*Entry for the Strange Dreamer Competition*


1. The Nightmare

It was beautiful everything was white, and there were clouds floating and passing by. Angels with large white, feathery, wings. I drew in a breath.

Everything was beautiful

I was playing when I felt something. Something wrong. Then it hit me. Where is my family? Where is my brothers, my sisters, my mother, and my father? I looked around not finding them anywhere. Where are they?

''My child...''a man said.''Come with me, I want to show you something.''He said. He was tall and had light brown hair with baby blue eyes, dressed in a white robe, with light brown sandals. We walked for a little amount of time and ended up in a white room, that was large with a rounded ceiling. We walked over to a mirror. He told me to look through so I did. 

It was red, dark, and black. People hanging on crosses and burning in fire. Money littered the streets. People running around, everywhere, while others chased them. Hell that's what this place was. 

I looked up at the man.

''Are you willing to go be with your family down their, that is where they are.''He said.

I looked down, my family was in hell?What had they done wrong?

''Yes I am.''I said.

''There is no going back, my child.''He said.

''I know.''I walked through the mirror and everything became burning hot. Yet my insides were cold. My family! They hung from crosses like the rest, but there's weren't on fire.

I would have saved them but In my dream I did not. I do not know why. Maybe I was scared? Or a part of me knew this wasn't real.

I was suddenly in a room. Not knowing how I got there. I got down on my knees and prayed. I knew he wouldn't take me back and I knew I couldn't go back. But I prayed.

''Are you praying, in my house?''A voice boomed.

I climbed into the bed, ever so silently. 

''No, no..i'm not.''I whispered.


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