39. It's Chuck Time

Ruhaani was sleeping for about a week, sometimes she woke up from nightmares but other than that she slept. Dean never left her side, Sam went out to get food and groceries trying to wake her up but all their attempts were futile. Cas came almost everyday to check on her and so did Gabe, Gabe blamed himself for what had happened to Ruhaani, so did Dean. 

"She is weak but fine, the enchantment is wearing off" said Cas.

"I am going to find that son of a bitch and kill him" Dean replied in rage.

"I am just glad that she is alive, if they knew who she was they would have drained life out of her for mere power" said Gabe. Cas, Dean and Sam looked confused.

"What do you mean?" asked Cas.

"It means that Dad created her to be safe from all harms including humans too, if anyone tried anything with her knowing that she is the most powerful bleeding angel, she would react like a normal human being to all sorcery, torture and witchcraft" explained Gabe.


Ruhaani stirred in her sleep, she opened her eyes slowly to see a concerned look on Sam, worried look on Gabe and Cas, Dean teary eyed. "Where did you go cry baby? What happened? tell us everything" said Dean controlling his emotions.

"I..I don't remember anything, its all in bits and pieces, someone roofied me and took me some place, they strapped me to a chair with weird markings on cuffs and they tested me for monster signs, for each and every monster for two days, after they found nothing they left me on the side of road"

"They chanted something in enochian, but nothing happened" she explained all.

Bobby was still on the hunt for the people who took Ruhaani, he was hunting with Rudy another hunter.

She got up and hugged Dean, Dean held her to never let her go, she had become an integral part of him, "I love you Dean, but you gotta stop blaming yourself, I am fine as long as I have you" she whispered in his ear, Dean calmed down. She went and hugged Gabe, "It's ok big bro, I am okay" and kissed his cheek. She stood in front of Cas, waiting for him to understand that she wanted to hug him. "Cas" Dean chimed. Cas tried hugging her but she held on to him, "If anything ever happens to me, I want you to take care of my boys and you. Got it?" she whispered in his ear. He read her eyes.

Finally she went to Sam, Sam took her hand in his hands and kissed them, he hugged her like giant bear, kissed her head, forehead, cheeks, lips, he had so many emotions running in him.

"Okay let's leave these lovebirds alone" said Dean and walked out of Ruhaani's room.

"Nothing is going to happen to me Sam, nothing, I am not going to leave you, I promise" said Ruhaani.

"What if someone would have killed you? How would I have lived with that on my chest that I am cursed, that everyone I love dies or worse" Sam said on the verge of crying.

"Look at me, Sam, nothing is going to happen to me" She took out a blade and cut herself.

"What are you doing?" asked Sam.

She took a little bottle and bleeded in that bottle, and then gave it to Sammy. "Sam, this is my essence, use it when you need it most" she said in the most puzzled manner. "What would I do with it?" "You will know, when time comes, when I may not be present"

While in library, Dean was drinking whiskey , Cas and Gabe were discussing something, when suddenly two figures appeared.

"Chuck and Amara? What are you guys doing here?" said Dean in astonishment.  


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