Zodiac Cafè [ON HOLD]

|Zodiac Preferences|

This book will include the following people:
•Luke Hemmings
•Michael Clifford
•Calum Hood
•Ashton Irwin
•Niall Horan
•Harry Styles
•Liam Payne
•Louis Tomlinson
•The Buttercream Squad
[Joe S, Jack M, Conor M, Josh P, Mikey P, Oli W, Caspar L]
And more!


7. The Maynard's

You and jack are friends and you just started a YouTube channel.

You ask jack to do a collab with you.

Why do you want him to collab with you?

Aries - you think it would be fun

Taurus - you want him to be in your very first YouTube video

Gemini - none of the other buttercreams will do a collab with you

Cancer - you haven't seen jack in a while and want to hang out

Leo - all the other buttercreams hate you

Virgo - you want to hang out with jack more to get with conor.

Libra - you want to use jack for subscribers

Scorpio - you want to use jack for Instagram followers

Sagittarius - you want to use jack for twitter followers

Capricorn - you miss him

Aquarius - you think it would be fun

Pisces - you secretly have a crush on him

Comment what you got!

-And vote on who you want to see in this story if I haven't used them/listed them already

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