The Twin

Andrew and Alexander Evans were twins that always seemed to be the talk of the town. They both had good looks and were very smart, but they always depended more on each other than the world.

"I hate them.." Alex mutters.
Andrew turns to his slightly older brother, confused. "Why?"
He watched as his brother smirks and that something evil seemed to lurk in the air.

What will you do when your twin brother turns into a complete blood-thirsty psychopath?

*** This story is rated YELLOW for Graphic Violence that might be a bit much for some readers. Readers have been advised!


2. Chapter 1

"C'mon, Andrew! Let me copy your homework." The dirty blonde girl pleaded with puppy dog eyes and a pouty lip to help sell it.

I roll my eyes at her attempt as we walk through the halls of Linkin High School to make it to our next class. Chemistry. I honestly don't blame her for not doing it. I look into her sea green eyes and realized that was my worst mistake. I sigh deeply. I can't get past that look.

"Okay, fine! You got me, Julie. I'll give you my homework when we get to class." I sigh deeply in defeat.

She jumps for joy and hugs me tight (or as much as she could with my big backpack in the way). "Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She squeals.

I roll my eyes again, but I have to admit, she can be pretty cute. "Why have you been forgetting homework so much lately?" I decide to ask her. She has been forgetting homework on and off for about the last month. She always comes to me about homework issues unless I don't have the same classes.

She becomes gloomy and runs her fingers through her dirty-blonde hair, tucking it behind her ear. "I've been too busy with other things. My little brother has a high fever and my mom can't help him all the time because of work so it takes up my time as well. I also have practice on the piano and in soccer so... I have no time." She admits and a stressful sigh escapes her lips.

Now, I understand. I've known Julie for a year now. Her brother was known to get sick a lot since he was born and every now and then gets acid-reflux. Poor guy. Julie's grandmother died when she was in seventh grade so playing the piano was the only way she could stay close to her since she always played it for her when she was a child. She won't give that up no matter how many times you beg her. Soccer was something she has been doing since she started middle school and she quite enjoys it so she doesn't plan on quitting that either.

Other than my brother, she is the only true friend I got.

"Alright. You're excused." I state as we walk into the classroom.

She smiles once again. "Thank you."

I get to my desk which is by the window on the fourth row. Julie was one row up and three rows to my right. I dig through my bag and hand in my finished homework to the girl rocking on the heels of her feet next to me.

She snatches it out of my hand, not exactly in a kind manner. "Thank you very much." She states happily as she stretched the 'you' a bit. She gives me another tight and quick hug before getting to her seat.

"Aw. You two should just hook up already." The blonde boy next to me states in a mocking tone with a kissy lips to add. He even laughs softly at himself as he looks from Julie to me.

This blonde jock next to me is Jacob Gander. He is captain of the boy's soccer team and likes hitting it with the "hot chicks" as he states it. Though sometimes (most of the time), it's him getting in trouble with those ladies or their boyfriends or their protective family. He seems like he does a lot but really he's just a laid-back jokester. We aren't really close like me and Julie. We met sometime in the beginning of the year and only talk in this class mostly.

I roll my eyes for what felt like the hundredth time today. I think I'm getting a headache from it. I plop down in my seat next to him and shake my head. "No way, dude! Julie and I are just friends. Nothing more. I swear." I try pointing out clearly.

He rolls his eyes this time, not taking it obviously, and laughs. "Yeah sure. Whatever you say, man. Whatever you say." He then gives me a wink like I was trying to just hide it from Julie, but I was being honest. I couldn't date her. She's my best friend. Plus, she wouldn't like me if she knew the truth behind my brother.

I sigh deeply, giving up on trying to persuade him otherwise and just sit back in my chair as the late bell rings. I notice Julie trying to get my attention and look at her. She holds up my paper and mouths, "I'll turn this in for ya." I smile and her and nod. "Thanks." I mouth back. She gives me a full toothy grin then turns back in her seat to continue copying down my answers in a hurry.

Welp, today was boring, I'll tell ya that. Surprisingly, Julie finished her copied homework and turned it in without questions. She came up to me to thank me again at the end of class only to end with me getting picked on by Jacob again. Other than that, there really wasn't anything interesting about it.

I turn onto my driveway and look up at the house I've lived in for years. My brother and I have practically lived here since we were born. Same town. Same house. The town wasn't big or too highly populated so we lived more on a country road, I guess. It definitely allowed my brother to hide easier. Hide from what you might ask? You'll find out soon enough.

I put my car in park, took out the keys, and locked it before heading to the door with my large, black backpack draped around my shoulder. I went up to my room and placed my backpack against my bed then went back downstairs. I plop down on the couch completely beat. I turn on the television only for it to be turned on to the news. I was about to change it, but stop when I see the headline:

Serial Killer Strikes Again!

I felt my throat tighten and I stared at the screen like my life depended on it. A picture of a man brutally stabbed appears on the screen. Well, not completely. They had it blurred since it was too graphic for an innocent child's eyes could see. But I could see it. I could see just fine. After all, I know who done it.

I felt eyes watching me and that made my heart speed up and my breath seemed well caught in my throat. I look at the reflection off the tv. It was a face just like mine. Only more evil of a being. It's eyes were darker than mine. Eyes that suffering from pain and loss of sanity.

"Did you do it?" I question him after I finally found my voice.

An evil grin appears across his face. Enough to give you massive chills. He was obviously satisfied with his work. "Too bad you can't see the beauty of my masterpiece." He says darkly. His voice was even deeper than mine.

This was him. Alexander Evans. My twin brother and...

The killer that never gets caught.

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