Delirious. Deluded. Deranged

Joker X Reader


2. Chapter 1: Playground

Chapter 1: Playground

All I saw was bright purple and green neon lights illuminating the building and thumping music before falling to the ground, losing sight and losing consciousness.

I awoke slowly with little ability to see. Still dark and still only seeing bright blinding flashes of purple and green before me. It continued to rain and amongst the pattering of the rainfall I heard slow clicking noises on the pavement. Almost like a cane. I look up only to see three dark shadowed figures and only to hear the most wicked cackling to curse my ears.

"Ah! Ha! Ha! What do we have here?" I heard a long exhale and the dark figure continued on... "You're a pretty kitty aren't you sweetheart?" I couldn't say a word. Not just from fear. But also from exhaustion. "Boys... lets show our little guest our playground... Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

I heard the sound of the cane fade into the distance as I was lifted from the water on the sidewalk and into the arms of another shadowed figure. The music grew louder and I became disoriented, unable to differentiate between people in the room dancing, drinking, fighting. It became a blur of colours and voices. I closed my eyes and heard the music fade away, a door opening and closing behind me, and echoed footsteps going up a stone staircase.

I continued to shiver and whimper and I only heard one set of footsteps before hearing shuffling instead of distinct steps, presumably a carpeted room. I was placed on a bed and I continued to lay with my eyes closed, my breath erratic, and my skin shivering as it made contact with the silk beneath it.

I hear various small crashes and footsteps following it before I feel a sudden prick and pulling of the skin in my inner thigh followed by threading. I winced and cried out in pain. I didn't know who was stitching me and why they were helping but I had no energy to fight or to ask questions. After I heard the sound of footsteps fade way I lost any energy I had remaining within me and faded into a deep sleep.

I slowly awoke with aching eyes and I turned my head just to see that it was still dark out. Confused at how little or how much I must have slept I looked over at the neon green clock displaying the date and time. To my surprise I had slept for almost a full day and was still stuck in my work clothes from the night before. I heard the faint sound of bass from the club's music and became curious as to where I was, whilst also suffering great fear. I slipped into my heels and slightly opened the door, peeking through the space between the door and the doorframe. All I could see was a long dark hallway with small pink wall lamps illuminating the way to the glass spiral staircase leading to the club. I poked my head out the door and checked to see that the coast was clear before I stepped out toward the staircase. I stopped and hid myself behind the walls before seeing which sorts of people were down there. There were mostly normal looking people who attend clubs. It seemed fairly normal. I stepped slowly down the stairs and managed to not be noticed by others. I held my head low and decided to not draw attention to myself. I walked slowly but calmly through the crowds of people before hearing everyone go silent. I stood still and looked around me. Everyone stared toward the large golden booths in the corner. I figure with bright green hair and a purple suit sat with his back to the audience holding a gun to a tattooed man's head before pulling the trigger without hesitation. Igniting screams and evoking shock from the entire building of people before they simply return to their prior arrangements as if nothing happened at all.

Nobody moved but I immediately left them not wanting to stay behind to see the aftermath of what had occurred previously. I struggled for breath in the crowd of still people and I struggled to find my way out. I panicked and filled with fear and ran toward the staircase instead of finding an exit. I ran up as fast as I could, slipping on a step along the way. I managed to make it up the staircase and into the carpeted corridor.

I scurried down the dark hall as fast as I could whilst watching behind me making sure I wasn't being followed. I was however stopped in my tracks when I bumped my head onto a hard surface and fell beneath my feet. The dim lighting made it difficult to see what was in front of me. Fear filled inside of me as my breath shook and I slowly lifted my head. As I look up I see a golden cane, purple suit pants and eventually I see a face. A face so wicked and a face so crazy. Skin as white as snow, hair as green as you would imagine pure insanity to be depicted by, and tattoos which covered each patch of skin of his exposed chest and collarbones. He chuckled and smiled wide revealing each metal plated tooth and began to cackle loudly.

"Hello princess.. Ha!.." this strange man said before inhaling deeply through his clenched teeth and growling softly "...So nice of you to come down and join the party". I still sat in my crawling position. Frozen. Afraid. No words could escape my mouth. He chuckled again as he leant on his cane before coming close, stroking my chin and bringing my face to his. "...Not much of a talker are you kitty?... Where are you off to in such a scurry?"

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