Stay with me (a carl grimes fanfic)

Your listening to music in your room when your doorknob move. You've already called out your dad and got no response. Later on you figure out that's a a cute boy and his dad.


3. page 3

I wrote the page but I got deleted so imma just rap up what I wrote.

So Rick couldn't find anything. And Rick wanted to go back home but Beverly didn't wanna leave her home and she didn't wanna leave her dad. And then she said that her mother left her when she was only 2. And then Carl felt sympathetic and him and Beverly hugged. Then Beverly agreed and there going to go back to Rick and the gangs place. (Not sure where they are yet wood berry, the farm or somewhere else where they started out in the earlier seasons. Because I'm making this story depending on the earlier seasons. So negan and Alexandria aren't a thing yet. And I'm making Shane still alive. So put down in the comments below where Rick and the gang's place should be.

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