31. Tantrums

For few days Ruhaani looked after the Winchesters, she wanted them to have a normal life even if it was just for few days, so while researching if any case came up, she would text the other hunters she knew. 

Dean's POV

I don't exactly remember what happened in the warehouse, those vamps had taken us captive and they were draining blood from our bodies, they tied us up and started drinking our blood, I tried to cut the ropes but there was no energy left in me, I looked at Sam, he looked pale, his eyes were closed,suddenly I thought of Roo, she would come looking for us, I prayed that she does not come, because if she came she would have no back up, I was worried, but I could not move or feel my arms, slowly I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up when I heard a loud thud, I opened my eyes to see Ruhaani killing one vamp, she rushed towards us, she cut us down, I was really angry at her, she came alone, but I didn't say anything, I didn't have a spec of energy in me. She took something from me and then left me, next thing I knew she was forcing me to drink something, I don't know how and when she brought me and Sammy back to bunker. She fed me and made me sleep, she wouldn't let me out of bed. I am not ashamed to admit, but it kinda felt good, I never felt this way before, someone looking after me.

I went to check on her but Cas zapped me back to my room and Ruhaani made me stay in the bed. I was feeling loved, something I haven't felt in a very very long time.


Sam's POV

I woke up in my bed, I was all sweaty from my nightmare, but I felt light headed, Ruhaani came to my room hearing all the commotion, as I tried to walk to the door of my room. She had changed me, I felt like a baby who has no control over his body. Ruhaani made me drink some glucose every hour and then she brought some food, I didn't feel like eating so I kept the plate aside, but she didn't give up, she fed me forcibly. I ate all of the food, I didn't realise that I was famished, I felt tired soon so she covered me up and kissed me good night. I felt content. 


After a few days of taking care of man sized baby Winchesters, Ruhaani asked Cas to check them and when Cas told them that they both were perfectly healthy Ruhaani took a deep breath. Ruhaani felt relieved. Dean was happy because he could finally eat every greasy thing and drink alcohol which Mama Bear didn't let him have. Sam was smiling seeing Dean pouring himself whiskey. 

"So now that we are okay Mama Bear, would you tell us how you did it?"said Dean.

"Did what?"

"You killed all those vamps all by yourself. How did you do it?" asked Dean.

"Well you should know I am a pro in these things" she said jokingly trying to bury how she snapped her fingers and the fang became a pool of flesh and blood.

"Seriously Roo, there were two of us, but you took all of them on your own, I mean I am impressed" said Sam lovingly.

She smiled at him, she wanted to kiss him and hug him tight and to never let go of him. But she didn't want to feel like a freak, she didn't want boys to look at her any differently. She wanted to remain human desperately.

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