19. Calming the Damsel

"I'll be damned" said Dean, seeing their new visitor, "Hey boys! We meet again"replied Gabriel. "You were dead" stated Sam sterly. "Trickster, I tricked big brother and all of you into thinking that I was dead,Now where is Ruhaani, I felt that she was in pain,no thanks to you jack asses!" barked Gabriel. 

"What is she to you? You didn't wanted to be the part of those cloud hopping asses?" inquired Dean. "You don't get it, do you? Tell me something boys, what happened to Cas when he saw her, assuming that you called him to cure her."asked Gabe. The boys didn't reply. "Ruhaani, the youngest angel to be created by God, the most fierce angel, powerful than any archangel, wrapped up in the cutest bundle of joy and happiness, she was created when Lucifer made his first move to corrupt humanity, she was hidden from all angels in creation, God wanted her to spread happiness, something that was being tainted by Lucifer. Daddy gave her powers but little more than his sons who would hold the battlefield for him but she asked him to give her a normal life, so he gave his youngest a safety net, she could live and die like a normal human being and gave the responsibility to protect her until she could protect herself, she lived and died for years in the same bloodline but one day a man named John Winchester found about her, but so did a demon loyal to Lucifer and tried to kidnap her and kill your Dad, she subconsciously without knowledge saved your Dad and his partner Bobby. As hunters they knew she would be hunted by heaven from Michael loyalists and by hell from Lucifer's demons , so they got a memory spell to erase the memory of her saving them replaced by them saving her."

"Wait wait wait, so she is some big time angel, like she is got some high powered mojo than Michael and Lucifer, this means she could have stopped Lucifer by herself and you didn't bother to tell us that?" Dean replied angrily.

"I will continue the story, sometime later, but I need to fix Ruhaani, if my baby sister dies because she was trying to save my Dad's favorite Winchesters, so help me, I would give you guys a glimpse of your personal hell on earth." said Gabe.

"But she is an angel, can't she fix herself?"asked Sam with concern while watching Gabe heal Ruhaani from the spell. She was sleeping peacefully after Gabe fixed her.

"She is still a human, didn't you hear that she refused for any powers to be given to her if she was human, but Dad being Dad let her have it but the angel power remains dormant until she realises who she is and if she wants to have that power." replied Gabe.

Gabe flapped his wings and went away.

Ruhaani woke up from her nightmares, boy she was trapped in a big one, she felt parched, her throat hurt, but she was out of it.Dean saw her coming, "Hey, are you okay?" asked Dean. "Peachy just peachy" replied Ruhaani, "By the way thanks for breaking the spell" said Ruhaani. "Freaking Witches, I hate them" said Dean. "Me too" said Ruhaani. Sam looked at her with concern, curiosity and confusion, "What happened Sam? Did I kill someone? Oh no I did! I am a horrible person, I am sorry" "Wait what? No, you didn't kill anyone shorty, you just almost killed yourself" replied Sam.

Dean and Sam looked at each other in confusion while Ruhaani went to get some food. They discussed whether they should tell Ruhaani the truth about who she is or let her remain normal. Castiel came to visit, hearing Ruhaani was fine gave him peace of mind. Ruhaani went out to get some food for all of them and thats when Winchesters spilled the beans about Ruhaani, "So it is true, after centuries since mankind came into existence, I find out the deepest darkest secret of heaven lived among human as a human, so you say that Gabriel was protecting her all this time, that is why Gabriel was as you say AWOL. She is a human, my baby sister is living with Winchesters, I know you guys will protect her, she is safe with God's most favoured humans." said Castiel sounding content. "So what do we do now?"asked Sam. "We do nothing, she is still human"said Dean. 

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