43. Damned Souls


Sam and Dean had been acting differently ever since Chuck left, Roo caught Dean staring at her several times and Sam giving her longing looks. Ruhaani knew that guys will not talk about it so she avoided the subject and days passed, Sam and Dean started to go back to normal, they took Ruhaani to hunt with them. She knew something was up with them.

"You know I am there if you want to talk" said Ruhaani while they were driving back from Wendigo hunt. "No can do cry baby, no chick flick moments" replied Dean with a little sass, while Sam was sleeping in the back seat, the guy almost got killed.

"Hey Sam! Do you want to talk, is something bothering you?" asked Ruhaani on a ghoul hunt while Dean went out to grab some food and they were both stuck in motel room for research. "No sweetie, its all good" Sam replied masking his turmoil emotions.

It seemed they were on an endless hunting trip, cases keep showing up and Bobby back in bunker, it all seemed normal. But so they thought, they all were sleep deprived and exhausted from back to back hunts.

Sam and Dean were in motel and Ruhaani decided to get them some food, Dean asked for everything greasy on the menu and a pie while Sam ordered his rabbit food, Ruhaani was neither like Sam nor Dean she liked her food to be both healthy and tasty, she was driving back in Impala with the food when her phone beeped, it was a message from Sam.

Sam: 404

"Damn it!" she mumbled.

She took a U turn and drove in the opposite direction, and stashed the Impala in forest and collected her hunting gear in her brown backpack and started walking towards the motel.

404 meant that they had been compromised and for her to go back and call for help but Roo knew if she goes back to ask for help Sam and Dean might be dead by the time help reaches.

So she went back to the motel, after staking it for three long hours and thousand horrible thoughts she went inside their room, she saw lamp on the floor, holy water spilled and no sign of either of the Winchesters.

She smelled rotten eggs, this had demon stink all over it, by the looks of it there were more than four demons and they took them. Ruhaani saw Sam's laptop and looked up for anything for a trail, Ruhaani realized that she had put a tracker in Dean's shoes and Sam's phone, she quickly logged in to the tracker's details, the tracker showed both of them to be at an abandoned factory just outside of town.


"Where is Ruhaani?" asked a demon

"Kiss my ass" replied Dean.

The demon started cutting Dean's arm not enough for huge blood loss but enough for pain, he brought the tray of various torture equipment known to mankind. After that it was Sam's turn "Where is your bitch?"

"Go to hell" Sam spat.

"Oh I have been there but I want to know where is she? Answer me or I carve up the question on your body"

Sam remain tight lipped, and another demon started writing on Sam's chest, Sam could smell the iron, his blood.

Demon turned to Dean.

"You tell me where she is or I kill your brother right here" Demon threatened.

"If you wanted to kill us, you would have done it, but you reek of desperation, you have an axe on your head and you damn as well know that if you kill either of us you will be toast you black eyed son of a bitch" Dean replied

Demon punched Dean's face and then hit his head against the board he was tied to, darkness started to fall all over him.

Demon turned to Sam and started venting out his frustrations on Sam.  


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