She is everyone, and no one. She doesn't even have a name, because every day she is in a new life. She doesn't know who she is...or was. All she knows is the pain of these other girls, these living girls, the suffering girls.

She wants to know who she really is...but what will it take to find out?

WARNING: This Movella contains rape, bullying, suicide, abuse, self-harm, and other sensitive elements.


9. Luna

“What’s up, hummingbird?”

    “Dad, I…”

    Eyes, warm with a father’s affection, weigh my words down so that I can’t speak anymore. “Nevermind.”

    My wrist, hidden under a long blue sleeve, throbs as I walk away, and guilt pounds in my heart to the same bloody beat. I retreat back into my bedroom, close my door, and pull my sleeve up. I curse under my breath when I peel back the bandages and see the cut on my wrist. The shiny, hot skin and lining of pus are a clear indication of an infection.

    So this is what I get for failing to kill myself. I wonder if this could kill me before anyone notices? Probably not.

    I wrap the cut back up, and push my sleeve back down, then walk over to my dresser. I dig through my clothes until I find the pills.



    “Luna! You overslept again !”

    I open my eyes. Another dream. What do they mean?

    “Come on, get your ass out of bed! I’ll have to drive you to school.” Luna’s mom storms out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her. I get up, then wince in pain as my shoulder throbs. I carefully pull my shirt off, and am startled to find that my whole shoulder is swollen and purple. Luna’s memories quickly show me what happened.

    School is going to be hell.


    It starts almost immediately after I walk into the building. Two girls start walking on either side of me, Melany Cruse and Georgia Middell. “Hey, Harvey.” Melany says.

    I stay silent. Luna is a mute as a result of-

    “Hey, I’m talking to you, freak!” Melany shoves me into a wall. Fortunately, the impact is on my good shoulder, and I keep a straight face. Melany frowns. “Hmm. Wrong side.” She slips her bookbag off her shoulder, winks, and suddenly slings it towards me. It hits my bad shoulder hard, and I almost scream in pain, crumpling to the ground. I hear Melany and Georgia laughing above me. “That’s much better,” Georgia says. Their heels click against the ground at they walk away.


    That. That is why Luna is mute. Because she doesn’t want to give them the satisfaction of hearing her scream.



    Fortunately, the two girls aren’t in any of Luna’s classes. That doesn’t make me safe, though; there are many other bullies on the field, striking at me with every opportunity.

    Luna is one of many girls I’ve occupied who are bullied daily. Some were worse than others, and Luna’s is dangerously close to the top of the list.

    As soon as the lunch bell rings, I run to the bathroom. I’m relieved to find it empty, and I gaze at my reflection in the grimy mirrors.

    A large portion of Luna’s face is scarred, a grotesque landscape of shiny knots and pits that coats her left cheek and just barely misses her eye as it climbs onto her forehead.

    Five years ago, Luna was in a horrible house fire that nearly took her life. Luna, who’d evacuated the burning house with her parents, ran back into the flames to try to save her little brother, who’d been trapped behind a fallen beam.

    Then the house exploded, tossing Luna and her brother into the sky.

    Luna was left with broken bones, numerous internal injuries, and burns coating most of her body. Her brother didn’t survive.

    After a year of painful recovery, Luna’s parents decided to move out of the state completely.

    Luna was dropped into a new school, and immediately declared a freak by her peers. It didn’t take long for stares to become verbal bullying, and for words to become physical attacks.


    I suddenly hear voices outside the bathroom door, startling me out of Luna’s thoughts and pushing me into the closest stall.

    “Oooh, Lunaaa!!! We know you’re in here, freak!”

    I close my eyes as Melany’s voice bounces through the bathroom. I pull my feet up off the floor and carefully push them against the stall door.

    “Hey, that’s her backpack!” Georgia exclaims. My eyes fly open. Oh, no.

    Melany giggles. “Well, Luna, if we can’t have you, I guess we’re just gonna have to take something that belongs to you!”

