Treat You Better [Student/Teacher Love Series 1]

Cover photo creds Juliette_Aurora

"I'm so sorry Scar. I'm glad you told me." He said kissing the top of my head.

I pushed away from him, "Why do you care so much about me?" He's a teacher, of course, they need to care but for some reason deep down in my heart, I want it to be a different reason.

"Because I know I can treat you better." He blurted out.

Looks like I'm not the only one feeling brave.

"Mr-Adam what are you saying?" I asked my heart beating faster.

"Exactly what I said. I know this is the worst timing and that you're my student but I honestly don't care. I really like you, Scarlett." He said gently placing his hand on my cheek like he did in the classroom. I couldn't speak, his words stun me.

"Adam?" I whispered breathlessly.

"Be with me, Scarlett Rose."

Scarlett Rose sees nothing wrong with her wonderful (abusive) boyfriend Ray Monroe but Mr Watson the new Math teacher can't stand the


15. Dawn's Past

A few weeks later

"I really wish I didn't have to chaperone the dance tonight. Miss. Ashlynn and the principal tracked me down and I couldn't say no." Adam sighed, "I'd really rather spend time with you but you should come tonight you only have a prom once."

I swayed back and forth in thought, "I don't know. I'm not a fan of people in this school I just don't want drama but knowing Miss. Ashlynn would be around you," I took a few steps toward him, "Doesn't sit well with me."

He pulled me in wrapping his arms around me, "You don't have to worry about me sweetheart although having you there would make me feel better." He winked.

I kissed him, "Okay, I supposed I'll go if I can get Dawn to go."

He smiled warming my heart, "Sounds good." I let go of him remembering were in his classroom. He's been tutoring me before school I hate waking up early for it but I love spending time with him.

He pulled out his wallet, "Here," He handed me 300 dollars, "For your dress and whatever else you need. I hope it'll be enough."

"You don't need to do that. I'm sure Dawn has something in her closet."

"If you want to look like you came from a goth concert I suggest you take it." Dawn spoke scaring us both, "You guys really need to watch out, handing money to a student sends red flags guys."

Adam looked embarrassed as he gently grabbed my hand giving me the money, "Right sorry. Take this I want to spoil my girl." He pecked my cheek making me blush a little.

"Alright come on Scar." Dawn began walking away I caught up with her.


"No." She said sternly.

I walked in front of her making her stop I pouted, "Pleasee I don't want to go by myself and it passes time till me and Adam can have alone time together."

She loudly sighed, "You really going to force me?"

I clasp my hands together begging her, "Please for meeee."

She rolled her eyes.

"Hey, Dawn and Scarlett!" Zac greeted walking up to us.

"Zac you down with going to prom with us?"

He looked surprised, "The great Dawn Dillon is finally asking me out?"

She crinkled her nose in disgust, "Ew no I'd rather jump off a cliff and besides aren't you gay?"

I've actually wondered that myself. I've never seen Zac with a girl but he does have a lot of guy friends.

He playfully shoved her, "I've told you I'm attracted to personalities like you are." She stopped dead in her tracks glaring at him as he smirked.

"Guys?" I question them wanting them to fill me in. I felt pretty left out right now.

"Come on Scar we'll be late for class." She gently grabbed my hand hurrying away from Zac.

What is going on?


"So what are you guys doing after prom?" Dawn asked me as we walked into Adam's classroom.

"I really want to do something romantic. I've been thinking about it all day but I dunno what to do." I told her as we took our seats.

"Sorry girl but you're talking to the wrong person for that."

"Yeah, I know Miss. No Love." I giggled.

"Relationships, no. Commitment, no. Its a lot of effort and I rather be a single pringle then rely on anyone." She shrugged as Adam walked into the room taking a quick peek at me.

I glanced at Dawn why would she think that? And what Zac said earlier really has me thinking. Why would she be so defensive about it? If there was someone she has feelings for no matter the gender she should really go for it. Dawn deserves happiness just like the rest of us but I know her trust issues get the best of her.

I put my chin in my hand looking at Adam who's back was turned writing today's lesson on the board, "What would you say if I told you I was ready?"

"Ready for what exactly?" She questions me, "Wait... You're ready for that D! Oh my god!" She gasped behind her hand.

I smiled at her, "That's one way to put it."

"Well, when we go dress shopping after class we'll get you some sexy lingerie for the after party." She nudges my side.

"Do you think he would even like that?"

She snorted, "Uh, yeah."

"Ladies, can I have your attention please?" Adam called on us with a hint of a smile.

"Right sorry Mr. Watson." Dawn smiled sheepishly.

"Thank you." Adam continues on about math.

I doodled in my notebook finding myself excited for what Dawn has in mind.

Once the bell rang we hurried out of class before Adam could stop us. In the hallway I caught Ray looking at me before he shoved his tongue down the throat of a freshman. Poor girl just glad that's not me anymore.

