Dress of Despair Plot Shop

Ever wanted to write a story but just couldn't think up a good plot for it? Well fear no more! Endie is here to help you get the perfect plot* for your story.

*Plot perfection not guaranteed, results may vary


1. Introduction

HELLO! Welcome to my plot shop :D Here I’ll be taking requests for plots, and also posting ones I just thought of on the go that people can claim and use for their stories. My specialty is dark and sad so my happy plots might be a bit worse then my dark depressing ones but I am able to do all kinds of plots :) And a lot of stuff will be left blank to change so when you see an [Insert _____ ] that’s just where you slot in your own thing.


There are a few rules that I must run through but they aren’t too hard to follow- I hope

You cannot use any plots that are claimed.

Please credit me if you use a plot of mine. I really don’t appreciate people taking credit for my work.

If you don’t like the plot I make for you then just tell me and I can edit it. I won’t get offended if you ask :)

If your story is inspired by one of mine and has some of the same stuff please credit me (just add “plot inspired by @[Ender Queen])

Please give me details when you request if you want your plot to be JUST right for you.


So if you’re still here, then here’s the form to request a specially made plot :D Also- in the “Any Specific Events” part that’s just where you put events that must be in the plot (character death, romance succeeding or failing, war happening- etc.)

Theme ;

Mood ;

Genre ;

Single or Series ;

Message ;

Any Specific Events ;


Well, I hope to see you soon stranger!

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