37. Ares

Cas was worried about Ruhaani's growing power, Dean had his concerns about Lucifer not being back in the cage, Sam was concerned about British Men of Letters and their motive to get American hunters to cooperate, Bobby was still not able to figure out who or what brought him down. 


Ruhaani was fishing local newspapers for a case, people slaughtering each other in a town called Beaufort, North Carolina, there was no apparent reason for such violence.

"Hey guys, I found something"

Hearing Roo's voice, Sam, Dean and Bobby went and stood beside her chair.

"Looks like a case to me" Dean said.

"Let's hit the road then." Sam replied.

"Okay let's go" Roo said.

"No no no no, you are not going anywhere" said Dean.

"But why?" she whimpered.

"Because I am saying so, I am taking Sam and Bobby, you stay here and man the fort" said Dean sternly.

Roo wanted to shout and throw a tantrum but she didn't, they were already bothered by various things, Roo didn't want to pile on it. Roo nodded. Dean,Sam and Bobby went to pack their stuff and Roo started her research, she packed them some lunch, then she went up to Sam and kissed his lips.

She hugged Dean and Bobby, Dean hugged her back tightly, she felt like home, something they never had until now. She hugged Sam again.

"Keep safe, call me as soon as you reach and call me every 12 hours got it?" said Roo.

"Yeah yeah, we will.. now go and take care" said Bobby

After she went inside and locked the bunker.

"She is such an idjit, worrying about us" said Bobby

"I like that, we never had stability, having her here makes me wanna come home" said Sam

"Me too." replied Dean.

They travelled across states, to get to Beaufort, when they reached they found blood on streets, cars smashed into shops and a total havoc. They searched nearby places for someone, anyone, but they found no one. After looking around for a couple of hours they split up to cover more ground, Dean went alone whilst Sam and Bobby went the together.


After looking everywhere Dean went into an abandoned mill, there were dead bodies piled on seven different altars. This is no demon, no vengeful spirit Dean thought, the markings on the wall near altars looked like ancient greek.


Sam found some people hiding in their basements and Bobby found another group of people trying to kill each other, Sam called Dean to meet them at the randezvous point.

"This ain't demon, this is something bigger, we better call up home base" said Bobby

Dean called Roo and asked her to look about any thing that resembled, Roo looked through lores and lores on demons and creatures, she didn't find anything, it was until she read books on olympian Gods that caught her attention.


Seven warriors yonder, doughty chiefs of might,
Into the crimsoned concave of a shield
Have shed a bull's blood, and, with hands immersed
Into the gore of sacrifice, have sworn
By Ares, lord of fight, and by thy name,
Blood-lapping Terror, Let our oath be heard-
Either to raze the walls, make void the hold
Of Cadmus - strive his children as they may -
Or, dying here, to make the foemen's land
With blood impasted


Roo called Dean, Dean put her on speaker

"You are dealing with Greek God Ares- he is known as God of war and masculinity" 

"Which explains why men wanted to kill each other and the bodies of men at altar" said Sam.

"So how do we gank this God?" asked Dean.

"You need a wooden stake dipped in blood of feminine influence meaning a woman and her daughter"

"We can get that" said Bobby

"Dead mother and daughter, not alive, someone who was killed by the wrath of a man" she continued.

"This part might get tricky" said Dean.

"I am on it, you and Bobby go and find the alive ones and keep them from ripping apart each other" said Sam.

"And stab him in the heart" said Roo.

"And be careful you three, bye, I love you, come back soon."

"Bye Roo" said all three in unison.


They got all the ingredients and made three weapons out of it. After that Bobby stayed with the violent bunch while Sam and Dean went out to gank themselves a God.

After a lot of struggle and blood Sam and Dean overpowered Ares and stabbed him with the wooden stake. As soon as that happened the effect of Ares wore off. Dean and Sam picked up Bobby in Impala and drove towards there home.

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