We got into Dawn's car and quickly took off before someone catches us. I glanced in the back seat seeing an old Polaroid camera.

"Where did you get that from?" I asked her.

She began tapping her finger on the steering wheel, "It was mom's turns out the bitch had a hobby before gambling and drinking."


Dawn shrugged it off, "Have you been painting any since the cast got taken off?"

I glanced down at my arm that was cast free now and it's still sore, "It gets tired really fast I feel like I don't have the strength anymore."

"Just don't stop, okay? Painting is your passion and I'll be damned if anyone takes that away from you."

I glanced at her, "I'll try to get back to it."

Eventually, we made it to the mall. She pulled into a parking spot.

"It looks so busy." I watched the hustle and bustle of people coming in and out of the mall carrying all sorts of bags.

"Prom is tonight. Some girls do their shopping a little late. Now let's go." We got out of the car walking inside the mall.

"I guess lingerie first?" Dawn suggested looking at me.

I nodded as we walked into Victora secret looking at all the cute outfits.

"Ooo this would look cute on you." Dawn held up a pink pleated babydoll lingerie.

"I kinda like it," I said as I pulled out a black corset with matching panties, "This would look cute on you! We should try these on." I gently grabbed Dawn's hand leading her to the dressing room.

"Well, they're all full except for one."

"Well, you go first," Dawn said quickly giving me the pink babydoll lingerie.

"Don't be silly! Come on!" I grabbed her arm pulling her into the dressing room with me. I'm not worried by her seeing my scars I know she doesn't judge.

I began to undress taking off everything but my panties I slipped on the lingerie looking in the mirror it fit me perfectly. I glanced at Dawn in the mirror she had her back to me two thick long scars marked her back.

I covered my mouth to keep from gasping, "D-Dawn?"


I turned to her, "Your back." Is all I could say.

She froze, "Oh, right. Fuck." She quickly put her shirt back on, "Um, I'll wait out here."

I felt tears in my eyes, "Do you not trust me? We've been best friends for two years and you just don't tell me anything. I care about you, you know that right? I want to know my best friend!"

She stared at me, "You want to know the scoop about Dawn Dillon? Here it is my parents are absolute shit. My dad works and comes home once in a blue moon and my mom as you already know has a drinking problem and is a big gambler, oh did I mention she's also abusive not in a physical way but emotional got so bad I tried to kill myself," She brought out her arm licking her finger she rubbed her wrist makeup came off showing her cut marks, "I was deeply depressed and I'm still suicidal. I shut everyone out because I fuck up everything but when I met you," She paused closing her eyes tightly she wrapped her arms around herself, "I really, really liked you in a way I shouldn't. You are the most beautiful thing I ever saw and I wanted to fix you but how can a broken person fix another? And relationships, don't even get me started about them there shit." She opened her eyes looking at me, "I honestly hate being me and I put on this front that nothing is wrong when I simply want to just fucking die. Mom eventually kicked me out I was homeless for awhile I didn't bother you with it and at the time I didn't even have a phone. It continued to just get worse so I jumped off a bridge when I landed in the water I felt two sharp ends cut my back I thought I would've bled to death but here I am." She took a deep breath to calm her nerves. I was stun she had so much going on and I didn't know. I pulled her into my arms she wrapped her arms around me and started to cry.

"I honestly don't know how I'm still here." She spoke in between sobs, "After I came to shore I managed to walk to a bar near Oak Ridge college that Missy owns. She came outside and found me she saved my life."

I rubbed her back, "Dawn, you've been through so much. I'm glad you're still here I wouldn't know what to do without my best friend and if you use to have feelings for me its okay you're an amazing person and I wish you wouldn't want to die we can work through this you have my back I think its time I have yours." I pulled her back grabbing a hold of her face I made her look at me, "I wouldn't know what to do without you Dawn and if I ever see your mom I'm going to say something to her she shouldn't treat you like that..." I pecked her forehead then let her go taking a seat on the bench she sat down beside me.

"You don't have to worry about the bitch. She died a month ago from alcohol poisoning. She got served finally."

I sighed, "Why didn't you tell me?"

She shrugged, "It's in the past and you had so much of your own shit to deal with I didn't want to burden you with mine. Zac only found out about my feelings by chance I really planned on not saying shit."

I wrapped my arm around her shoulders, "Its okay, I'm glad you told me. I know it was hard but you're still my best friend and nothing will change that just please for now on tell me things."

"Okay, deal. Now that this cry fest is over let's go buy your lingerie and get this night back on tack whadda say?" She laughed.

I giggled, "Sounds good."

She stood to leave the dressing room but I grabbed her hand stopping her.

"I just wanted to say that the scars on your back look like you've had wings and when you fell from heaven you've had them stripped."

She shook her head with a small smile, "Only you would find the beauty in people even when they're a piece of shit."

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