Stay with me (a carl grimes fanfic)

Your listening to music in your room when your doorknob move. You've already called out your dad and got no response. Later on you figure out that's a a cute boy and his dad.


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This story I'm making on the beginning seasons.

I smiled at Carl and Rick. And Carl said "Beverly we can shoot walkers together." I looked at Carl and said "wait, what are walkers?" Rick then said "wait, you don't know how the world is now do you?" I shook my head. Rick looked at Carl and Carl looked at Rick. Rick then said "there's dead people outside, they took over the world, we don't know how it started. But to survive you have to kill them in the head.

I looked at them puzzled. "And you call them walkers?" Carl then said "yes" I nodded. Rick then said "where's your parents?" I then said "I don't know" Carl then said "do you have any guns or ammo or anything?"

"No" I said and then Rick said "her parents might've know about this without her knowing and maybe they hid something." Carl then said "let's look some more dad" Rick said "alright, there's nothing in here." Carl held out his hand and said "here, take my hand." I grabbed his hand and smiled.

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