All Of The Stars - mgc

The heart shattering story of two unlikely best friends

All of The Stars ~ a Michael Clifford fanfic

I put the rating as yellow because this will include Issues such as Depression, Self Harm, and Suicidal Thoughts/and/or actions, so incase discussing any of these issues trigger/bother you, just know that they will be in this book sooner or later.



1. Prologue/Description

A story in which a reckless, carefree, teenage boy falls for a naive, shy, and quiet teenage girl.

They both Don't have great lives home-wise...and neither of them have a shoulder to cry on when they need it the most. Until the day that they finally cross paths with one another, and both of their lives change dramatically for the better and on some days, for the worse. They go through so much together and become closer than either of them could've ever imagined, but what happens when one of them gets cut off from the other??

...I guess you're about to find out.

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