath as we strolled into school.

I looked in the direction Dawn was looking at and saw Ray walking up to us.

"Hey Scar what happened to your arm? Did daddy hurt you?" He snickered at me with a creepy grin on his face.

I glared at him the cast on my arm feeling heavy all of a sudden. Dawn grabbed Ray by the collar of his shirt slamming him into the nearest lockers.

"Hey Ray, can you guess what's going to happen to your face in a second?" Dawn threaten making Ray's face go red with anger he shoved Dawn away.

"Dawn don't fight him!" I cried out to her tugging her arm hard.

By this point, a crowd of students started circling us watching and gossiping.

"No! This fucker is gonna get it!" Dawn yelled throwing a fist into Ray's face.

He attacked her to the floor and started hitting her in her stomach.

I wanted to stop them but with my injuries from dad, I'm not able to. The doctor barely decided to let me come to school today.

"Stop it!" Adam yelled shoving through the crowd of students he grabbed the back of Ray's shirt tossing him off of Dawn.

Dawn sat up her breathing heavily and her nose began to bleed, "I'm not done with his ass, Mr Watson!" Dawn declared at Adam standing she went to attack again but Adam stood in between them.

Adam shot Dawn a warning glance that made her glare at him crossing her arms. Adam turned to the crowd of students.

"Alright shows over go on." He shooed them away.

The students hurried off to their classes.

"Miss Rose take care of Miss Dillon," Adam told me gently. I nodded my head wrapping my arm with Dawn's we walked to Adam's classroom leaving Adam and Ray alone...


"Oh please don't put on the teacher act for my account it's not like I already know," Ray said standing off the ground.

I turned glaring at him, "Miss Rose is my student and nothing more." I snarled at him.

He rolled his eyes, "Yeah, sure, student alright well that's not what I've been hearing."

This kid is working my last nerve. He will not ruin this for me.

"And what exactly did you hear?" I question him.

"Nothing because it's over."

Ray and I turned our attention to Shelly.

"Over?" He walked up to her getting in her face, "What the fuck you mean it's over?"

Shelly glanced at me then looked down at her high heels, "I only told you she was seeing someone because I knew it would piss you off and that's exactly what I got but you went crazy assuming it was Mr Watson. He was just doing his job he cares about his students."  She told Ray.

"But you were the one that said it!" Ray protest.

 "I was jealous and stopped at nothing to tear you both down but now it's changed." She huffed turning on her heel she walked away.

I blinked a few times, did she just save my ass? Why? Maybe the girls might know.

Ray slammed his fist into the locker out of anger, "Stupid bitches." He muttered shaking his head he stormed off.

I walked to my classroom. When I got there Dawn was sitting on my desk and Scarlett was trying to stop Dawn's nose from bleeding.

"Is it bad?" I asked Scarlett as I walked into the room.

"It's not broken. Dawn's just a free bleeder." Scarlett replied stuffing more paper towels around Dawn's nose.

"Why didn't you let me kick his ass?! Come on Watson I thought you were on our side he freaking started it." Dawn whined.

"I would've had to send you to the principal's office and Scar wouldn't have appreciated if you got into a fight," I told her then explained to them both what happened when they left.

"You didn't tell him about Shelly and Mr Thomas?" Scarlett asked looking at Dawn.

"I was too worried about you." Dawn replied, "But we caught them two getting it on and I basically blackmailed her. I guess she thinks we're even now but the fun just started." Dawn laughed evilly rubbing her hands together.

Scarlett started shaking her head, "No. It's over we'll always have the upper hand can we leave it at that?" She asked Dawn taking a peek under the paper towel, "The bleeding slowed down."

"You're no fun. Party pooper." Dawn mumbled crossing her arms. 

I sighed running my hands through my hair, "I'm just glad we're done with those two" 

Scarlett smiled at me making my insides warm up. She's so beautiful. I reached out touching her hair a little.

  I've decided that I want to be with you  

I will never forget those words that changed me forever. She's made me feel so much happier. 

Dawn hopped off my desk holding the paper towel to her nose letting Scarlett's hand take a break, "I'm going to class." She threw the paper towels into the trash can on her way out.

"I'm so worried about her," Scarlett said turning to me I could see tears form in her eyes. 

I walked to her wrapped her in my arms careful not to hurt her from her injuries, "What's going on?" 

"She's putting on a front. Something is going on but she won't tell me."

I kissed her forehead, "Give her time she'll open up to you."

She sighed, "I hope so."

"You better get going to class now baby. I'll see you later." I kissed her then let her go watching her leave.

I miss her already.

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