WiLd thinGs

Brooke is supposedly a strong 17 year old girl. A strong wolf-girl I guess you should say. That is, until, she finds more of her kind (5SOS) that threaten her. She needs to stay being the strong one, or else she will fall......


7. Challenger

Brooke's pov 

Seriously, don't know why I like Calum though. He's on the enemies side, and it wouldn't matter anyway. He's never gonna like me. It's pointless. After school, I went through Stabucks (I'm so basic ) and ordered a Peppermint Mocha. They  taste amazing, just so you know if you've never had one. I drove home and talked to Leah about my feelings.

"Brooke!" She exclaimed.

"What? Is there a bug on me!?!" 

"No! I just,well....I think you're imprinting!!" She said quietly. My yes flew wide. No way! She explained to me why. She asked if whenever I saw him I got all my emotions at one time and if I bit my cheeks when I see him (that's what she did when she imprinted on Jack.) And yes, I did. 

"But he's one of THEM" I said back. 

"Brooke! Who cares!?! You're imprinting! You're in love!" She squealed. 

"Ughhh...! Stop making this a Taylor Swift song!" And with that, I left her room...


At school the next day, something weird happened. After I had payed for my lunch, Luke immediately yelled

"Brooke! Come sit with us! *he  points at Calum* He wants you too! I weirdly looked at Leah and went to sit beside Calum. His face was a deep red and he was smiling, but trying to hold it in. To make matters worse, I said

"Hi Calum " and kissed his cheek. I went to my food and felt his hand touch my thigh. I smiled and blushed then dug into my food. I heard Michael and Ashton snickering as Luke whispered to them. I heard "get in each other's pants" and threw my water bottle in Luke's face. Everyone burst out laughing and Luke glared me dead in the eyes. 

"You, me, the woods. Right after school and FUCKING COME ALONE YOU BITCH!" He yelled then left the cafeteria. I shrugged then at my salad, moving closer to Calum.

(After school, the woods, she came alone)

I was in my normal black wolf form when I heard a deep growl of hate behind me. Luke was tan as sand and his teeth were blood stained. He was huge! I growled in response with my fangs neared and ear low. 

"Fight me you slut" he said jumping from the rock he was standing on. 

HE lunged and bit my neck hard, clamping down with such force, I thought I was gonna get killed. He let loose as I was trying I catch my breath. I straightened up and dug my mouth in his back left leg, and shook him till he grabbed my bak and threw me off. I reared back and bit right under his throat as he howled in pain. He tried, but couldn't reach me to bite me again. I smashed him on the ground and choked him. I left him go, then threw him against an old oak, and ran off victoriously . 

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