44. Angel's Wrath

For hours demon tortured Sam and Dean until they blacked out and again start carving their skin as they gain consciousness. Ruhaani had called Bobby and Cas, she even called Gabriel for help, they came within minutes and zapped Bobby with them.

Soon all of them gathered their gear and walked towards the factory. Cas and Gabe stopped all of a sudden.

"What happened to you too, not feeling your day?" Bobby asked.

"There are angel warding etched on the walls, outside and inside the factory, we can only go through if you break all enochian  sigils." said Cas

"Why don't I and Bobby go and start breaking sigils first and then we look for them?" said Ruhaani.

All of them nodded in agreement. After walking inside the building Roo starts to run inside, Bobby stops her and says "What are doing? Do you want to get killed?" 

"Bobby, I am going inside and looking for them, while you break sigils and let them in" Roo handed four magazine of silver bullets to Bobby,

"If demons come, shoot them with these bullets"

"What good will it do kid?" asked Bobby

"I made these bullets by melting angel blades, so if angel blade can kill a demon so can these bullets"

Bobby looked at Ruhaani with awe.

"Don't tell my brothers that I am going leeway, got it?"

"Yeah yeah, now scram" 

Ruhaani was inside the factory, she saw demons squirming like worms everywhere, she saw them run out, Bobby must have started shooting she thought to herself.

After checking all her surroundings, she saw a guarded gate, this must be it she thought.

Ruhaani created a distraction for demons and went inside.

She saw Sam and Dean tied to operating tables and a demon torturing Dean.

"Get away from them" Ruhaani screamed.

"Look who is here, I was asking them about you, I guess they didn't have to tell me after all" said Demon

"Oh really, I am impressed, now leave them alone" she ran towards the demon with angel blade, but demon waved his hand and Ruhaani was on the wall, she felt as if someone glued her to the wall.

"I don't think so, see my father thinks you are some special angel but I see a pathetic human, a mortal, who has no power over me" he said spitefully.

"Now that you are here I don't need them alive so how about I kill them" he continued.

Tears threatened to come to Roo's eyes, she saw pure evil, she felt helpless in front of that thing, she hated herself for feeling so powerless, she struggled against his unseen bounds on her, but she couldn't even move her finger.

Demon took two scalpels in each hand and stood between both the brothers and started tearing down their skin.

Ruhaani felt a jolt of anger and despair in her, she was out of those invisible bounds and on her feet, Sam and Dean saw that too, and they looked at her with amazement. 

"I said leave them alone" all of a sudden there was lightening and thunderbolt and white light surrounding Ruhaani. 


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