42. Show Time

There was a heated discussion going on, in the library, it seemed like hours. After a while Sam went to check on Roo, he didn't want to be the part of that debate anymore, he was not willing for Roo to take upon a life threatening mission. She wanted to be normal, she had told him several times, and he is not going to shatter her dreams with the responsibility of world and he won't let anyone else do it either.


"Dean, don't you think I know why you don't want Ruhaani to do this" said Chuck

"I don't know what you are talking about" answered Dean.

"I know you love her a lot, I also know that you didn't want to say anything because you know Sam loves her, but Dean, I created Ruhaani for sole purpose of saving people"

"And look at the bright side of it Dean, you and Sam get to have a normal life, a family something you never had" Gabriel chimed in.

"But she is our family too, don't you see that, after everything that we have done for this world, we got her and here you are to yank it away from us."

"She will be away, but she will be safe, safe from Lucifer and other demons, Lucifer wants her power so that he can get out of his cage, and I am not willing to let my youngest to be a chew toy for my son" said Chuck.

"So you know all about it? Then why don't you help us kill him? said Cas

"Because I am tired, tired of this wickedness, destruction everywhere"


Sam came downstairs with Amara and Ruhaani, "Amara it's time for us to leave" said Chuck.

"You are leaving so soon?" Roo asked.

"Ruhaani, come give your old man a hug, I have some place to be" calling Ruhaani to hug her.

Ruhaani hugged him and Chuck hugged her back tightly, he kissed her head and asked her to be safe, he pulled her back and put her hand on her head, something happened, everyone in the room saw an aura passing into Ruhaani.

"I am going to miss you and Amara too, she is just as you described" she whispered in his ears.

Amara heard that and a smile crept up her lips. As soon as she turned away, they disappeared and so did Gabriel.

Ruhaani thought Gabe must have zapped them away, she was still confused that how did Sam and Dean as well as Cas and Gabe knew Chuck. She sensed some tensions in the air. Dean and Sam looked at each other while Cas had his grim face.


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