The nerdy squad

Michelle always lived video games, she went to every book reading meeting and she loves to read. Some call her a nerd. And she even calls herself one. Because she's proud of it. But when she finds these girls who are also nerds can they start a nerd squad?


1. chapter 1

Michelle was lying on her bed reading her newest book. "Oh, I can't wait to show this book to my reading group." She said as she saw the time and put her book in her backpack. She zipped it up and put on a purple shirt with some black pants. She kissed her fingers and put them on her PAC-man poster. She grabbed her backpack and put it on her back. She waved at her mom and her sisters Camilla and Nina. Camilla is 1year older then her. And Nina is 2 years younger than Michelle. Michelle put her hand out for the school bus to see. The driver stopped and Michelle hopped on the bus. She sat in the back like usual because it's quiet and no one else sits there. She grabbed her book and opened it to start reading it. Then the bus driver talked on the micro phone and said "attention attention students we have a new student on this bus named Debra. Michelle looked up and looked at Debra. Debra smiled at everyone and sat in the middle. She then took our a folder with a cute kitty on it. And took out a piece of paper and started drawing. Michelle put her head down and started to read again.

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