41. Chuckycheese

"So Chuck is your friend huh?" asked Amara.

"Yeah. So you are his famous sister?" said Ruhaani.

"I don't get what you mean by famous?" she asked looking all confused.

"He would often tell me about you, how passionate you were, how much you loved him" 

"Oh, I guess I never thought about it"

"He used to tell me stories about you"

"He did? He told me about you too, while we were enjoying our family time together" replied Amara.

"Oh no! That's never good" replied Roo.

"And why is that?"

"As long as I can remember I was a notorious kid, I grew up physically but not mentally, I am sure he must have told you about my antics" Roo laughed.

"Yeah he did, and I see a lot of myself in you, just like my brother told me" 

"Hey me too! High Five" 

Roo took Amara's hand and joined both of their palms.


Amara laughed at Ruhaani's antics. Amara read Ruhaani's feelings Ruhaani missed her home and friends, she was happy here but she tried to hide her sadness among her smiles. Amara felt a pang in her chest for the girl, her niece.


Whereas in bunker's library,

"No, she is not going to sacrifice herself, that is not happening I won't let it happen" Sam said angrily.

"Chuck do you have any idea, scratch that, you of all people know how much we have lost" said Dean.

"Sam, Dean he is not talking about a literal sacrifice, and it is not Ruhaani who would be sacrificing, it's us, all of us, everything supernatural will come to an end if and only if we let Ruhaani have her true form" replied Cas.

"But after this angel power will be all consumed, she will go all memento, she won't remember any of you" completed Gabriel.

Everyone fell silent. 

"I think we should let Roo decide" said Dean with remorse.


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