    The next few minutes are full of giggles, shredded paper, and the sounds of broken things. My heart must be six feet under the dirty tile floors by the time they leave.

    I exit the stall and am faced with disaster. They’ve destroyed not only the contents of my backpack, but the bag itself. It lies in tatters by the trashcan.

    Tears suddenly push themselves through my barrier and pour down my face. I collapse onto my knees, sending paper scraps flying.

    Luna sacrificed herself to try to save her brother, and this is what she gets for it? It’s just so unfair...this is a beautiful person, scars or no scars, and no one seems to care.


    It’s a long time before I realize that I’m not alone. I look up, startled to see a girl with dyed green hair and big brown eyes kneeling in front of me, silent and solemn. “They really fucked up your shit, huh?” she says quietly, looking around.

I nod, awkwardly wiping my face with my sleeve. She looks at me, eyes running over my knotted skin. I wait for a criticism, for a cruel remark.

Then she smiles, a warm and genuine stretch of lips. She stands and holds out her hand for me to grab. “Come on. I know where you can get a new bag and stuff right in school.”

She leads me to an abandoned hallway of the school. No one ever comes here and there are no classrooms being used, because of a chemical accident that deemed the area uninhabitable. I hesitate just outside the condemned hallway. The green-haired girl, yanks on my hand. “Relax. I come here all the time.” I bite my lip and follow her in.

We walk to a closet that’s in the back of one of the classrooms. She opens it with a hard tug and reveals a collection of school supplies in perfect condition. From a shelf at the top of the closet, she pulls a bright blue backpack that is clean and unused. “Here. Do you like blue? I think there’s a red one, too.”

I take the bag silently. She watches as I run my fingers over the fabric. “Oh, right, I forgot that you’re mute.” She turns back to the closet. I watch as she fills a pencil pouch with variou supplies, then turns and hands it to me. I toss the pouch into my new backpack, then sling the bag over my shoulder. I look at the girl and am startled to feel a small smile creeping onto my face. “Thank...you.” I whisper.

“I’m not sure what to do about your papers, though. Was there anything important?”

The smile falls from my mouth and shatters against the floor. Luna’s essay was in that bag, a paper that she’d spent an entire week perfecting. I rifled through her memories, wondering if she had a digital copy.

That’s when I realize that Melany took Luna’s laptop.

“Melany...took my laptop.” I say quietly. It’s hard to talk - the fire damaged Luna’s throat a bit, which is another reason she’s mute.

The green-haired girl clenches her fist. “Oh, that little bitch! Don’t worry, I’ll help you get it back. Oh, by the way, my name is Rayne. You’re Luna, right?”

I nod.

Rayne grins. “Love your name. Alright, let’s go teach that bitch a lesson.”


We find Melany and Georgia skipping class under the bleachers of the empty gym. They’re giggling over something on Luna’s laptop.

Rayne storms up to them. “Hey!”

The two girls, look up, eyes widening.

Rayne is actually pretty intimidating. She’s tall and muscular, and radiates confidence. Melany and Georgia look genuinely terrified as they quickly get to their feet. “What do you want, Perri?”

“Give Luna her laptop back, you little sluts.”

Melany looks like she’s going to protest until she sees Rayne’s fist clenching. She gulps. “Alright, alright, fine. Take it.”

Rayne smiles. “Thought so.” Rayne snatches the laptop away from the girls and walks back towards me. She hands me the computer, which looks undamaged. “Is what you need on there?” she asks.

I quickly scroll through Luna’s files, relieved to see that nothing important has been deleted. “It’s all here,” I say, closing the laptop.

Rayne grins. “And teachers are supposed to upload electronic copies of assignments, so you can just print stuff out and redo it, right?”

I nod. “Thank you.”

She grins. “Hey, I was you once. Then I buffed up over the summer and beat up an old bully two days before school started up again. They’ve barely even looked at me since.”

“Wow.” We walk out of the gym. Rayne looks up at a clock on the wall. “Wanna just ditch the rest of the day?”



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