Disjointed Poetry

Random disjointed poetry I write to get rid of emotions and pain and to speak words I can never speak out loud.


4. Poem Number Four


Remember the day

When I called your name

We were out on the bank of the river

Stood facing across

From opposite sides

I shouted to make it sound clearer


I hoped that you would know

Maybe you had kept note

Cause you had replied

And that gave me life

I wanted to smile

So why didn't I smile

'Stead of acting like a child

And jumping around made you laugh

Didn't I make you laugh


Holding on to hoping that 

Someday you'll give your seat up and

Holler to me as we cross in the street

Say something

So that I know it's alright

Say nothing

I can't move on with my life

Holding on to hoping that

Maybe you'll understand

The pieces of me that I just can't help


I remember the day

Some girl called my name

As if we knew each other far too well

Like a song to the lost

Her dance was so bad

But I laughed, and I laughed and I laughed


I know it seems weird

but maybe I knew

Right then and right there

Maybe I knew


I hoped that she'd look at me

Straight forward so that I could see her face 

Recognise her out and about

Can only search for a hair colour

Common amongst a crowd of the same heads

Listen for the way she said my name

Holding on to hoping for that




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