All Of The Stars - mgc

The heart shattering story of two unlikely best friends

All of The Stars ~ a Michael Clifford fanfic

I put the rating as yellow because this will include Issues such as Depression, Self Harm, and Suicidal Thoughts/and/or actions, so incase discussing any of these issues trigger/bother you, just know that they will be in this book sooner or later.



2. Chapter 1 - Moving In

Rose's P.O.V.

-f l a s h b a c k-


//8 years old//

"Rose Ann-Marie, how do you expect to pass the 2nd grade if you don't complete your homework?" My mother asked as she walked passed my best friend Mali Koa and I. We were supposed to be finishing our Homework but we never got any work done. "Mom, can't we take a break?" I pouted as Mali Koa began to put away the multiple sheets of paper we had sprawled out across the floor of our cozy living room. "Mal's mom should be here soon, I think it'd be best if you guys finish your work" my mom sighed as she grabbed 2 waters out of the fridge, walked over to Where we were sitting, and handed one to each of us. "But we already put -" I began to protest but I was interrupted by a knocking at the door "It's open!" My mom shouted as the door slowly opened and Mali Koa's mom, Joy strolled in with Mal's older brother Calum trailing closely behind her. "Calum!!" I screamed and he immediately came out from behind his mom and ran to me and Mali Koa, tackling us both to the floor. We all burst into endless fits of laughter as our parents stood there patiently. silently judging us on our weirdness and immaturity. "Ok ok Mali, Cal, we better get going" Joy smiled as all 3 of us helped each other up off of the floor. "What's with the long faces?" My mom chuckled, quickly noticing our disappointed looks. "You guys will see each other at school tomorrow" she added. The 3 of us hugged each other, our laughter filling the room. "Oo. Let me get a picture!!" Joy exclaimed as she swiftly grabbed her phone out of her purse. "Smile!!" She chuckled lightly as we all held tightly onto each other, smiling from ear to ear. "I love you guys" I said as I gave each of them one last hug before they exited the house.

- e n d f l a s h b a c k -


//16 years old//

I held tightly onto the framed picture of Mali Koa, Calum, and I as a few tears escaped my eyes. That night was the last night I saw my best friend. Joy, Calum and Mali Koa were victims of a Head On Collision that killed Joy instantly, Put Mali Koa in a coma for 7 days before she passed away in the hospital. Calum survived with minor injuries and has been living with me and my mom ever since that day. He's like an older brother to me, whatever we do, we do together. If I get grounded, he stays in the house despite the fact that he can leave any time he wants. We take care of each other, and for a while, it felt like that's all we needed. My dad passed away before I was born, he committed suicide, my mom won't tell me the reason because she thinks I'm not "mentally or physically ready". So it was just me, cal, and my mom for a while, until David came into the picture. David is my moms new boyfriend. They've been dating for about 3 years now, and he's simply horrific. Both Calum and I can't stand him, but there's really nothing we can do about it.

"ROSEY!!" David shouted from downstairs "CALLIE!!" He added. Almost immediately, calum came bursting through my bedroom door "What is with this guy and the nicknames" he rolled his eyes, attempting to make me smile. It worked. I hopped off of my bed and slowly approached the bottom of the stairs Calum following along side me. "Rosey, Callie, I'm so glad you guys are here!!" He said quickly, as he gave us both a tight hug. "Rose" I scoffed "Calum" calum glared at David who was smiling like an idiot. "And we live here." Calum added "so why are you acting surprised?" "Kids! Be nice!" My mom whisper-shouted from behind him. Forcing both calum and I to put on fake smiles. "I have fantastic News!" David chuckled as calum and I glanced at each other quickly "I'm moving in!!"

* * * * *

"I can't believe he's moving in!" I groaned as I fell back onto my bed "I can." Calum sighed as he took a seat on the edge of my dresser "this isn't fair!" I whinned "I'm sorry Rose I really don't know what to say to make you feel-" calum began to say before he was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Since My mom and David left to go furniture shopping a few hours ago, I was forced to go answer the door. "Ugh!" I groaned as I got up from my bed and walked over to the door. Calum following behind me, like always. I unlocked the door and opened it swiftly "who is-" I began to say but suddenly, I forgot how to speak. He had Black Hair, Grey/blue eyes, a few facial piercings, accompanied by a couple tattoos. He was wearing an All Time Low T-Shirt with Black Skinny jeans. He was perfect. "Hi." He said with a small smile. "Hey." I managed to choke out. "I'm the uh, new neighbor" he said nervously "oh." I said, my voice barely audible "yeah, I just moved in next door, anyways..." The boy trailed off. Calum rolled his eyes, obviously getting annoyed "I'm Michael." He said as he put his hand out for me to shake. I took his hand firmly in mine and shook it "Rose." I smiled. "I was wondering if you guys would mind if we borrow your hose, ours is broken and my mom wants to Spray down the patio." He said, gesturing towards his mom who was waving vigorously. I responded with a small wave. "Sure, go ahead." I told him "awesome! Thanks." He said before returning to his home. Calum closed the door and locked it. "What's up with you?" I asked curiously "I don't know..." He sighed "something about that guy.." He trailed off " just doesn't seem right"

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