40. Wayward Daughter

Gabe and Cas looked to find Chuck and Amara standing in library. "So how is life" asked Chuck, Dean wanted to reply but Chuck stopped in middle "Don't I know all about it."

"Dad, you came back? Aunt Amara?" asked Gabriel.

"Hello to you too Gabriel, and Cas you got yourself back, it's nice to meet you finally" said Amara.

Sam came downstairs and was surprised as well, Ruhaani followed him, she saw a familiar face, her friend Chuck and another girl. She rushed to him and hugged him tightly. Sam, Dean,Gabe and Cas were now confused. "Hey! How are you? Why didn't you tell me that you were leaving, do you know how much worried I was. I prayed that you were safe and sound" snapping at Chuck. Dean was looking at Ruhaani with astonishment, Sam was kind of scared and Gabe was laughing and Cas looked confused as usual. 

"Hello to you too bunny, hey I want you to meet my sister Amara" said Chuck.

"Hello Ruhaani, I have heard quite a lot about you from my brother" 

"Hey" she said excitedly.

"So where were you?" asked Ruhaani.

"Family time, bonding with my sister"

"Oh..But you could have messaged me, I was very worried" said Ruhaani.

"I know bunny, I am sorry" said Chuck

"So how was family bonding" she asked Amara with excitement and love. Amara recognised every emotion in the room.

"It was best, everything I ever wanted" said Amara.

Ruhaani took Amara's arm and took her to her room and left all the men in awkward silence.

In library everyone looked at Chuck, "So she doesn't know who you are?" asked Dean.

"No, to her I am a common man, well her friend" replied Chuck.

"Dad why are you here?" asked Gabe

"I wanted to check on my youngest daughter" said Chuck

"You mean Ruhaani?" asked Sam.

"Yes and I wanted Amara to meet her, as Amara was inspiration behind her"

"No offence, but Amara is darkness, how is Ruhaani dark?" asked Dean

"Cas, son you want to answer that for me?"

"Ruhaani is powerful yet powerless for all her loved ones, like you, me, Gabriel, Sam. She tries to protect everyone" replied Cas.

"Why are you here Chuck? Seriously last time I met you went away with your sister, now all of a sudden?" said Dean

"I heard her prayers, you know what she prays, she prays that nothing bad happens to good people, she prays for you Gabriel, Castiel, Dean, Sam, me and everyone she ever loved"

"But I never saw her praying" said Sam.

"Not every prayer has to be said in your knees with your hands joined, she prays that you guys get a normal life away from what you do, Gabriel she wants you to stop running from your own family, Cas she prays that you remain the same, she wants to keep you all alive and safe"

So I came to answer her prayer, she wants you all to have normal life, she just needs to realize that she can do that on her own.

"What are you trying to say Chuck?" asked Sam

"Please tell me it's not what I think it is, are you willing to sacrifice your youngest angel to give them some daily jack and joe life?"

"What  is he saying?" asked Dean

"He is saying that if Ruhaani wants, she can end all supernatural deaths and avert anything that can happen in future, which means no one dies because of a demon, werewolf, vampire or even an angel" said Cas


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